Romania; mysterious cave churches and pyramids

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Located in Nucu village,high on Buzau mountains there are more than 15 cave settlements that spreads over a surface of more than 3 square kilometers, what gave this region the nickname of “Athos” of Romania. Some caves are old geological forms, others are carved or graved into the stone. One hermitage is located at the boarder of a canyon of about 10 meters. Signs of the first settlement in the area date to iron and bronze age.



Probably 300 years AD, the first Christian missionaries on Romanian territory arrived from the Middle East lived here. Up to the 19 century, hermits and monks used the caves as places to live and to pray, far away from every day life. It is said that famous Romanian war lords or princesses came here to confess and to wash away their sins.


One of the cells belonged to the monk Dionisie, who, the legend says, made the road to his cell as complicated as possible, because he liked to be alone. This place is unlike any other tourism destination in Romania. It is not made for hundred of buses, even off-road cars cannot access some areas.



Located in Fagaras, Brasov County The Pyramids from Sona are actually eight mounds of earth, 30 meters high, that seem to come out of nowhere. While locals are convinced that they were raised by giants, historians believe that there are graves of Celtic barbarians.




The legend says that many years ago, this land was ruled by a princess named Sona. One day her kingdom was attacked by some giants who came over the Fagaras mountains. The giants have gone through the water of Olt river, and when they arrived in this place they shook the mud from their feet and created these mounds. You can find them in Sona village, Brasov County, 250 km away from Bucharest.



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Giants on earth is no legend. They actually found their skeletons... Here. In Romania

There is also proof of the oldest "home" and the first axe ever discovered. Many international archeologists think that civilization started here, in Romania, and the latin language is in fact a romanian language. During the course of time, there were many attempts to destroy our nation, hid the truth about our history, lie again and again.

Yogi Gupta Swami, had an interest in this country. He made some interesting prophecies ( use google translate ) "Romania will be the pylon of a new global development, based more than ever on spirituality, culture, religion, harmony, love and art"


For those who are really interested in this topic, now i have something for you. I stumbled on this book couple days ago, but i must give you a warning: i stayed all night awake, and the more i tried to stop reading, the more i dived deeper into the book

P.S.: One of the coolest thing, there in Bucegi Mountains, is a portion of one square km, where the magnetic field is so, so strong, that you can't even feel the fatigue. Imagine maditating there :wub:

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don't mind the reputation we have outside. But if somebody decides to come this parts, will be pleasantly surprised how friendly people are. And most of us speak English very well

All the best

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