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deci belle

Nothing is created

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The thread about there being no creator in buddhism is currently experiencing a Tibetan vocabulary overload and then s'body PM'd this…⬇⬇⬇ re: my last comment there~ heehee!!




We see. We feel. We smell. We hear.

It exists.

Why can it be said that 'nothing is created' but our senses see CREATION.



My response…



WE don't exist. I don't exist. I've proven that to myself. I simply know it as a fact, yet here we are.


It does not exist. Only the formless is real. The formless is the essence of the formed.


Those who see essence do not go along with the formed and therefore do not partake of creative evolution in the endless rounds of birth and death.


The only reason for the wisdom teachings is (their veracity) that birth and death are totally unnecessary and are such only through ignorance of the exigence of the killing mechanism of cyclical yin and yang. It is not that yin and yang exist either. They are just words expressing the process of created function.


The absolute is alive— it is simply awareness itself …no different therefore not separate from its manifestation.


Adepts cue into the unmanifest to transcend the manifest~ it's just how to do it. There is no reason. It's just the way it is and know one knows why. This is the wisdom teaching of the ages.


The wisdom teachings also express the inconceivability of the celestial mechanism which is the subtle take-over of creation by going along with polluted yang in the beginning of the cycle until potential is ripe, when it is withdrawn before the killing yin energy has just arisen. It is then stored away in the empty vessel void of intellectualism where it matures into the elixir of immortality.


Your own mind right now is not created, has never entered creation, has never moved.


Nothing is itself created. In other words, nothing is actually a thing. Yes!


Enlightened mind, your own mind, doesn't even contain nothing— it (even nothing) is an illusion.


So, since even nothing is created, it does not exist because only the real formlessness of true emtiness is not empty.


This is not a cutesy expression.


I don't say it coming from meaning.


I say it coming from inconceivability.


That is how close I can get to it with words …but it is true, none the less.


As for creation being sensed, why can the absolute be a complete mystery, yet creation is not?


This whole reality is an utter mystery!!!


How wonderful!!!!





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Yes, and there is actually a point in making use of this inconceivability that has never been beyond one's reach.


Since the OP is derivative of the fact that there is no creator (i.e., derivative of that thread), it follows that nothing is created.


We can use this to transcend the fallacy of creation and enter into the mystery of Complete Reality. But first it is necessary to see it.


There are two examples I can observe illustrating the mystery; seeing the mystery; and using the realization of the mystery.


One is the moon.


We can see it when it is illuminated. Who can see the new moon? Who has seen the new moon? That's nothing if you do, because there is the dark side of the moon too. What about that?


It's the same moon, yet you have never seen it. It is different, but it is the same~ every bit the same as the bright side of the moon.


Its surface can be explained and there are even maps of the dark side of the moon, but it is always dark and it always faces away from the earth. So what's the mystery? The mystery of the bright side of the moon is no different than the dark side. No one sees this (the mystery) and it is all there is to see. That's the mystery of just seeing reality— but it doesn't even approach the mystery of reality itself.


Now seeing reality as is, is as easy as turning over your hand (not to mention the front of your hand). So what? So is it any different? You know the back side of you hand. You also know the back side of your hand is you (as well as the front). Now can you say that you are your hand? Maybe not?


Two very imperfect analogies of the mystery of seeing reality as is, no different than seeing the side one is accustomed to; knowing it's you, yet also knowing you aren't it (forgetting the moon for now).


You do know you aren't your hand, right? Let's hope there aren't any arguments about that at this juncture.


If it is this easy to see reality and in seeing it we see that it looks the same as everyday ordinary illusions, what's the big deal?


First, reality IS a mystery, even if we are unable to use that. Why can't we? Because that takes power, personal power.


So seeing mystery as a mystery is very important to seeing reality as reality. The critical factor in using the mystery to see reality is that it is like your hand (and the moon) in that you are not it.


When you see essence for the first time and suddenly realize it's you, yet you are not it~ you realize the mystery is you. Yet it is also apparent that you are not the mystery. Reality is impersonal. One must realize the proper place for the temporal identity as not a personal thing. The identity of the personality is not personal. It works the same as experiencing the absolute in that it's you, but you are not it.


This is the perspective necessary to begin to use the mystery to enter the mystery. It requires selflessness in the practical sense. Selflessness requires seeing reality for what it is. When you see reality as is, one is naturally selfless. Selflessness is not a moral imperative that relates to the self. It is not the self. Selflessness is the functional imperative of enlightening being.


Selfishness is the inability to see reality as is simply because reality is impersonal. In this sense, one uses the mystery of having a self in the midst of impersonal reality to adapt to conditions, because reality is actually selfless. And this is a very practical and poignant example of what a sense of alchemical reversal is in actual situations and how turning the light around really looks like in action.


In turning the light around, everything is turned around. This is so because the light of reality, unattributable, is the means by which enlightening beings carry out tasks and undertakings. This is the reality of reversal in terms of alchemic function. The truth is, by turning everything around, everything becomes real. It is the nature of the false to be the way it is. One simply reverses it to deal with it impersonally as enlightening activity; this then turns karmic causality into the nonoriginated Causeless. This is the inconceivability of subtle operation within Suchness.


Just this is the Great Vehicle of buddhas, wizards, saints and adepts independent of tradition or epoch.


What's the point? It's the matter of birth and death. Act like you exist and you are born and die many times just in the course of a single day, not to mention a single lifetime.


Don't get me wrong— the karmic reality requires you to be born and die this much …endless cycles of birth and death.


Ever heard of something called buddhism? What's that? Buddhism is just awakened teachings of awakened mind. That's all it is. It doesn't even exist. The teachings are to be practiced until they can be forgotten as oneself in reality because that is all they are.


So the point of seeing reality for what it is is to somehow step outside the karmic influence of birth and death (because this is not real) while in the midst of birth and death; going along with the timing of the celestial in the context of the temporal as a partner of creation yet not subject to its illusory cycles. Somehow, even though it is impossible to not go along with karmic evolution, yet nevertheless we do in terms of enlightening activity, thereby to transcend its changes.


This is called the mystery of the subtle operation of reversal within the temporal. Enlightening being is simply not going along with creation while in the midst of creation. Buddhas and immortals don't say it any different than that.


This is no different than activating mind without dwelling on its contents; no different than seeing through phenomena without denying characteristics.


Even though karmic evolution requires one to enter into endless cycles of birth and death, since you can accurately and skillfully see this as illusion, you are then able to transcend endless cycles as endless transformations without going along with Changes of karmic, creative evolution.


This is the value of seeing reality as is. This is the value of seeing nothing exists, that there is no creator, that the mystery is you through and through, is the entire creative potential no different than your essential nature.


It behooves one to see one's nature.


And to do that, one must see that there is nothing outside of oneself. This is turning the selfish understanding of selflessness inside out and expanding it without limit. Only then can one begin to see that the mystery in everyday ordinary existence is no different than the mystery of the absolute.


When one can then begin to activate enlightening activity to free oneself from the cycles of birth and death while in the midst of birth and death, one has succeeded in using both absolute and temporal characteristics within the mystery with alacrity. This has never depended on sudden enlightenment, just the virtue enabling one to work with essence directly.


Is it not a mystery? So instead of seeking some sort of external gratification in even the spiritual realm as mr P says, just accept the mystery as yourself in the most powerful way you can …selflessly.❤





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