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Noob, in the way of the now!

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Guest pgreenjazz



I have always been interested in the bigger questions which we face in existence, I always believed that there are answers to questions like "what is the meaning of life?" or I at least considered seeking the answers to be a better path, to delusional ignorance.


So first stop, marihuana, this I feel did open my mind and make me think outside the box, I somewhat overdid it though and took some negative side effects along with me. To the proponents, I don't think you can apply a blanket statement to all people, all strains, all situations, that there are numerous health benefits and "absolutely no side effects EVER".


Throughout that phase I had various passive, but intuitive, interests in philosophy, anthropology etc. and many in depth discussions with another seeker.


Now I feel I have arrived at the answer, which although quite familiar to yourselves, is somewhat new to me, Spirituality. I have just started to read up on Buddhism, and I feel very strongly the truths contained inside, how to begin to practice though feels wholly mystifying.


Background on me,

-Highly Id driven(self gratifying)

-Somewhat of a sloth

-Have been experiencing some depressing, past few months have saw an improvement.

-Unduly lustful

-Considerably compassionate

-Insightful to a degree


So possibly,

-Mastery of the five hinderances, possible first step.

-Meditation, have not yet begun.

-The commitment to a particular practice.

-Spiritual reading



In the beginning should I focus on basic spiritual practice, or more practical things like exercise, healthy eating(already started this one), intellectual study etc. or both simultaneously?


What is the meaning of some of the terms you use like "cultivating" or even some just terms you feel appropriate for a beginner.


What might be an appropriate practice to start with?


Im in Ireland and don't seem to be able to see any signs of spiritual teachers here, is learning alone safe to do?


Thank you for reading (if you somehow made it this far),


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Sure to be something going on near you.

Good luck.

QiGong is a great cultivation.

The word..

Cultivation is a catch all term for the stuff we do.

Martial Arts







' Cultivation' is just shorthand for it all.


Hope that helps.

( My old mum hailed from Tralee and I've loads of cousins there yet).

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Welcome to TTB, Mr PGJ.


What part of Ireland are you in? Im in the beautiful West, Galway to be precise.


There are two Tibetan Buddhist centres in the Republic. One in Cavan, the other in West Cork. I know the West Cork centre, Rigpa, under the auspices of Sogyal Rinpoche, has a number of branches in all the main towns and cities here. Their website will have all the information if you are interested.


Being a noob is good. Beginner's mind, as they say. :)





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The first step for most paths is adopting a simple system of morality. They vary from here to there, but the Buddhist one is easy. You begin training with the Five Precepts:


1. Refrain from killing.

2. Refrain from taking what is not given.

3. Refrain from sexual misconduct.

4. Refrain from false and divisive speech.

5. Refrain from intoxication leading to heedlessness.


No matter where you go or end up, these training precepts can be very helpful.

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