Carefully considering Spring Forest Qigong... but I have a question.

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Chunyi has named his masters and said the others he can't name so I respect that.


But I should mention that when he does his healings at his retreats - my qigong friend was at the global SFQ retreat and a student there could see these "Boddhisattva" spirits in the room. So my friend asked qigong master Jim Nance and he confirmed that  Chunyi does call in ancient masters in spirit form who help him doing healing. So then when I was at the Level 3 retreat in 2013 - or maybe it was Level 4 - anyway Chunyi said that indeed he could see that these ancient spirit masters were outside the room to join us as he had called them in. But no one else could see them in the room - I didn't get a chance to confirm that with Jim since Jim had to leave early.


But Chunyi has shared other spirit stories like this - when he was new to Minnesota he went down to Mankato to teach qigong to an elderly home but he saw these huge spirits - very stoic and so Chunyi had to be very careful not to upset the spirits. Of course he couldn't tell anyone else about it while he was there but he said he got permission from the spirits for him to teach qigong there. Chunyi asked the white man who took him down there - what had happened here and then he learned that in that square in Mankato was the largest public mass hanging in U.S. history - of Dakota native american Indian warriors. So those giant spirits were guarding the bodies of the Dakota Indians.

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