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Found 27 results

  1. 'ello

    'ello. My name is Haquinn Darle, and I have joined this forum in seeking knowledge on the forgotten arts of the past. I'm most curious as to what level of mentality and physicality can be reached through the practices of both Taoism and the other respected forms of study, such as Buddhism. I don't have any physical copies and literature on these topics so my understanding may be a bit off, but I do read available (free) PDFs and other online translations... if you have any PDFs or translations that aren't freely available to the public, don't mind giving me some(you didn't hear this from me though). Since most of you here are probably experts and even teachers of this subject, I wish to be taught and hopefully enlightened, so please do take care of me. Thank you. P.S. I do hope that you do not mind my shotty English, it's not my native tongue and I still have some grammatical and punctual mistakes here and there and mostly everywhere.
  2. Hello everyone, firstly I want to say what a pleasure it is to meet you all and thank you in advance for all of your wisdom and advice. My name is Amon though 'Mind Full' will be easier to remember. I am twenty-five from Ontario, Canada, and looking to take my first step down the road of cultivation. To be honest, I have no idea where to start. My current routine merely consists of some physical exercise, a little yoga, and being mindful of my breath, posture, and feelings when I remember to be mindful at all. With so much information on cultivation available, I am quite overwhelmed and not sure where to start. I was wondering if anyone had some advice or materials for a complete newbie like myself to get started on my journey and avoid mistakes while practicing. I would greatly appreciate any help or resources which you could give me. Thank you, and I hope you have a beautiful day.
  3. Hello everybody!!!

    Hello everybody...Nice to be here...I come from Greece...interested in all spiritual traditions ....In the latest years I have studied acupupuncture...and trying to delve into Chines trdition and Dao!!! Thanks
  4. Greetings

    Greetings to all, I am a novice always looking to learn more. I started on this path accidentally as a teen when I first felt energy that i could move through my body, though I had no clue what it was. So I stumbled and fumbled on my own for more than a decade as I grew up in a restrictive religious environment that treated such things as evil. It has only been in the last few years that I learned of more traditional cultivation practices. I'm poor at asking for advice and have only my own clumsy experiences with little traditional knowledge to share. So I look forward to learning more from those who wish to share and will share my own experiences with any who wish to know. Thank you in advance for your kindness.
  5. Hello

    Greetings to whosoever reads this. I am a 30 year old man from Greece with an inherent interest in meditation, chi gong, nei gong and martial arts in general. I never had a master to guide me through a complete system but I am always looking for expanding my knowledge in a variety of topics. As is my custom, for the first few months (or year, I honestly don't know) I will not post almost anything and will try to familiarise myself with the ins and outs of the forum as well as learn the various subjects I am interested in. Thank you for having me.
  6. Introduction

    Namaste fellows in boonful fraternity I’m a youth (25) having gone through complexity to form simplicity. A pass time of mine is to ponder the practice between organized chaos in seeking the continual dao between the many modalities of life among higher states and common folk. I have found my way here through meeting “tomic” in seeking further exploration, depth, and holistic progress towards understanding more of the capabilities that can exist within an immortal being on this mortal plane. The purpose of this seeking feels more of a duty to understand these immortal immutable meanings and representing them in ways the common folk can easily duplicate and have them find in their best benefit to do so. I have made small steps of success in this path and can bring the cosmic ringing to call unto souls towards a better balance approach to life. To what end? The indescribable end. The dao-end, bringing forth a new dao-era. Much with the same skin but a perception shift than when multiplied with minuscule action, brings drastic change before anyone realizes it.
  7. Maitri, greetings

    Hello My name is Bradley, I am a student. Looking forward to reading and posting about thoughts on the Dao...
  8. Hello Everyone!

    Hi Healers & Seekers, Peace, Happiness, Bliss & Joy to One & All. ((_/\_)) Cheers... Radhakrishnan
  9. First time post and greetings

    I am of course new here. I have been doing Tai Chi & Zhan Zhuang for a while now. I mostly come here to pay attention. I post now only as a requirement. Be well.
  10. Hello fellow travellers.

    Hello fellow bums, greetings from the streets of London! I first heard of the dao as described by David Lowry in his book the Sword and the Brush, given to me by my Shaolin teacher when I was 14. Since then I have casually practiced some internal martial arts for 6-7ish years and been fortunate enough to have learned from teachers with great hearts and small egos (unlike my own). I also read some Daoist texts like Lao Tzu, Zhuangzi and some more gimmicky but nonetheless great books such as the Tao of Pooh and the Te of Piglet. I'm now studying Religions and Philosophy at University and taking a course on Daoism over the next year or two. As it is I'm now seriously committing to learning in the a system of Daoism and Martial arts, and throughly enjoying swapping kindly fists and knowledge with fellow thinkers on the dao. It is currantly raining on a beautiful autumn day and so adieu, I hope to discuss and meet the people on this site. Thomas
  11. Hello hello

    Hi Everybody, I'm from the US, have been in Costa Rica 15 years. Do freelance art, sound meditations, and other holistic stuff. About 5 years ago i started to get down to business with the internal work finally. 2 years ago i became exposed to "Transform Stress to Vitality", and have not looked back. Have found a nice balance and integrity i was really looking for and hadn't found elsewhere. Have settled into these body based meditations. -
  12. Namaste

    Greetings, I'm quite glad I found this place. I was searching the Google machine to see if there were any qigong techniques for keeping mosquitoes away, whilst they bite at my feet at a cafe here in Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal, and the first site that popped up was this glorious one. I'm quite new to qigong and the dao. I stumbled upon them while here in Nepal, where I've been working for the past year. For the past few years I've been quite into personal development, since I discovered the actual meaning of self help, and it has led me on a more and more spiritual path, especially during my time here. I've been lightly working on various qigong practices I've found online and in books available here. I've been searching for the right one to start with, and then I saw how there are thousands of styles, so I'll pick one and stick to it after perusing some of the previous bum postings... I'd like to combine this practice with yoga, of which I've been practicing a bit more of for the past 6 months, for full power. That's the plan so far, at least. Looking forward to talking with all the bums in here! I brought my empty glass.
  13. look who stepped in the room

    I came upon this site by chance, and was pleasantly surprised to find such a clever community of people who seem to have their own individual opinions, and don't just parrot stupid bullshit. About me: I like to educate myself on many different paths to divinity, and I apply small aspects of many to my personal practice. Trial and error, right? Currently: I spend time in meditation, Golden Dawn cleansing and charging rituals and have a daily asana/pranayama routine, the focal point of which is Salamba Shirshasana (which has helped me take fantastic strides towards my goals). A strict diet is also very important to me, since it seems that indulgence in food makes it hard to have self-control in anything else. Feel free to ask me any personal questions and harshly criticize my shortcomings. I hope to make many virtual friends.
  14. Greetings!

    Hello everyone, I am Jared. I am a composer & sound designer living in LA. Since high school, I have always held much reverence for the concept of Tao and the various manners through which it is portrayed. I do not have many with whom I am able to discuss it and I would certainly like to continue growing in my knowledge of it. I once wrote a piece for solo piano called Tao, inspired by passages from the Tao Te Ching and writings of Chuang Tzu. You may listen to it here: I am very happy to be on this site and to get to know some of you better. Best, Jared
  15. Waking Up From a Little Nap

    Greetings! I just woke up from a little several year nap. I'm feeling refreshed and ready to get back to it. Before I drifted off (this last time that is - I do like naps) I was stumbling around the Way with one eye on my tea cup, and one toe in the stream. I haven't gone very far (though it's been a good long time) - which really is fine, because I've got nowhere to go. A little taijiquan here, a little qigong there. Walking circles in the park. Lots of tea, tea, tea, drinking in that cha qi. Music. Must. Have. Music. Always. What else...Dad, husband, living in southern Maine, spilling PHP to pay the rent, spreading the word of Kenneth Rexroth and Louise Michel, and wishing I listened to my Mom and stuck with those piano lessons. Looking forward to reading a whole mess of the posts, learning what folks here have to offer, pouring you some tea, and continuing my practice / crawling, before getting sleepy and climbing into bed for another nap.
  16. Hello from Oregon

    Hi everyone, I'm from Portland, Oregon. I'm not a practicing Taoist but it is one branch of spirituality I am interested in, along with occult studies. I tend to lean towards a personal intuitive spirituality, meaning I sort of make it up as I go along. I am here because I would like to learn more about Taoism and connect with others with similar interests. I work from home, and I am hugely introverted. So...gulp...hellooo strangers!
  17. Greetings from Devon UK

    Hi there, I live in Devon, UK - a very special part of the world IMO, very green and vibrant. I've been practicing energy arts and Taoist meditation as taught by BK Frantzis for a long time (20+ years), and I'm recently moving away from that and exploring different avenues of spiritual growth including Zen and Mindfulness training. I'm actually going through a bit of a wrench around changing teacher and have written a post I'd like to share here and maybe get some feedback. Looking forward to connecting with a few of you. Robin.
  18. Hi ;)

    Hi, I'm 26, I'm from Italy. I'm here becouse I'm seeking in Fourth Way and Taoist paths. First of all I'm looking for real and working Gurdjeffian Schools (if they still exist and work...), and then I'm looking to understand the main paths in the vastity of taoist schools; for now I understood that the 2 main branches are Xian-tian and Hou-tian. Xian Tian like Dragon Gate and Hou Tian like Mo Pai. The first works more with Yang Shen the second with the fusion of Yang and Yi qi, however not everyone agree with that sentence. Hope to find interesting infos!
  19. Hello Everyone

    I came upon this discussion board while seeking information on teachers. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered it and the nice informative and analytical way topics are treated by members. I practise Tai Chi, meditation, and like reading about masters. I currently am without a teacher.
  20. Hey ya'll, new guy here

    So I've found my way to this forum just lurking for the past year maybe year and a half - and recently, I find my way here more and more as my interest in sincerely taking up a spiritual path. I really love the idea of daily self-cultivation. To know the inner before trying to know the other. And how this basic principle can really bring a great deal of clarity and freedom to one's life. However, almost all paths insist on some level of purity. For me this isn't much of a problem with the food i eat. My body just doesn't tolerate much else. I'm still into porn and I've been trying to quit that for a while. I know it needs to go, it's just taking some time. However the one thing regarding purity - which seems to be the biggest obstacle to my sincerely taking up a spiritual path - is total abstinence from drugs. I have questions on that, and plan on going into details in a later post, but first I just want to say hi and give anyone out there who's listening an idea of what I'll be talking about later on. Good to be here and I hope I may find some guidance.
  21. Greetings from a new member.

    Greetings! I had been very interested in Taoism in my early twenties. I used to study and read the Tao Te Ching, the Tao of Pooh, and the Te of Piglet. After that I got more into exploring and studying the Western Mystery traditions, Alchemy, and Hermetic philosophy. There is a lot of overlap between these traditions. I am discovering even more overlap now that I am coming back to studying the Taoist philosophy and practices. I recently discovered Lingzi and Reishi mushrooms. I have started taking a double-extract daily and have noticed very welcomed, and much needed, positive effects. Very grounding and anti-stress. This led me to start digging more into the spirituality of this traditional chinese medicine. I am looking to understand and enhance these positive effects with other qi medicines and a nner practices. Right now I am reading and studying The Neiye as presented in Harold Roth's book "Original Tao" and looking for an effective and fundamental qi/shen philosophy and practice to follow. -Solferrus
  22. Hello!

    Hello! I'm AE, a new member here. A bit about me: I'm a Daoist and a practitioner of qigong, tai chi, and martial arts. For fun, I write, read comics, and play board games.
  23. Hello

    Greetings from Central Europe, which seems to be rather underrepresented at this distinguished forum. I am interested in Yijing, practice taijiquan, qigong and bagua. I have followed this forum for some time, hesitating to join only out of respect to other members. I wonder if I can contribute but I am glad to be here. Thank you.
  24. Well, I guess this is the place and time I tell you all who I am... But, I don't know that, so perhaps I'll tell you a bit about what I've done and what I'm doing, and you can then tell me who I am... Hello I am a male, married, 50+ two awesome kids 4 and 2, A Reiki master instructor, I went to school for a while, I have a BA PSYC/RLST and a second BA SOC, and an MA RLST. did some other stuff too... As an aside, I am cognitively Challenged/impaired and have a lot of difficulty with spelling. I'm a martial arts instructor, and am interested in TCM and its applications within the arts. As an undergrad in Religious Studies (RLST) my focus was primarily on Buddhism, its union with Taoism to become Chan Buddhism, and its union with Shintoism to form Zen Buddhism. as well as a wack of folk religions. But I really am about the Tao. Now, I am not what one might call a religions person, I'm not even what you might call a spiritual person, but I do accept that our limited range of perception, as humans, will never allow us to understand reality what ever that might look like. Babel babel.... anyway yeah, so, stumbled onto the site here while looking for some info on meridians and acupressure points and now here I am, all becouse I could not resist the erdge to chime in with my two cents worth of free information. yeah, guess I could stop now... Good night.
  25. Hi

    Hi and I am not a bot. Now for the little introduction: I am a human. My sign is capricorn. I am currently vegetarian (for almost 2 years now). English is not my native language, so forgive me if I make mistakes. Don't judge that I am arrogant because of my username, there are a few reason why I chose it (one of them is that it has something to do with my name). I have been practicing all kinds of sports and I have notcied that the methot of just physical training is not enough. You can train running for years and some dog that has never came out of it's owners house can still outrun you. Plus there is this moment of physical training were you come to the limits of what you can achieve with this training and what follows is only decline in your power... P.S. A bot wouldn't write a PS, would it ~Human