How tree spirits heal

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From my experience of walking around trees doing spontaneous movement, and/or dancing to music and speaking and getting lessons from the the tree teachers


Yes I believe trees are beings


SO I would start off and pay my respects to the tree and get intuitive guidance about which tree is the highest vibration, wants to work with me, is the most powerful etc,


I also have utmost respect and appreciation for trees


Then I start to get messages and repeat mantras while going around the tree such as


Everything is in perfect harmony


Its ok relax


EVerythings perfect


Yes even that


haha laughter


its ok your safe


then I might get a command or information about what I want to ask


and then I would receive epiphanies about things in my life I should be doing


or start to think about things in my life that are blocking me energetically and lowering my vibration


then occasionally I would receive a mantra


and repeat it twenty times


I would receive wisdom about the future being safe


and keep asking the tree questions


but the tree is a being of light


and would pour down light on me


there would be no hatred


just strong vibrations of love, of harmony, of joy, of play and silliness


I would receive songs, and even bullshit silly stories


I would receive poems and non logical rhymes


oh yeh and start praying for different people


when the time is right it might be right to finish


I would allow my whole experience to be about craziness


and letting go and allowing the wild to be there


intuitively i would know when to finish


and when a lot of issues and blockages have been dissolved


i would walk away with taks of life things to achieve actions which improve my vibration


and walk away with tremendous respect and love for trees


i would also walk away in a shamanic state of consciousness


one of silliness, one of being interconnected and in love with everything and one of power


and there would be no effort to stop thinking because thoughts wouldnt be there.


i love trees


and yeh really im writing some books so felt like putting some thoughts down..

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Why did I post this


as I feel that trees have very very pure energy


golden light


one cannot fake it


nature is the perfect healer


when it comes to spontaneous/intuitive movements where the body moves perfectly by itself according to your/your souls intentions and life plans in order to heal and align emotions and energy


this is a good example


but walking around a tree and doing this and communicating with it is another very natural form of healing


in doing this one first becomes much more grounded, feels more in the world, safe, in harmony then when it is perfect and right then starts to send and receive love opening up the energy body from ground up, then maybe one uses some creativity and works with the messages one receives from above and/or connects with the soul through forms of play and joy and then reaching Tao is simple and easy and already there, all chakras have been connected and the energy is very high and clean


Then one is way way way more empowered to make changes and receive the right messages in this state ones that arent fear based or from fear based intentions which create fear or shame or hate based karma...oh yes thats a great epiphany


and then one closes down with love and harmony and relaxation based thoughts and energy


all in harmony with nature, heaven and earth, right now which is the only time there is and ever will be....



however this all happens at once through nature and this is not just by coincidence


however i am taking this to an extreme for a reason as sometimes human creativity and intention has its place, occasionally trees made me use human made prayers or healing techniques although I guess I think this is a little strange


as the intentions can be a little fear, shame, frustration lack of love based which creates the same energetic karma


rather than love, harmony, relaxation, trust, loyalty, belonging, action, sharing, creativity, play and laughter based which spreads and multiplies..

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channelling for myself....edited

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