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Found 4 results

  1. Light vs. Darkness

    This topic is entirely inspired by Son of the God's topic on light a month back. where-talking on the nature of Light- he said something along the lines of: Darkness is the opposite of Light the absence of Light. This produced a pretty significant deepening of understanding for me that has lead to a purification, and a letting go of many things in many ways. There was a lot of depth to this simple understanding. Thanks to Kingdom Hearts (but really my own ignorance) I used to think Light and Darkness were opposites, they were Yin and Yang that always had to go together. You couldn't have all Light! You had to have Darkness too! But this is not the nature of the relationship at all. Light obliterates Darkness, and Darkness cannot exist on the same plane as light at all. I realized that what I thought of Darkness was only Shadows, just tricks and illusions dancing. Then on a deeper level I began to question: what creates these shadows? This is harder to illustrate with words so I am hoping someone else will be able to chime in here: but humans create the shadows. We get in the way of Light with our filters and our blockages and this creates shadows, and we think of these shadows as Darkness and this can become some sort of identification we have-that we have evil intrinsically and this cannot be eradicated because you can't take Yin out of the Yin/Yang right? This level of thinking is really reflected in nature's that focus on our "sinful nature" and how we have base desires that can never be escaped from. Basically Light is beyond Duality and either this thread is "hmm about time you figured out" or hopefully it offers clarity to anyone else struggling to integrate parts darker parts of themselves and not thinking that Sagehood or purity is possible. The verse to meditate on from the DDJ: "What rises up appears bright What settles down appears dark Yet there is neither darkness not light just an unbroken dance of shadows"
  2. Fool's Journey

    Came across an article and movie on the "Magic Mountain". There's a mass quality of peeps interested in "Occult Knowledge or magic", especially within Western tradition. Which relies heavily upon a multi-layered network of corresponding intra-systemic symbols, as a mnemonic system that 'trains' young sponge-like minds throughout adult life-the imaginative faculties heightens the vision of the soul consciousness that peers directly into the divine astral in order to 'transcend' the normal plane of consciousness. Eastern tradition of zen- and yoga practices take the opposite approach by stripping away attachments of the train mind and by stilling the imaginary faculties of mind. To rise beyond-before- below the highs of spiritual occult knowledge takes strength to let go of collecting. Is a deeper conditionings and keep the mind attaining more information in cycles of madness-rabbit hole-pull-push. Sitting and not thinking is never going to become a practice by the masses. Mind is trained and controlled through reputitious collecting for excitement and nervousness. Don't get me wrong, there is a richness within the occult secret knowledge, only if you can read it with an open mind. And, these stories and symbols that can easily be manipulated toward the opposite means, to blind and bind-to blame and praise modes. You, can actually manipulate yourself, thinking someone is actually doing something to you. Once empty consciousness takes hold of the attitude within the belief of an inner-outer play with the imaginary symbolism, it's revealed with a heavy hand that awareness becomes deeply awake of it's play. Reality-One Life with it's surreal beauty-image imagination can be violently symbolic with regards to attachments and trying to attain it's limited content. Collective consciousness as a Planet were educated at a young age to recognize the duality of words, mathematical numbers, symbols to take as; TRUTH and to belief that were these limitless entities within memory-reality tunnels of content of the subconscious, this is false. An Elementary System, a trial if you will to know how words and images play with each other and then eventually cancel each other out. It takes a fool to acknowledge, this. It takes failure to become success. It takes courage-strength-compassion-understanding to walk this pathless empty path, where in actuality there truly is no path! It's the path of the thinking mind that thinks within things, that eventually you can see through this elementary system is coming and going, and continues to do, so! ~Regardie~
  3. For your delight and delectation here are some colour images of the Magical Calendar: These can be expanded to a decent size: There is a translation and commentary: Also this site has a plethora of symbolic images and emblems: Enjoy!
  4. C.C. Zain and the Sacred Tarot

    C. C. Zain and the Sacred Tarot The most authentic version of the Tarot, and the closest to the original used by Thoth, that is in existence in modern times has got to be the Sacred Tarot brought to us by C.C. Zain. More about Elbert Benjamine- And-