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  1. Hi - I have always had an affinity with practices that employ visualization and imagery combined with the felt sense. A few that come to mind are the famous inner smile and the visualization of a golden,luminous liquid egg that descends down the body clearing away any tension and blockages etc. I can't remmeber the source of this but I know it had connections with Zen /Chan. Can anyone point me in the way of some others? Many thanks! (Mods, feel free to move if this is in the wrong section -wasn't sure where to put it)
  2. Beautiful

    The food we consume - is the all that we take in We bring in through the eyes vast cubic miles every day The ears hear a thousand vibrations we never notice The nose speaks directly to our ancestry in each breath Our skin sinks to the marrow Please share here beauty that you have found so that it might be a well of delight and wonder
  3. Recently, I discovered a Christian Mystic Healer called "Daskalos". I watched a video, bought a book called "Swimming with the Whale" and learned as much as I could about him. The stories are fascinating, like how at the age of 7 he healed the open wound of another young boy whom had fallen and cut his knee. Stories like how, at the age of 7, Daskalos could solve complex mathematical equations by letting a 2000 year old spiritual friend guide his hand on the blackboard. Daskalos, at the same age, could translate Latin into English.. The stories in "Swimming with the Whale" are truly mind boggling. There is a healing story about how he straightened a woman's spine by first de-materializing it, then re-materializing it in the correct position. There is also another story about how Daskalos lengthened another lady's 'short leg' to be the same length as the good leg. Daskalos teaches that we have three bodies, physical, psychical (astral) and noetical (mental) and that each of the three bodies has an 'etheric double'. He teaches that we can learn how to access these etheric doubles in order to perform healings (reaching into the body and adjusting, removing, or performing some aspect of healing). Daskalos says that 'visualization' is the major component of his teachings. Not only are the etheric doubles trained through visualization, but Daskalos says that visualization is the skill that is needed once a person dies and passes over to the astral realms, for everything in the astral realms is created by 'visualization'. One of Daskalos' practices is to visualize one's self surrounded by the colour light-blue. He has several practices which involve visualizing 'whitish blue' or 'sky blue'. You can find some information about some of the practices here: Anyway, I've been practising some of the visualization exercises with the color blue, imagining that I am floating in a sea of whitish blue or visualizing a ball of blue light at the abdomen etc.. A few revelations is that the visualization of a sky blue ball of light at the abdomen is a method of attaining the first jhana. Refer: Kasina practice Vissudhimagga.. The thing that made me wonder about all of this is that Daskalos' practices, working with sky-blue visualizations reminded me of the Kunlun warm up exercise where you visualize yourself floating in the sky upon a white lotus. Here is the practice: (it is found in book 1, book 2 but not book 3): From "Pillars of Bliss" Lama Ngakpha Dorje (Max) with Chris Tittle There seemed to be a great similarity here between envisioning one submerged in a sea of white-blue as per one of Daskalos' practices and the Kunlun warmup visualization.. So, today, I decided to do a 50 minute session of the old Kunlun warm-up excercise only. I started the meditation and made sure that all the components were in order.. The sky-blue surrounding, the white lotus, the white skin, inhaling clear white mist and exhaling blue-gray smoke. I "made it real" and kept at it. I did not influence the breathing at all, I just left it breathing normally and followed the breathing without any conscious control. At first, some distracting throughts arose but I persisted. I mentally traced over the components again and again. After about 35 minutes I was succeeding in establishing a pretty good visualization of the whole scene including the motion of the inhale and exhale along with the white mist going in and the grayish smoke coming out. Then something strange started to happen. I noticed that there was a very bright light that was starting to appear straight ahead in the sky. The light resembled an arc welder's torch or a bluish white star. The star was much brighter than the surrounding visualization. It was very hard to ignore. From my previous practice instructions with bright stars, I proceeded to ignore the star. However, it wasn't going away. It was getting brighter and brighter right in front of me, at the front of the visualized scene. It was becoming a challenge to maintain the visualization while 'noticing' that this very bright whitish glob of arc-welders' torch-like light was cutting into the whole scene. Then I noticed that my root chakra was starting to vibrate and release bliss-like sensations. Time to stop and analyse. I stopped the meditation at that point (47 minutes in). I have seen nimittas before as well as arc-welders' torch light during kundalini episodes, so I didn't quite know what to make of this new phenomenon. I got up and found my old Kunlun books and started reviewing them. Then I found this in book 3: (Kunlun System - By Max Christensen):®-System-Alchemy-Leading-Within/dp/098522360X/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8 I seem to like the idea that I was actually looking down the Kati crystal channel and that I had succeeded in doing that by using visualization. It is interesting that the practice of Thogal is from the heart to the eyes and beyond, whereas this Kunlun teaching is to open the kati channel from the heart to the crystal palace. They say that the kati secret channel goes from the heart to the crown, then wraps around the ears and proceeds to the eyes (from various high-end Buddhist books). From Kunlun System again: So, never underestimate the power of visualization.
  4. I am training according to the UHT System of Mantak Chia for seven months now and I'm doing the Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds and the Microcosmic Orbit once to twice every day. One of the most remakable results for me is that I've become a much happier person and the depressive feelings I often had in the past have almost vanished. But what I miss ia a noticeable improvement of my abilities to visualize and to concentrate. Am I too impatient? Imho these meditations come across like being a litte bit too hectic - instead of concentrating on one point for a longer time, one chages the focus continuously. So, that's why I am thinking about integrating additional meditations into my dayli routine to improve concentration and visualization (I'm very poor at both) and I am drawing IIH from F. Bardon and "Concentration" from Mouni Sadhu into my consideration. But since these systems are not taoistic, they feel a litte bit "alien" to me. To me it doesn't feel like these systems fit well to my taoist training. Has anybody similare experiences and do you know some taoist alternatives to enhance concentration and visualization effectively? (Sorry for the typo in the headline - can't edit it)