Light vs. Darkness

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This topic is entirely inspired by Son of the God's topic on light a month back. where-talking on the nature of Light- he said something along the lines of:

Darkness is the opposite of Light the absence of Light.


This produced a pretty significant deepening of understanding for me that has lead to a purification, and a letting go of many things in many ways. There was a lot of depth to this simple understanding.


Thanks to Kingdom Hearts (but really my own ignorance) I used to think Light and Darkness were opposites, they were Yin and Yang that always had to go together. You couldn't have all Light! You had to have Darkness too!

But this is not the nature of the relationship at all. Light obliterates Darkness, and Darkness cannot exist on the same plane as light at all.

I realized that what I thought of Darkness was only Shadows, just tricks and illusions dancing. Then on a deeper level I began to question: what creates these shadows? This is harder to illustrate with words so I am hoping someone else will be able to chime in here: but humans create the shadows. We get in the way of Light with our filters and our blockages and this creates shadows, and we think of these shadows as Darkness and this can become some sort of identification we have-that we have evil intrinsically and this cannot be eradicated because you can't take Yin out of the Yin/Yang right? This level of thinking is really reflected in nature's that focus on our "sinful nature" and how we have base desires that can never be escaped from.

Basically Light is beyond Duality and either this thread is "hmm about time you figured out" or hopefully it offers clarity to anyone else struggling to integrate parts darker parts of themselves and not thinking that Sagehood or purity is possible.


The verse to meditate on from the DDJ:


"What rises up appears bright

What settles down appears dark

Yet there is neither darkness not light

just an unbroken dance of shadows"

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There is what we call physical "light" that is a wave and part of the electromagnetic spectrum.


It has polarity within itself as a wave.


At the upper end of our experience with it, ultraviolet, it vibrates so fast that it becomes indiscernable to our eyes.


At the lower end of that spectrum, infra-red, it vibrates so slow that it becomes "invisible" and we tend to percieve it as heat.


That is "light".


We can be in a room that is "full of light" and not see any of it.


The "Light" of the Bible is "Vibration" - the entire spectrum of Polarity.


This includes radiation, x-rays, light, sound - everything that is past One, that can vibrate, where there is movement and change.


There is "Illumination", which people take to mean the adding of light to "darkness".


Originally, this means the appearance of Polarity from One - the appearance of the Manifested Universe.


There is "Illumination", as a philosophical concept, which is something that in Western thought can mean even suddenly understanding something, or the discovery of some important fact, or a "moment of truth".


Like "revealing".


"Darkness" is full of "light" as vibration we do not see.


Such as all forms of electromagnetic radiation, ionizing radiation, microwaves, radio, x-rays, and so on..


Originally "darkness" is meaning devoid of vibration, One. Void.


"Let there be light" meant let there be polarity, vibration, the physical - the creation of the manifested physical universe.


From the unpolarized Void.






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Hi Fate,


Your metaphor is a good one. It was also used by Dr. Edward Bach, the founder of the famous Bach Flower Therapy which is treating problematic emotional and mental conditions. According to Dr. Bach, every negative condition is the mere absence of a positive vibration which the suitable flower remedy can temporarily substitute.


Let's use the example of love; where its expression is blocked, it turns into hate, anger, jealousy - negative states by which the sufferer is hurting both others and themselves. However, as soon as the vibration of love comes in, all that which is not love vanishes just like the darkness in a room would once you let the light shine inside.


Then there is the famous Hermetic text called Kybalion. Much like Bach, it talks of the transmutation of one psychological state to another by the raising of vibration. It employs the metaphor of a scale, with the most positive expression (love, in our case) at one end, the most negative expression (hate) at the other. In between, there would be lesser affection, indifference, mild aversion...


Now, we could say that the lack of the mere 'light of love' does not equal hate but indifference. A 'zero condition' as opposed to a truly negative one.


Actually, I see this as a difficulty of our model. Quantum physics demonstrated that there are in fact so called "squeezed states" of negative energy! So there is something like 'dark light'. Not mere darkness - which would just be the absence of light - but a 'want' of something. Where light heats up what it falls on, negative light would have a cooling effect. It is telling that black holes are thought to emit this kind of light.


Food for thought.

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Void as darkness and the entire universe as Light... Definitely want to process that for awhile haha. I suppose it is necessary to keep a Sage grounded to realize that instead of seeing himself as some holy pure Light being he is just (or even more so...) Emptiness and Darkness.




Dark Light seems beyond my conception... spectrum of light and what not. Doesn't it go on forever in either direction? Are we just the middle point for which side is which? Where is the crossover point? We're clearly not static vibration beings so it would always be relative.

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Dark Light seems beyond my conception.


It's all energy. You can't see WiFi waves moving through the air but you know they're there. Same thing with light that you can't see.


What's so special about light that we can see? It's just relative to human perception. So what? Are we that special that we can give preference only to things WE can see? Don't get on that high horse :).


Light is not beyond duality by the way. If it's a thing then it's within duality, and light is made up of photons which are things. End of story. Find your essence and everything else will start to make sense. I'm not talking about enlightenment because it's much easier than that.

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