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  1. Porn?

    It was my porn/masturbation/sex addiction that led me to the spiritual path. One day I just snapped out of it, and saw myself doing these things from an outside perspective. I felt pretty pathetic that these feelings were controlling me so. I would analyse the thoughts behind my actions, and they were mostly rooted in control/domination /to punish and be needed. What's more, the women I was sleeping with were also seeking to be on the receiving end of such. I suppose this is quite common today, and perhaps could be argued as natural in a sense, but I decided that there was a major thing missing, LOVE. While my sexual encounters were always playful, respectful, passionate....I hadn't truly made love. Instead of playing roles of power and submission, I wanted to experience something purer. That meant masturbation and porn had to go, because love didn't stand a chance mixed in with those thoughts.
  2. Welcome to the Machine? Organic Spirit V AI Machine

    We bear this inner resent of nature, as she wants to reclaim us (which is also rooted in the many cataclysms we've suffered). The mother that gives us life is the same as that calling us back to her arms, the void. Then, there is the energy that carries us forward in this world, keeping us alive. It is that energy and our fear of death that drives us to separate from nature. We endeavour to travel to other planets in a bid to escape. We invent technology to replace and improve on natural design. It's all out of fear of non-existence. We've lost our faith in and understanding of the natural cycle. That said, I'm not fully against technology, as long as there is a balance between it and nature.
  3. Bad Awakening Experiences

    My first reaction was that it's either fear mongering propaganda, or the experience of a coward draped in digital ego. I prefer CT's answer, though.
  4. Bad Awakening Experiences

    That's a lot more respectful and mature than my first reaction.
  5. Summer Solstice

    "Winter" Solstice in South China, but I'm sitting on the balcony as the clock hits midnight, enjoying temperatures in the mid 20s. The mosquitos seem to be just as thrilled to still be alive.
  6. The illusion of reality

    Do you understand how they determine this acceleration? They are not simply seeing galaxies whizzing away at a faster rates than each other. It's all based on the measuring of redshift, and the assumption of dark energy/matter. Most likely another illusion of the human reality. The clustering, or rather bridging of galaxies, goes against the redshift theory, as it has been observed that 2 bridged galaxies can produce different redshift results. Under the redshift theory, you'd assume they are far away from each other, yet such galaxies are physically bridged with matter, and thus are very close (from a galactic perspective). It's best we never assume or base our theories on the back of other unproven theories, especially when the evidence for them is minor/has flaws. When man talks of the universe, we are stabbing in the dark, literally.
  7. The illusion of reality

    Evidence of continuous universal expansion is very limited.
  8. Victims of Porn Industry.

    It's not necessarily porn, it's the internet and our spoiled/saturated culture in general.
  9. What would your perfect life be like?

    I'd like a sense of physical purpose, rather than having to live mostly in my mind. I'd either like to make something with my hands, or possibly even revert back to a more animalistic existence.
  10. How to prepare for imminent death?

    Leave something important behind, if you can, so that those who come after may learn from your experience.
  11. To the President-elect

    This is exactly what I was getting at, dear Taomeow. We are both master and slave, positioned right between our duty to serve this bodily universe that gives us divinity, and in turn a willing slave to the processes outside ourself that require our devotion and understanding. We should be as willing as the matter that performs so dutifully within our own universes. The pyramid symbology was never meant to be about dominance and control of power, but instead a massive reminder of our responsibility. However, the way we see it, is the way we collectively feel. Our society has become obsessed with selfish indulgence. Everyone trying to be unique and stand out for "flashing cameras". Many of us know not our duties or "where to go". We have become disconnected from the whole, like cancerous cells growing to their own purpose; and we see cancer increase within ourselves the further away we pull. We all feel that conflict within of who we are, and the hint of purpose long lost still lingers...but we're committed to this path for a while longer. Committed to the asylum for the mentally ill. Sure, this is by design, and perhaps there is a set of elites who have understood this power, twisting it to their own agenda. However, they too are a reflection of our collective mind. We look to space and dream of the final escape, away from our mother's call. The sMother who loves us so and beckons us home, but many are unwilling to resign from this life. Mother wants nothing more than for us to be happy, yet her love brings death to all, and this is what drives us. Fear of death and non-existence. We have forgotten death's crucial role. To reach the state that you describe, Tm, means for us to give up on our search for power; and to abandon the idea of individuality as we see it today. The ideal balance must be known..the middle path..and it must be applied to all areas, as they connect like light in a hall of mirrors. Live to serve and to know the Mother, embrace her deathly hug as she welcomes us home to rest.
  12. To the President-elect

    Here we sit in the president's chair, and how many of us have acted responsibly with our power? Are we righteous in serving that which holds us up? The eyes of Ra and Horus, are synonymous with the glimmering capstone of the pyramid. They represent the Self and its godly position. Do we become indulged in Self interest, paving the way for shadowy secrets and a sinister take on the intelligence beyond; or do we loyally serve the masses knowing our duty as both master and slave. Notice how it's addressed to You?
  13. Wave Structure of Matter

    Why do you think the breath is so focused upon? The in and out breath are the clinging to life and physical, and the return to death/rest. This is the essential yin yang cycle that we can consciously be aware of in our everyday lives.
  14. Seeing beings in Meditation

    Almost identical to the Egyptian depiction of the same concept, yet surprisingly more detailed.
  15. Seeing beings in Meditation

    Throwing these into the mix, while we're on topic of organ/chakra personality.