Hi! What do I, what do we all want?

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Hello, I am a 21 years old boy, I ve always been interested in the occult side of things, in the not yet discovered, in spirituality, religions and energy work, and I am of course on a journey to become the best I can be, for myself and those I love


The main reason I joined this wonderful community (yeah I have been lurking here for a while..) is because, honestly; im searching for Power.


I am searching for empowerment in every single aspect of my life. I want to not ever be afraid anymore, do not ever look at my life again and be shameful of how I managed the obstacles on my way

I feel like I have let too much time pass without enjoying life, or effectively pursuing my inner spiritual growth


What im searching for is guidance, to a degree, there are too many ways.. Too many meditations, too much to do and nobody to ask for help, I feel lost in the amazing caludron of knowledge that the internet is


So, hopefully, this may be a fresh start for me, the start that I always waited for, and never, for a reason or the other, been able to have


Sorry for the grammar mistakes if there are any



With love



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Hello and welcome to the forum.


You will find no shortage of advice here but ultimately you will have to decide for yourself which path you intend to follow. It is then a case of walking that path, putting in the necessary work to make progress. It really is as simple as that.


You will be free to post on the forum now but please take the time to read the two posts pinned at the top of the Lobby and take a look at the forum terms and rules This covers all that you need be aware of.


Good luck and best wishes,



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The key to attaining self empowerment is to consciously take responsibility for every aspect of your existence.......your physical, emotional and mental body. Most people don't want to take any responsibility for themselves.


-So eat healthy food and do some basic whole body yoga stretches in the morning to get your physical body healthy. Also take mastery of your finances, career, social life and steer it in accordance with your deepest joy.


By pursuing Meditation and Chi Kung you can gradually take mastery over your emotional and mental body and develop a state of stillness within oneself where you can consciously create your life rather than expressing your life unconsciously and haphazardly. To take mastery over oneself and empower your life so that you can enjoy it in a blissful way is what the path is all about. Best of luck.


My 2 cents, Peace

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Start with practices that excite you, pay attention to the way you feel because inside of you there is a high intelligence that you can trust.


The more you practice the more you will realize that you are a divine being and the mistakes that you might look at with shame now were valuable experiences. No matter how advanced you are spiritually, you will still make mistakes. And mistakes are okay to do, they teach us about ourselves and most of all, that we are all human beings and always evolving.


Shame and fear are not inherently bad. Observe yourself when you feel this way, don't become absorbed in those emotions, and move forward from there.


The key to spirituality is a daily practice. Anything that excites you is best. Tai chi, qigong, yoga, meditation. Be consistent and you will grow, be open to new ideas and explore, don't stick to one thing. There is no one right way of doing anything.


Have fun with it, and good luck!

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Hi pathfinder


The start is so exciting and so difficult ; everything is open, everything is possible. But as you say in our society too much is available.

Some people are raised in a spiritual tradition and are happy to continue exploring and going further in that direction. For those who are not raised with a spiritual background or who's family tradition don't suit, we have to find our way in another way.


Here are a few thoughts I have reached, maybe tomorow they will have changed a little. I am curious also about what other here mean about that question.....



- Why should we choose to follow a tradition, when it comes to our spiritual path ?

- Yes many here follow a tradition ... and why?


. Every spiritual tradition leads to forms of inner peace and freedom.

. There is no spiritual tradition which is devoid of humans who acts in abusive manners.

. It is easier and quicker to follow a tradition, because of the experiences accumulated by generations before us, who can teach us.

. It can be difficult to follow a tradition for many reasons, different for each person.


- Have confidence, you can travel here and there and explore different paths, if you do it seriously and with respect. At a certain moment you will find what you look for, you will have to make choices. But then : stay and study hard and for a long long time.


- Everything is there, you just have to open your eyes, listen and practice.

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I doubt i have any good advise to give you but perhaps you may enjoy a story ...........


A Fish Story

Once, there was a fish who lived in the great ocean, and because the water was transparent, and always conveniently out of the way of his nose when he moved along, he didn't know he was in the ocean.


Well, one day the fish did a very dangerous thing for a fish. He began to think: "Surely I am a most remarkable being, since I can move around like this in the middle of empty space."


Then the fish became confused because of thinking about moving and swimming, and he suddenly had an anxiety paroxysm, and thought that he had forgotten how. At that moment he looked down and saw the yawning chasm of the ocean depths, and he was terrified that he would drop.


Then he thought: "If I could catch hold of my tail in my mouth, I could hold myself up." And so he curled himself up and snapped at his tail. Unfortunately, his spine wasn't quite supple enough, so he missed.


As he went on trying to catch hold of his tail, the yawning black abyss below became ever more terrible, and he was brought to the edge of a total nervous breakdown.


The fish was about to give up, when the ocean, which had been watching with mixed feelings of pity and amusement, said, "What are you doing?"


"Oh," said the fish, "I'm terrified of falling into the deep dark abyss, and I'm trying to catch hold of my tail in my mouth to hold myself up." So the ocean said, "Well, you've been trying that for a long time now, and you still haven't fallen down. How come?"


"Oh, of course, I haven't fallen down yet," said the fish, "Because, because -- I'm swimming!"


"Well," came the reply, "I am the Great Ocean, in which you live and move and are able to be a fish, and I have given all of myself to you in which to swim, and I support you all the time you swim. But here you, instead of exploring the length, breadth, depth, and height of my expanse, are wasting your time pursuing your own end."


From then on, the fish put his own end behind him (where it belonged) and set out to explore the Great Ocean.




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