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  1. Romania; mysterious cave churches and pyramids

    don't mind the reputation we have outside. But if somebody decides to come this parts, will be pleasantly surprised how friendly people are. And most of us speak English very well All the best John
  2. Romania; mysterious cave churches and pyramids

    Giants on earth is no legend. They actually found their skeletons... Here. In Romania There is also proof of the oldest "home" and the first axe ever discovered. Many international archeologists think that civilization started here, in Romania, and the latin language is in fact a romanian language. During the course of time, there were many attempts to destroy our nation, hid the truth about our history, lie again and again. Yogi Gupta Swami, had an interest in this country. He made some interesting prophecies http://yogaesoteric.net/content.aspx?lang=RO&item=6547 ( use google translate ) "Romania will be the pylon of a new global development, based more than ever on spirituality, culture, religion, harmony, love and art" For those who are really interested in this topic, now i have something for you. I stumbled on this book couple days ago, but i must give you a warning: i stayed all night awake, and the more i tried to stop reading, the more i dived deeper into the book http://www.scribd.com/doc/157926981/Radu-Cinamar-Transylvanian-Sunrise P.S.: One of the coolest thing, there in Bucegi Mountains, is a portion of one square km, where the magnetic field is so, so strong, that you can't even feel the fatigue. Imagine maditating there
  3. Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gong Complete level 1 DVD

    Hi Sifu Garry, Posted this in Flying Phoenix thread, and decided it's better to bump this one for this. It will be easier for others to find information about this form, if i post here can you go more into details about mudras, and breath percentages? Thanks, John
  4. mental detox

    I'm 20. Been obssesed with maximum personal realization for quite a while now: being the best i can, working as much as i can, helping as much as i can. The only action i took is making money so i can go to places and study with all kinds of people. Didn't really worked out as well as i thought, but... small steps, right? Areas i have interest in are: running for physical health (ex proffessional runner); nlp, hypnosis and meditation for mental health; and qigong/tai chi, informatiology, other arts and sciences for spiritual developement. All these i studied for the past years, didn't really had the means to study more than i can find on internet. The form that i have most interest in is Flying Phoenix. I want to practice this for multiple reasons, but the most important is that i'm going through very hard times, and i decided to do a detox for the mind, and ended up here. Thank you, John