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The Power of Visualization, Daskalos and Kunlun

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Recently, I discovered a Christian Mystic Healer called "Daskalos". I watched a video, bought a book called "Swimming with the Whale" and learned as much as I could about him. The stories are fascinating, like how at the age of 7 he healed the open wound of another young boy whom had fallen and cut his knee. Stories like how, at the age of 7, Daskalos could solve complex mathematical equations by letting a 2000 year old spiritual friend guide his hand on the blackboard. Daskalos, at the same age, could translate Latin into English.. The stories in "Swimming with the Whale" are truly mind boggling. There is a healing story about how he straightened a woman's spine by first de-materializing it, then re-materializing it in the correct position. There is also another story about how Daskalos lengthened another lady's 'short leg' to be the same length as the good leg.


Daskalos teaches that we have three bodies, physical, psychical (astral) and noetical (mental) and that each of the three bodies has an 'etheric double'. He teaches that we can learn how to access these etheric doubles in order to perform healings (reaching into the body and adjusting, removing, or performing some aspect of healing).


Daskalos says that 'visualization' is the major component of his teachings. Not only are the etheric doubles trained through visualization, but Daskalos says that visualization is the skill that is needed once a person dies and passes over to the astral realms, for everything in the astral realms is created by 'visualization'.


One of Daskalos' practices is to visualize one's self surrounded by the colour light-blue. He has several practices which involve visualizing 'whitish blue' or 'sky blue'.


You can find some information about some of the practices here:


Anyway, I've been practising some of the visualization exercises with the color blue, imagining that I am floating in a sea of whitish blue or visualizing a ball of blue light at the abdomen etc..

A few revelations is that the visualization of a sky blue ball of light at the abdomen is a method of attaining the first jhana. Refer: Kasina practice Vissudhimagga..


The thing that made me wonder about all of this is that Daskalos' practices, working with sky-blue visualizations reminded me of the Kunlun warm up exercise where you visualize yourself floating in the sky upon a white lotus. Here is the practice: (it is found in book 1, book 2 but not book 3):


From "Pillars of Bliss" Lama Ngakpha Dorje (Max) with Chris Tittle

Warm up visualization for level one


Prior to beginning Kunlun level one, it is important to do the Following visualization to prohibit energetic blockages or chi dispersion. It is a requirement that adds safety measures for those who do not do their practice properly, so make it real.


First, sit in an area away from bright light, as this tends to distract people who have difficulty with visualization. Become comfortable and loosen or remove any restrictive clothing that might create a distraction.


See yourself floating on a white lotus in the middle of a cloudless sky. This sky is around you, under you, and above you. Your skin is silky and flawless white, as is the lotus.


As you inhale, imagine a stream of clear white mist entering your nostrils and filling your body with pure white light. As you exhale, imagine a dark blue-gray smoke exiting your nostrils. These are the impurities leaving your body.


Free yourself from everything negative, smile and see yourself in a pure divine state. The state of being that is hidden within the very core of you. Do this visualization for as long as you desire. Feel it as real. When you are finished, gently fade this image from your mind.



There seemed to be a great similarity here between envisioning one submerged in a sea of white-blue as per one of Daskalos' practices and the Kunlun warmup visualization.. So, today, I decided to do a 50 minute session of the old Kunlun warm-up excercise only.


I started the meditation and made sure that all the components were in order.. The sky-blue surrounding, the white lotus, the white skin, inhaling clear white mist and exhaling blue-gray smoke. I "made it real" and kept at it. I did not influence the breathing at all, I just left it breathing normally and followed the breathing without any conscious control.


At first, some distracting throughts arose but I persisted. I mentally traced over the components again and again. After about 35 minutes I was succeeding in establishing a pretty good visualization of the whole scene including the motion of the inhale and exhale along with the white mist going in and the grayish smoke coming out.


Then something strange started to happen. I noticed that there was a very bright light that was starting to appear straight ahead in the sky. The light resembled an arc welder's torch or a bluish white star. The star was much brighter than the surrounding visualization. It was very hard to ignore. From my previous practice instructions with bright stars, I proceeded to ignore the star. However, it wasn't going away. It was getting brighter and brighter right in front of me, at the front of the visualized scene. It was becoming a challenge to maintain the visualization while 'noticing' that this very bright whitish glob of arc-welders' torch-like light was cutting into the whole scene. Then I noticed that my root chakra was starting to vibrate and release bliss-like sensations.

Time to stop and analyse.


I stopped the meditation at that point (47 minutes in). I have seen nimittas before as well as arc-welders' torch light during kundalini episodes, so I didn't quite know what to make of this new phenomenon.


I got up and found my old Kunlun books and started reviewing them. Then I found this in book 3: (Kunlun System - By Max Christensen):®-System-Alchemy-Leading-Within/dp/098522360X/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8


Inside the physical heart is a delicate, yet powerful structure, a mass of cells called the Bundle of His. This is the Holy House (Heaven on Earth) where your Divine Spirit (inner light) rests within your body. It is the place that high-level yogis touch with their minds in order to control the functions of their body. We call this special place in the heart, and its spiritual light, the indestructible pearl, the pearl of immortality or the wish fulfilling gem.


When you look through the katika channel that connects the mundane mind in the head with the heart, you will see a blinding light, but this bright light does not hurt your eyes. This intense light is that of your own Divine Spirit. If you have ever had a near death experience or have spoken with someone who has, they would talk about seeing the tunnel of bright light. The katika channel is the tunnel of light they have traveled through. When you experience this channel or have a near death experience, you are not actually going outside yourself but inward, toward your own divine nature, the light that never fades or becomes impure.


As I stated, yogis and Taoists alike have learned to touch these special cells, this sacred place that houses the soul. Many accomplished practitioners of the spiritual arts have developed special gifts or siddhas, such as human hibernation, spirit travel, and choosing one's time of death, by learning to control this point with the mind. When one leaves his or her body, he or she will also lose about five ounces of physical weight. The weight is from the spirit light observed around someone who is living or who has just died.


Countless stories have been told of the master who has passed on, and at the time of transition, those in the master's presence witness the miracle of a very bright, multi-colored light upon his or her death. In most cases, only the hair and nails are left behind, due to the fact that those parts of the body have no nerve endings. This represents mastery of the Gold Dragon Body, Indestructible Diamond Body, or Rainbow Body of Tibet. If you are so inclined, the practices of KUNLUN System are tools that can assist you in Training Gold Dragon Body for men or Gold Phoenix for women.



I seem to like the idea that I was actually looking down the Kati crystal channel and that I had succeeded in doing that by using visualization.


It is interesting that the practice of Thogal is from the heart to the eyes and beyond, whereas this Kunlun teaching is to open the kati channel from the heart to the crystal palace. They say that the kati secret channel goes from the heart to the crown, then wraps around the ears and proceeds to the eyes (from various high-end Buddhist books).


From Kunlun System again:

I must stress on having NO attachment to any potential manifestation, including seeing the light. Becoming attached to any phenomenon will only hinder you on your path. What is important is that you appreciate without attachment and understand that this light you may see is the light emanation from the divine source within your heart. It is the source within you that starts to emanate brightly as you spiritually mature. This pure light travels up the energy channel that connects the crystal palace of the brain to the wish-fulfilling gem of the heart. This pathway of clarity, the katika channel, as it called by Tibetan yogis, allows the light to shine upward into the crystal palace of the head, where it is seen by the pineal gland. This channel is very important to master and to keep clear of any mental obstruction. I cannot stress enough the significance of gaining mastery over this specific channel.


So, never underestimate the power of visualization.



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im suprised you didnt read the magus of strovalos

I've ordered the hard copy including another one called "The Esoteric Teachings". The latter is coming from Germany. :)

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A lot of the Egyptian practices combine visualization and breathing

Lots is practices involve visualization. It the first time I hear the theory behind it from a bonafide healer..


From "Swimming With The Whale":

Developing the Kinetic and the Aesthetic Ether we are at the same time causing the development of our Psychical Body. Using the Imprinting Ether in our Etheric Double we can come in contact with and at the same time develop our Noetical Body. Our three bodies are connected by their Etheric Doubles and are influencing each other. By learning the art of Visualization you are using the Mind as the Imprinting Ether. In the course of time you'll gain a new power in Visualization called clairvoyance.


At the beginning we use the Imprinting Ether visualizing colors and shapes. Colors are vibrations and the vibrations of certain colors affect the centers of energy (Charkas). We can start by flooding our Etheric Doubles with certain basic colors. Then we can use disks of light moving them around and passing through certain centers. Later, we use colored spheres, moving and passing through the centers.


A warning: On and in the Etheric Double there are centers of energy, which function as whirlpools of Etheric Vitality. Despite what you may have read elsewhere it is very dangerous to concentrate directly on these Chakras or on the material organs associated with these centers. We can safely concentrate on our Solar Plexus, but never concentrate directly on the material heart or any other organ. That constricts the blood vessels and can cause serious problems and physical damage to the organs and your nervous system.


As we proceed; along with the teaching we need to do exercises on and in the Etheric Double of the material body to get the skill in using the ethers consciously. Once we are capable of consciously using the Kinetic, Aesthetic and Imprinting properties of the ether, we will be in a much better position to facilitate healings. More and more information will be given in future lessons about this for those who progress in this branch of study.


I find it fascinating because many time I have been meditating and my arms have "come out of my physical arms" and assumed a position that my physical arms were not in. It reminds me of the Hindu pictures of Godesses with four or six arms. Also, when I was a kid, someone showed me a trick where you tense a fist very tightly, then you rub the wrist, and then you open that hand very slowly. It felt like your hand is actually open, but when you look at it, the hand is still in a fist. Etheric double fun!


We also used to create "monster" thought forms and place them at desks in class or on seats on the bus. It was interesting how everyone seemed to have avoided sitting at those places.

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