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  1. Hey everyone, I'm looking for books that go in-depth on the five elements (Chinese medicine) and also the tantric equivalent (tattvas) I'm interested in their interplay in our lives .. just reading a bit about them has enriched my perception of the world around me, given me a subtle angle of understanding the interactions between things ..
  2. Actually walking even for an hour at a steady pace doesn't really warm me, even in summer. Heart rate goes up but my body is really a walking refrigerator... I also tried Shining skull breath from yoga but that feels like turning on an air condition in my face instead of heating my body, which is what it's said to do Qi gong is my main physical exercise, and it does warm me up, just takes a long while. Here I am looking for more effective and quickening practices
  3. Hello everyone I love Qi Gong but have recently began to feel that I am very in my comfort zone with the practices I do I have a generally sedentary lifestyle, a strong meditation practice .. and also the inclination to become cold and stagnant.. In an Ayurvedic diagnosis my consitution is said to be dominant Kapha Lately going to classes the beginning section is always gentle. For example breathing into the dantien in standing meditation... and I am feeling my body become restless, agitated, because I need to move. Too many hours of being immobile is now requiring this of me, even though before I would take enjoyment being very still I was wondering what styles or what practices you recommend that generate heat and circulation effectively. Do you have any experiences with this? Thank you!
  4. How does Qigong actually work?

    I practice yoga. I've learned it within the chakra system, but I would love to learn more how it applies to blockages, fascia, etc. I only have very little experience with Qigong but I feel like paired with yoga it can be very powerfully healing. The thing with Qigong is, I've been looking for different teachers that teach it as a whole system but none of them seem to. For example. I looked up Damo Mitchell and Lee Holden, but both of them reserve practices and teachings for students who practice with them... I don't like this kind of secrecy, I want the whole thing...
  5. How does Qigong actually work?

    I'd love to know more!
  6. Hi! What do I, what do we all want?

    Start with practices that excite you, pay attention to the way you feel because inside of you there is a high intelligence that you can trust. The more you practice the more you will realize that you are a divine being and the mistakes that you might look at with shame now were valuable experiences. No matter how advanced you are spiritually, you will still make mistakes. And mistakes are okay to do, they teach us about ourselves and most of all, that we are all human beings and always evolving. Shame and fear are not inherently bad. Observe yourself when you feel this way, don't become absorbed in those emotions, and move forward from there. The key to spirituality is a daily practice. Anything that excites you is best. Tai chi, qigong, yoga, meditation. Be consistent and you will grow, be open to new ideas and explore, don't stick to one thing. There is no one right way of doing anything. Have fun with it, and good luck!
  7. After kundalini awakening, what next?

    Thank you so much for sharing. It seems to me that a lot of awakenings are more often spontaneous than not. Seems like a "kundalini awakening" doesn't obliterate close-mindedness and arrogance...
  8. After kundalini awakening, what next?

    Wow! Thanks for sharing your experiences fluidity! How did you activate it? Did a guru help you, did you just do kundalini yoga on your own, or was it more spontaneous? I'd love to know more about your journey to it.
  9. After kundalini awakening, what next?

    I wouldn't say love is the same thing as hate. Hate separates us, love brings us together. We are all one, we are all source, but source scattered itself and we are the result. What is real meditation to you, and what does it feel like? A lot of people who meditate deeply connect themselves to unconditional love, which is why I say love is liberation, because love is the stuff that Source is made of. I personally do not like Osho. He did not live what he preached. But I have heard his methods have helped people spiritually, so I cannot disregard everything about Osho. No one is perfect. And you say that you need a "true" teacher to learn how to reach nirvana, but if the teacher was liberated, then why are they still in a physical body? Why learn from someone who hasn't succeeded in what they are teaching? Are you saying that when a loved one is murdered, you shouldn't feel anything? What is wrong with feeling? I know this is a personal question to ask, but why do you want to be free from everything? What led you to desire nirvana? You told me before that love is the same as hate. So, why is celibacy not the same as lust? Why can there be only one true way, according to you? Can there not be many paths to the top of the mountain? I personally believe there are as many authentic spiritual paths as there are souls. I am not an authority to say "no, you can't possibly spiritually enlightened because you never did this asana for 6 hours."
  10. After kundalini awakening, what next?

    Seems to me you don't have a clear idea of what liberation means to you. If physical existence is a hindrance to liberation, then suiciding is the best act to prove that you are "liberated." And you're sitting in front of a computer, which is quite a luxury item. I guess you aren't the lucky few who will be liberated? So, just because a scripture doesn't say it, it means it's not real? Seems to me you're too attached to words of ancient gurus, and your mind is closed enough that it is not willing to accept things that may very well be true. Even if a scripture never said "yes, this is possible." I agree, you can't buy enlightenment. Buying books and going to seminars and whatever isn't going to enlighten you, you actually have to do the work if you're going to get anywhere. There is a lot of silliness in the spiritual market, but there are a lot of great things too. Don't disregard everything if you haven't done the practices yourself and experienced it. To me, leaving everything I love behind is not liberation. Family, friends, and relationships can be beautiful facets of the human experience. Love is liberation.
  11. After kundalini awakening, what next?

    Money and material things are pretty much essential for us to function in today's society. I don't understand people who judge others for wearing "suits", working, making money, and buying things. Not everyone can become a hermit and leave everything behind to meditate in a cave until they are enlightened or whatever. And I know several people who have had kundalini experiences without knowing even what kundalini is. "if you hope to continue to exist after Kundalini is awakened completely you must be able to make Her go from the Muladhara to the Sahasrara" This sounds fear-based, and if the end goal of Kundalini is nirvana, then why should you be afraid of non-existence?
  12. After kundalini awakening, what next?

    Is this true? I know this woman who sometimes gets spontaneous orgasms, and after she has diarrhea. I thought it could be Kundalini being randomly stimulated, but it's weird. She doesn't do yoga or any spiritual practice. This happened after she gave birth, so maybe that awoke something in her.
  13. Hi!

    Thank you everyone! Can't wait to dig my teeth into all the delicious discussions here and get to know you all better!
  14. Hi!

    Hey everyone! So good to be here! I have been browsing the forums for a while now and decided to join. So many good topics here that are very relevant to my interests. I'd love to get into energy work and kundalini and all that cool mind-expanding and healthy stuff! Thanks for having me!