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Aware stability meeting the perennial advance of the Dharma

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While I like to say that inherent buddha-nature is simply one's impersonal enlightening function as it meets the perennial advance of the dharma, intellectuals are very quick to refute this observation and counter with resentments at issue with "claims of realization".


This is what is referred to as the conceit of ignorance, which is patently irrelevant to one's enlightening function meeting the perennial advance of the dharma.


Enlightening function has no position (Panda recently said that I and my threads have no position as a snarky comment I absolutely LOVED— and so she has subsequently removed it from the Recognizing Reality thread). Too bad that Panda, Taomeow and rainbowvein just love to hate this realized woman ~ hahahaa!!


Enlightening function having no position is so because it is the antithesis of conditional identities that exist by virtue of relative position.


Ego is a valid function itself, relative to the psychological apparatus of the being that is going to die. It being absolutely empty of identity is naturally effective in terms of its purpose and capacity. That it becomes habituated to "positions" relative to identities of self and other is the root of deluded karmic imprisonment and is hence the focus of self-refinement in terms of the raison d'être of the authentic teachings, not to mention the selfless imprint of primordial awakening— Mind being the singular signifier attributing any relevance of an historic lineage of teaching tradition.


Seeing your nature is a pretty major deal, beyond simply being an evidence of efficacy of one's practical achievement of self-refinement, in terms of setting up the potential permanent stabilization of one's application of aware potential in ordinary situations. Buddha's instructions were to refer everything to the self~ why would it be recommended to leave this particular experience out as "not that big of a deal", quoting Taomeow, who doesn't seem to be talking much about issues and challenges relevant to the application of subtle operation by virtue of having seen her nature.


Touting enlightenment as not that big a deal is what Dogen referred to as "it-doesn't-matter" Zen.


Even so, enlightening activity is not a matter of having already seen one's nature. Why? The reason being is one's nature is already thus. Everyone is already just this enlightened mind, but it is necessary to experience it for oneself to gain the power of unified awareness in order to apply it in actual situations unbeknownst to anyone.


So, the selfless wonder doesn't require experiencing sudden enlightenment to begin to develop the perspective attributable to the application of inherent enlightened mind.


Mind itself is the universal peerless teacher. One's own mind stripped of the human mentality is just this mind; just this teacher. As such, it is available to all with the discipline, audacity and selfless open wonder to step over eternity itself.


How do I know? By going through this and coming out the other end to take up gradual practice once again. It is because the function of enlightening being is itself the endless process of self refinement. Self-refinement freeing the capacity of primordial open awareness from the calcification brought on by the human mentality's penchant for routine habituation is the gradual process of dissolving the ingrained habit-clusters that perpetuate self-reification.


Enlightening activity deepens as self-refinement clarifies the basic mind-ground Honzhi refers to as the Empty Field. One uses worldly situations (the empty field of the world being none other than Mind itself) to the point where sudden realization is the natural resonation having reached a harmonic critical point of no return.


One discovers that one has never been but thus: nonoriginated, selfless, aware. The point of no return is having returned to that which one has never otherwise not been without ever beginning to be so. One is not created. Reality is Unborn. One then seamlessly returns to the world having achieved nothing whatsoever. Buddha said, "Nothing is gained by complete perfect enlightenment", All beings are thus". Seamless return to the emptied human mentality now fully empowered as the mind of tao which had always been thus, only now just discovered as thus, proves that there is only one mind, not two.


Therefore, enlightening experience of no-mind, empty of voidness, impersonal, uncreated; the essential nature of creation, nonbeing within being, is the result constituting a potential entry actualized outside of time, being, creation, psychological and hence karmic matrices by virtue of fusion with cosmic immaterial primordial uncreated aware reality. Though you are not it. Just this is your nature, your mind, right now.


By the way, It IS a mystery. Really!! It is inconceivability. It is beyond understanding. Don't even try.


This potential permanent stability no different than the nature of awareness itself is the entry-level achievement. Inasmuch as permanent stability of ever-awakening enlightening function selflessly adapting to creation has reached a critical juncture fully dependent on further self-refining activity no different than before experiencing the sudden, is proof of gradual and sudden being one.


This is why I say that enlightening being functioning impersonally therefore adapting independent of former habits of self-reifying psychological patterns relative to illusory created karmic cycles constituting everyday ordinary situations is not dependent on sudden enlightenment.


Enlightened mind is already in place, is already your inherent function, only obstructed by the human mentality unawares. This is the root of beginningless karmic bondage.


When people commented recently on the Recognizing Reality thread utterly oblivious of the OP, and stated that they "smelled blood" and categorized it [the thread] as just "lines on a screen", I refuted both as being Mind itself: My reply? NEXT. People ought not be so sloppy.


Since these two bums did not see reality as Mind, and attributed it to the smell of blood and lines on a screen— it is obvious why the ancient discipline of open sincere wonder activating an objectless process of self-refinement leading to authentic entry into the path of complete reality independent of before and after and free of conditional identities is the prerequisite illuminating the positionless perspective that abides as the Unborn: your own mind right now.


The spontaneous power released in terms of one's own potential by that which is inherent in each situation one finds oneself in proves the basis of aware function as being unity inherent in karmic evolution (conditions/change), awaiting the perennial advance of the dharma as is.


Resting in the highest good is floating around within the center of the compass without categorizing a separate self identifiable in terms of a relative position. This is itself impersonally adapting to situations. It is not that one actually does anything. Taking over creation and stealing potential is as easy as turning over one's hand. If people only knew…


It is simply one's impersonal enlightening function naturally so. Should one discover this function and accept its subtle application, one should then (as Honzhi says), take the forward step, entering the world to adapt the spiritual subtlety freely without admitting one's own power and generously give of oneself without reservation in terms of entering situations completely without thoughts of survival.






ed note: just a few typos, happily

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Can machines reach enlightenment? I can't stop thinking about that stuff since yelling about burning down forests in one other thread

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I can only imagine what the dear posted… hehe.


I wanted to bring this up because it is a foreign reality for most whose relationship with reality deems a constant and necessary state striving speculatively towards creation and not one of waiting for reality to arrive incipiently at the pivot of awareness void of thought relative to outcomes dependent on self and others through thick and thin.


One isn't waiting passively or actively in terms of something one needs as in Don Juan Matus' dictum concerning the tenets of a warrior, or the waiting discussed in the 5th hexagram, and it isn't a matter of strategy relative to conditions for an ulterior purpose. It is witnessing the unfolding of enlightening being, the world no different than your mind.


It is the waiting of those whose way is an impersonal ever-ready, objectless, simple presence resting in a causeless wide-open breadth of adaptability. This is aware stability meeting the perennial advance of the dharma.


The third chapter of Dogen's Genjokoan says, "Carrying the self forward to confirm the myriad dharmas is delusion. The myriad dharmas advancing and confirming the self is realization."


This is what I mean when I say the function of enlightening activity is proven by affairs themselves. It is the function unbeknownst to anyone. Activity is just adaption by virtue of potential inherent in the situation itself, not admitting one's own power. The function is transcendence passing through creation. What is necessary to observe in one's dealings in affairs is the further emptying of one's surety in the aftermath of passing through, where there is passing through passing through.


In his commentary of Dogen's Genjokoan, Hakuun Yasutani says of this passage, "…even if we arouse the mind that seeks enlightenment, practice diligently, see our nature, and realize the way, each of these is nothing more than one wave in the sea of delusion. Hence the saying, ""To pursue practice in the midst of delusion."


Where else would authentic powerful practice be? Certainly not on the mat in quietude.


Meeting the perennial advance of the dharma to me is not just waiting to die in a positive sense as I see it played out, it is not conceiving thoughts holding out for any kind of survival, therefore simply being ready for one's death in the way one conducts oneself at all times in ordinary affairs.


This is being worthy of one's death in terms of clarity of spirit flowing freely.


Simply put, meeting the perennial advance of creation as opposed to advancing oneself to meet creation is the difference between "mistakenly discerning a self, exhausting your mind" or" simply forgetting all about one's own body and mind" in the unfolding of enlightenment.


Morgan would be proud.❤︎





ed note: change "from" to "than" in 2nd paragraph


I inserted bits of Yasutni's phrasing from near the end of his commentary to the Genjokoan's 3rd chapter to suit my needs in the last paragraph. Flowers Fall, Dogen's Genjokoan ISBN 1-57062-103-9

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