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The answer to All your questions regarding "super-powers" and general ideas of transforming this human body, mind and emotion

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Dematerialization, Teleportation, Flying, Hovering and include everything that your mind can come up

All of these are truths. Not a question of possibility, but of probability.

And that is key:

All of these abilities, as you would call it, you will invoke in yourself, but remember the most important aspect of them all - that they will happen in your consciousness.

They are not happening outside of yourself. So discard all beliefs and ideas of "seeing somone teleport" or do this and do that.

Have you ever, consciously, experienced what happens when your body goes to sleep? No? Then such things are (for now) far off your scale of actual skill of what you, as consciousness, are able to bring to the table.

Feeling is key. Not imagining. Forget imagining in my honest opinion. What is there to imagine? You have no experience, so you have no thoughts about it and so you cant imagine it. Thoughts are only a tool of memory, not a tool of direct creation. Thoughts only re-create.

On a most fundamental level you create by "imagining" but that imagining does not drink from past-experience, as all human imaginations do. They re-create human-like, in so many ways.

So be fully honest with yourself.

How would being able to teleport feel like, when it happens from the core of my being. And with all of these other things. How would it "happen to me" not as a seperated being, rather transforming the idea of seeing oneself from a 3rd perspective, as the audience to which something happens.

Everything happens first perspective, if you truly manage to envoke it yourself.

You are the core of life, get that into your mind, experience it and all of these "fantastic" and "super-" and "ultra-" and "extra-" are merely normal occurences. And ultimate Have to feel that way, when you want to truly master them. So normal as walking across a room. You dont think about it, you dont imagine it, you just do it. It is built-in. But can only because you feel yourself as yourself, no seperation.

So it is true: Know thySELF is the deepest secret to all there is. For the SELF is the same core principle in all of life. Surely your mind now understands how mystical experiences have always occured. There was an audience that saw a man or a woman doing something to an object or landscape but they could not see the light behind and inbetween everything, with which "the man or the woman" was already directly connected again. There was no seperation to human or any kind of form. So it moved as one. For "him or for her", it simply felt like them. Like me. Like who I feel right now on the most basic level, plus maybe fluctuating qualities of energy, like our emotions, but harnessed and as one harmonious flow and most importantly The same in the core.

That is why it is so important to feel our core again. And know it, as a direct and transformative experience.

And by knowing that, ALL of your ideas of manipulation are getting cast of. You probably want to sit in a corner and cry. I know, feels odd, but true. It is normal. Bye superman, hello SELF.

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