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Dear all,


I used to post here a lot, a few years ago, but I stopped in 2011, to devote all my free time to creating a documentary on the science of consciousness.  The project grew out of my love for the topic here, and from my conversations with my Psychology professor dad, who focuses on consciousness.


It's been a long road, in which I've had to teach myself not only computer animation, but also a fair amount of neuroscience.  And I still have a long way to go, but I've recently passed an important milestone.  The above video is my promo for the doc, a communication tool, to help spread the word, and connect to an interested audience.


If you enjoy the video, please share it with others you think might also like it.  I look forward to hearing your feedback on the promo.




Otis (Matt Faw)





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Love it Otis!

And nice to see you here...

Your presence here has been missed.

Keep up the good work.

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Nice set of interviews on that site.


Thanks Dude!  This is fun fringe science investigations - or cutting-edge science.


I say - get what we can from science and then do our own explorations.


I've been researching quantum biology a lot and correlating it to Taoist alchemy.


Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, Stuart Hameroff, among others.


But yeah mainstream science is still founded on classical physics which ends up covering up a lot of this stuff.


I wrote an expose on this - a deep structural critique of science - and connecting it to the ecological crisis, etc.


http://timefrequencyqigong.blogspot.com has the links to my articles, free books, etc.



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Thanks, y'all for your kind words!  I miss hanging out with my fellow bums!

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