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  1. Hi! What do I, what do we all want?

    Hello, I am a 21 years old boy, I ve always been interested in the occult side of things, in the not yet discovered, in spirituality, religions and energy work, and I am of course on a journey to become the best I can be, for myself and those I love The main reason I joined this wonderful community (yeah I have been lurking here for a while..) is because, honestly; im searching for Power. I am searching for empowerment in every single aspect of my life. I want to not ever be afraid anymore, do not ever look at my life again and be shameful of how I managed the obstacles on my way I feel like I have let too much time pass without enjoying life, or effectively pursuing my inner spiritual growth What im searching for is guidance, to a degree, there are too many ways.. Too many meditations, too much to do and nobody to ask for help, I feel lost in the amazing caludron of knowledge that the internet is So, hopefully, this may be a fresh start for me, the start that I always waited for, and never, for a reason or the other, been able to have Sorry for the grammar mistakes if there are any Sincerely With love