Enlightenment as I understand it

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No, I dont agree as I do not have a clue what you are rambling about.


You are mentally confused and its jumbled up with some ego stuff about you becoming enlightened and how smart you are by 'checkmating' and 'winning' ... in your view. One problem with that is , I dont have your view , I am objective to your view about yourself, and that also enables me to see others views about you more objectively than you can . at the moment.


What you wrote is drivel . It might seem fancy and smart to you ... but ... ummm ... you arent the only one reading it.


I also detect you are heading down a 'strange path' and your 'approach' seems to be 'increasing' at an ever 'exponential rate' - it wont be long now !



Are you asking me to prove that something that is, 'by definition' supra-rational, incorrect on the level of rational / reasoning ?





Now you are 'checkmating me' with an apology ... but telling me I win ?


.... this is only gonna get worse :(

^^^ While you were sleeping, the good knight Sir Infinity was given a two-day timeout...

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