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Hi and I am not a bot.

Now for the little introduction:

I am a human. My sign is capricorn. I am currently vegetarian (for almost 2 years now).

English is not my native language, so forgive me if I make mistakes.

Don't judge that I am arrogant because of my username, there are a few reason why I chose it (one of them is that it has something to do with my name).

I have been practicing all kinds of sports and I have notcied that the methot of just physical training is not enough. You can train running for years and some dog that has never came out of it's owners house can still outrun you. Plus there is this moment of physical training were you come to the limits of what you can achieve with this training and what follows is only decline in your power...


P.S. A bot wouldn't write a PS, would it ;)


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