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Serial Killers(Psychopaths) possessed by malevolent entities

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Update: I sent an email to Mr. Icke after developing my theory further. I am interested to know what his thoughts are.


Hello Mr. Icke,


I saw your 40 minute interview on youtube in which you explained the essence of your conspiracy theory. The thing that stuck immediately with me was your talk about the reptilian entities. I am a spiritual practitioner and I know entities as very real.


In fact, I had been possessed by one until last summer. I especially travelled to the United States to have it removed by an accomplished healer. After the removal of my entity, she told me that it was a demon, which was very rare.


During the time I was possessed (around 3 years, according to her), I would frequently get spontaneously images in my head of wanting to hit another person. This always happened when at a moment when I felt profound love and compassion for said person.


Furthermore, I would have episodes when I was drunk that I would blackout. During these blackouts, I would still talk and walk normally, but would retain no memories of it. Normally, this would probably seem not uncommon. However in my case, I had been getting drunk since I was 16(legal drinking age here) and had never experienced any blackouts. Or if I had, I was asleep or in a drunken stupor, where I could neither talk nor walk properly anymore. At the time these blackout started happening, I was around 20. I am now 24. Once not long before the entity removal, I saw the photo of me during one of those blackouts and thought that "wasn't me". However, I must admit that at the time, I already knew about the entity.


When I was a child, I liked to watch crime stories. I would always watch a german TV show called Autopsy, mysterious crime stories. I was drawn by the power of those stories to instill fear in me, which thrillers and horror movies were never able to.

Last year, I rediscovered that hobby of mine and found that documentaries of serial killers gave me the greatest thrill and chill. So, I started watching nearly every documentary about any major serial killers. Following that, I became convinced that many of those serial killers were possessed by malevolent entities.


Serial Killers whom I believe to have been possessed:


Richard Chase, the vampire of Sacramento: He drank the blood of his victims because he thought he would dry out otherwise. This made me think for the first time about possessed serial killers. My intuition just told me that this guy was possessed by an entity. However at the time, I didn't really pursue this. I just put the thought in the back of my mind. Until I watched the documentary about Dennis Rader, the BTK killer.


Dennis Rader, the BTK killer: During his interrogation with the police, he told them that his desire to kill was dependent on what he called "Factor X", an entity in bat form that followed him around.


Luis Garavito, a serial killer in Colombia : he told the police during investigation that he was influenced by a "spirit" to commit his murders.


Richard Ramirez, the nightstalker : When he was a teen, he frequently slept in a graveyard and prayed to Satan there. My belief is that there he became possessed by an entity. A police officer said in the documentary that Ramirez was breathing very heavily during the interrogation. Heavy breathing is a sign of entity possession.


Jeffrey Dahmer: a cannibal : He said in an interview that his murderous fantasies just started appearing when he was a Teen and that they became stronger and stronger. To escape the fantasies he started drinking. He committed his first murder after he black-outed from drinking. I believe that when he blacked out, the entity took over.


I believe that the influence that an entity is able to exert over it's host depends on the strength of the entity and the weakness of the host's mind. When someone possessed by an entity takes drugs, the entity is able to gain more influence over it's host. Furthermore, after every murder the host's mind's weakens which results in the entity exerting more influence. Thus the fantasies and the drive to kill become stronger. Important is also the matter of love. The more love the host feels, the weaker the entity grows. Murder causes the host to become devoid of love.


I think all of these Serial Killers(not sure about Dennis Rader) took drugs(including alcohol) which greatly weakened their mind.


This were my thoughts at the time. However, shortly after that I went to the US and stopped watching any crime documentaries.

Then a week or so ago, I decided to watch them again. Still convinced by my theory from one year ago, I looked for visible signs of entity possession.


Then shortly after watching the first few documentaries I stumbled upon the video of your interview. It was linked in the related videos tabs and it drew my attention.

Like I wrote before what immediately stuck with me was your talk about the reptilians and how they try to take control over the world.


This made me look at my theory in a bigger context. Since I already believed that most serial killers were controlled by entities, it made me question as to what they would gain from killing those people.


Shortly after I watched the documentary about Ted Bundy again, as he has always fascinated me the most. I watched it on the basis that he had been possessed. What struck me was that all of his victims were young, highly intelligent,popular, helping kinds of women. In other words, people that possibly harbored the highest potential for spiritual awakening or/and expansion of the mind.


In your interview you said the entities want to destroy families. Every family that experiences a murder of a loved one is actually destroyed in a sense. They left with a feeling of utter despair and/or hate. A state in which they could be more easily manipulated and are less likely to experience a spiritual awakening.


Yesterday, I watched the documentary about the D.C sniper. Two people in Washington who shot people at random with a sniper. This happened only one year after 9/11. On the basis that the killers were possessed, I concluded that that event could have been used as means to expand government control. (On a sidenote: I think he resembles Obama.)


Furthermore, out of pure interest, I started to look for serial killers after 2000. I was interested to see how serial killers would face up against modern DNA analysis. As a result, I found that after 2000 the number of serial killers drastically increased. My speculation as to the reason to this was that either spiritual awareness had increased around the world resulting in less people possessed by malevolent entities or the entities deciding that it was now to risky. (because of modern forensic technologies)


However, while the type of serial killers that frequently appeared before 2000 decreased, there was another type emerging. I am talking about people orchestrating mass shootings at schools or other public places.


I firmly believe that these serial killers, too have been possessed and they are killing the most intelligent, talented people. Again, the people with the highest potential for spiritual awakening of or/and expansion of the mind.

When I watched the documentary about the massacre in Norway caused by Brevik one thing that struck me right away was how one commenter said “it was a gathering of talented young people”. What struck me even more was that Brevick referred in his compendium of texts to the police forces as the “enemy forces”.


Finally, I believe that those entities are probably an alien race that proceeds our race in development quite a number of years. They probably want to take over the planet by least resistance possible. When they have finally put a world government in place, they may then proceed to send in their troops.


As to why I write you this, I don’t know. I just felt that I had to share this with you and get your thoughts on it. Of course, there is absolutely no proof for anything I said. I just go along with my intuition, which I consider to be one of my strongest assets.

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You are probably right.


I think there are two schools of thought : it is all you so any entity is a projection from your unconcious




there is a external entity which causes the thoughts and images.


I think both views are valid and you can work out to clear entities based on different mind sets.


I've had images of violence pop up for no apparent reason, some call it OCD some call it entities. It took a whole lot of clearing to get rid of such images.


What I find helpful is clearing yourself with techniques and/or being aligned with a higher vibration 24/7 if possible.


The vibration makes it easier to let go into a higher state because the resistance is kind of turned down.

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I used to nurse inmates who back in the day were referred to as the 'criminally insane' and incarcerated in secure psychiatric facilities for the protection of the general public.

Almost all of them were demonstrably mentally ill, not 'bad' as such but 'mad'.

What used to be termed for 'possession' back in the old days tends towards being described and often successfully treated as paranoid schizophrenic spectrum in our more enlightened times.

Those people were not responsible for their actions.

Just a few though, and I won't name names; were purely evil.

I don't think those were 'possessed' as such, they were themselves all the way through.

All of them were psychopaths.

Very consistent is your psychopath, usually very clever and often quite charming.

Just never, ever; turn your back on one.

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