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  1. Words What we think we become - Buddha Plus a visual: from here:
  2. Herd Mind or Enlightenemnt?

    I take your point about belonging. So you are also saying that the 'herd minds' subconscious takes over an individuals conscious mind? Not sure I follow... Surely the conscious minds of the herd all agree on an idea and or action and follow it for what ever reason? I don't think enlightenment is an 'idea' in my opinion in fact it is eventually in its final stage the complete loss of all ideas and concepts about anything and the simply abiding in 'what is' - 'reality'. Eventually again in my opinion there is no position or perspective that can be held as all positions and perspectives no matter how contradictory are both true and untrue and duality collapses into a 'singularity' or a oneness or an emptiness which is over flowingly full so to speak. ∞
  3. Herd Mind or Enlightenemnt?

    When one candle lights and warms a room it's easier for others to be lit. Herd mentality is surely driven with unconciousness and fear? It could I suppose apply but any mind subscribing to the herds ways would have no understanding of what he/she were doing surely? Would not they just be mirroring those around them? More conscious minds don't follow the herd they walk there own path as individuals.
  4. Immortality: Yin & Yang or Pure Yang ?!

    Its my understanding that people who fear death seek life and those who fear life seek death. Imo opinion they are both just words just delusions and that in reality there is neither just consciousness.* ∞ *Consciousness is word true which we seemingly have to use. But as you know... "The tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao The name that can be named is not the eternal Name. The unnameable is the eternally real." Lao Tzu
  5. A Path To Enlightenment

    Hi Dawg, A few more questions if you have time. 1) Does positive energy attract positive energy and does negative energy attract negative energy? 2) Is negative energy just the absence of positive energy and in reality just an illusion. Is there in reality only just positive energy? 3) Are you just overflowing positive energy and when you share it do you get more? 4) How do you wake someone that is pretending to sleep? And should we bother? 5) Is it true that if you talk sense to fool they will think your foolish and is there any way around this? :-) Sincerely Dawg you have helped me on my path. All my very best, Peter S
  6. OK GM, Thats OK. The Party has started now just waiting for the guests to arrive! :-) Come if you want its up to you, you have an invite!
  7. Thats good GM, so in that case when he agrees with me you will agree with him and Me and TaoMaster! I am so looking forward to this!!
  8. Ok CT. But lets see what Brian says eh! He is going to agree with TaoMaster and me.
  9. No I mean MAD as in completely and utterly insane! Brian its time to DIE!!!!! Don't worry! Its beautiful!
  10. Enlightenment as I understand it

    Hey SA, I cannot die!
  11. I am calling into question Brian's Rationality! I think he is MAD!!!!!!! He does not understand a positive is a positive!
  12. Enlightenment as I understand it

    imo, Your logic is very unsound. You think you are clever but your not seeing things clearly. Now this is very positive. :-) Your trying to make me feel bad. :-) Your attempting to suppress me and my logic by calling me 'psychologically imbalanced'. :-) You are attempting to cut of my head to make yourself look taller but now you ego is getting smaller and smaller. :-) You attack me because your afraid and scared. :-) Brother your on the cross! Ha ha What ever you do there is no way out. Your ego will probably say 'I am not afraid' Thats a positive! Its all positive. :-) You are no match for my reason! The king is dead! Long live the king! :-) As I said before CHECKMATE! ​Your followers are waiting for your response Brian? How can you come back from this? They are waiting... SO YOU ACCEPT A POSITIVE IS A POISTIVE? And that TaoMaster is CORRECT! Ha Ha Ha Ha Listen to the song Brian, there are no mistakes ever! Listen to it and wake up! Take a step out of duality in to reality! They are waiting... TaoMaster is correct isn't he? A positive is a positive isn't it? :-) Answer in the box below please... An absence of an answer (a negative) is a positive. You loose! We win! CHECKMATE! ...... in your own time my friend just follow the instructions...
  13. Enlightenment as I understand it

    OK Positive is positive Negative is positive (just bare with me) :-) When some one says they are say 'Feeling bad' What they are doing is positively+ Affirming+ and Expressing+ there+ Feelings+ There negativity is actually Positivety as they are 'Positive that they are 'negative'. They believe+ it! Its as plain as the nose on our faces!