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  1. So it is indeed Swami Rama as I though then. Thank you for the sources!
  2. Hey thelerner Could you give more info on the book as I couldn't find it just by its name? The story the book is mentioning sounds awfully similar to one that I know of and I'm curious if it's about the same yogi or not.
  3. You my friend are not talking about practices, you are just committing a verbal vomit about theories and conspiracies. I have no problem with that. I do think it will be good if you actually do share practices though.
  4. Do you think Padmasambhava spend his time dreaming of future possibilities and theories? If you want to achieve something stop talking and start practicing.
  5. Make weapon out of chi?

    "In terms of time, Maai pertains to the momentary lapses of awareness that are manifested in the opponent's mind. " This is some nice info. Too bad it's so little
  6. Make weapon out of chi?

    You could've combined all of your last posts into one to avoid spamming. And yes I am aware I did not put anything forth so here: Theoretically I know you can harden the blade and even sharpen it temporarily with your qi making it possible to withstand hard blows without the edge chipping, or cutting up hard materials like steel with an ease as if you were cutting butter (think sword in the stone of San Galgano). You'd need a good amount of energy control and needless to say, good amounts of energy. Once you have that you'd need to project your consciousness into the said object so that it becomes an extension of you. And as you do that the energy will follow. Then you need to use your will force to give the needed characteristics of hardness and sharpness. With enough talent and qi it should be also possible to use a simple wooden stick, bokken or even your hand and use them as weapons that cut better than any normal katana. This is similar to how actual cursed blades work. They have incredible sharpness or other extra ordinary characteristics with the only difference being that they (most) don't use your energy for that but a deceased one's. Now to take it a step further I do think it would be possible to create a weapon out of qi, even one visible to the naked human eye. But I also think that if you had that much energy and power you would not need any weapons at all to begin with, especially if you can make a visible one. I did not write anything originally because I'm sure everyone here already knows that. This is all theoretical knowledge that can't be backed up by actual experiences. I believe that people who should be answering to such topics need to have more than just theoretical knowledge on the subject. Otherwise we are just debating and having small talks, never really getting anywhere, which isn't okay for me. Best of energies, King
  7. Make weapon out of chi?

    What an interesting topic yet the answers are so typical for thedaobums. Only a handful of people decided to answer seriously and the rest were just making fun or joking around. This is the biggest problem I have with this community - nobody seems to know how to shut up when they don't have something constructive to say.
  8. I had a blog with that exact name in my bookmarks but it has been blocked for me and when I type it in google only your post comes up, so weird. Edit: I just remembered it might have been your blog xD
  9. Does Anyone Have Power?

    I finally read this thread! It wasn't easy I don't know about you guys, but I'm left with the impression that it was a huge waste of time. 30 pages and only 2/3 people actually answered the real topic, but very vaguely... And what's worse is that almost every discussion on the taobums is like that: people arguing about stuff irrelevant to the topic at hand.
  10. Does Dan Tien translate as 'belly'?

    When is this "tzu hour"?
  11. Little red box

    This made me lol, literally
  12. You can't just "act" enlightened and say this is Taoism, it's more complex than that. And you are not presenting Taoism in any way, you are just looking for laughs. Please, stop... Aah, I see! You really want to become more "popular". Ok then, I better let you do your work.
  13. Dude seriously, don't post such things in the Taoist Discussion nor the General Discussion! It's not that comedy is not allowed here, but there is a place for such posts and it's called "Off Topic". You are only spamming that way. Unless you want to become more "popular" than MPG, then keep on doing what you're doing...
  14. I want a diploma.

    So many posts.. you must have been training a lot today :D
  15. I want a diploma.

    Me to, but I decided to be more polite