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Hello everybody. I am glad i found this site! I have been dabbling in various aspects of Taoism: health, sexual practices and philosophy.


I am most interested in health right now and would like to find a healer, if anyone can recommend one, i live in the San Francisco bay area. I'm interested in finding a teacher in my area and i don't have a list of who is here.


I am on the primal diet which is the most similar to some things i have read about taoist nutrition: raw meat and no or low grains.


I do some Hsin Tao, which is something like chi gong.


I am interested in the sexual practices of Mantak Chia and the White Tigress lineage.


The philosphy of Taoism in general is of great interest since i am a sociologist and interpret cultures and how people put ideas into practice in business, etc.


I'm also interested in gender identity issues and read the topic on feminization of men. I've read a lot about that and i am interested in how specific taoist texts get on masculine and feminine.


I'm going to try to leave my ego out of things and not "contend" unless it is productive. Taoists getting egotistical seems a bit like Christians preaching love and then burning people at the stake. Hey, do you know the difference between Christians and Buddhists? Christains burn other people and Buddhists burn themselves in protest. :lol:



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this is a no burning zone



As i would expect with taoists being more yin and water-like. B)

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