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  1. Qinway Qigong

    I just got the Qinway DVD for beginning level after i visited her webstie and felt a strong energy coming through when i looked at the dvd page and at the figurine of the Quan Yin. These are consecrated objects. I have not felt anything that strong since i got objects consecrated by Sadhguru Jaggi Vesudev. Qinway came to my attention after reading breatharianism / bigu, and which is related to sungazing. I don't understand why more systems don't include sungazing. I'd like to hear other people's experiences with Qinway.
  2. Kunlun Level 1

    Kunlun and Jenny Lamb's Yi Gong are not the same thing. Yi Gong or spontaneous adjustment yi gong lets the upper body and waist move freely. Both start in the same position but Kunlun stays rigid. Yi gong is a full system of moves. Kunlun is half of the sitting practice, plus other things like Red Pheonix which is very advanced and not everyone can tolerate it. Max made up a story about how Kunlun was created that his teacher denies. Nevertheless, going to one of Max's workshops is worth it since the energy transmission you get might be necessary to feel the practice. People get better results after practicing with either of them then on their own. One thing neither teachas part of those parts of their systems is a meditation and breathing. I have not been to Jenny's workshop so maybe she does. I went to Max's and he teaches one breath, but not a full routine i am looking for. Overall, i say the seated yi gong is a great technique, even if done Max's way.
  3. Is anyone familiar with this system, it just tried some of it and it felt really good. The hour interview guided people through 3 steps and explained more.
  4. I am looking for a good approach to breath and all the factors that affect it. I am interested in increasing my parasympathetic nervous system to help with sleep especially. I want to know how to coordiate the diaphram with other muscles of the core and pelvis, which need a lot of work anyway. I would like to improve all these areas in a coordinated way, but am not against hearing about separate techniques if they are great. I want to strengthen all the muscles for good posture to support breathing while moving, sitting, standing, etc. I also discovered a connection to the cranium. When i suck my tongue against my upper palate and push out i induce the most relaxed and deepest breathing i have ever known. The breath reaches down almost to my pelvic floor. I bring it down all the way with some pelvic tilts lying on my back and then i can't get any more relaxed and don't feel like doing anything. It feels like my parasympathetic nervous system is then dominant for resting. The tongue pushes the palate out making room for the sphenoid bone at the base of the skull and top of the spine, which helps align the whole body. I have had the sphenoid adjusted before to his affect, but it doesn't hold because my palate needs to be expanded through orthodontic work. My tongue is starting to do that orthodontic work. You might not feel such a strong result if you try this if your palate is a healthy size. A similar kind of tongue movement is taught in orofacial myology which uses for orthodontics and neurlogical therapy.
  5. Has anyone done the Human Design system? It combines the I Ching, Astrology, chakras, and Kaballa to identify your personality type and your strategy for life to be in harmony. It is extremely elaborate and takes time to study, but anyone can begin by going to a website and putting in your birthday, time, and location and get a profile immediately. One insight is that 92% of people need to follow a more yin path and wait to respond to others or accept an invitation. Only 8% can Manifest directly from their will and initiate--this more yang. I think the addresses are and
  6. I'd like to know who the healers are and how to contact them. I know of John of God in Brazil, i'd like to know about a Phillipino. Thanks. I just saw a long utube of shamanic healers, i think it was a link from this site....i can't remember.
  7. Has anybody read Jon Peniel's book, The Children of the Law of One and the Lost Teachings of Atlantis? This is an astonishing book. The story is that he spent time in the fabled Shangri-La hidden valley in Tibet where the descendants of Atlantis lived. He became enlightened through their energy work, practicing humility, unselfish love, and sexual tantra. There are so many insights in this book that it gives the story credibility. There is also a complete program provided. There have been some communities of the Children but it hard to locate anyone to talk to about this. BTW, there is another Children of the Law of One lineage but it is not associated with this one.
  8. Breast Enlargement

    What is kap 2?
  9. Breast Enlargement

    I'm interested in suggestion for breast enlargement. I heard that chicken head soup is so good that it can grow tits on a man--transexuals used to do that before hormones came out. C
  10. Breast Enlargement

    I'm interested in suggestion for breast enlargement. I heard that chicken head soup is so good that it can grow tits on a man--transexuals used to do that before hormones came out. C
  11. Sexual teachings of the White Tigress

    I find some of Hsi Lai's statements objectionable concerning how to green dragons are used for semen and sexual energy. Where's the love? I think his tone is more a product of his beliefs. The White Tigresses do show concern for the health of Green Dragons and do not want to deplete them. He does talk about the white tigresses being based in compassion, but he doesn't illustrate this very well. He talks about compassion being something inherent in her, but not something she does toward men. That is, he does not present men as worthy of compassion. He understands compassion in the Western way of esstentialism, as something inherent in some people, versus relationally as something people do to others. Relational thinking is more common in Asia--see Nisbett's book, Geography of Thought. He could, for example, present tigresses as missionaries serving a sexually starved male population, which is how i think of it. Now that's compassion! One woman sex columnist wrote that when men get blow-jobs the sounds they make are like it is the best thing anyone has ever done for them. That would be correct. Hsi Lai's heavy-handed tone comes from his own feminist bias. He wants to make clear tigresses are not exploited but are sort of doing the reverse to get back at patriarchy. He does not put these practices in the context of men and women getting along more harmoniously as i would expect from the the idea of sex as "yin-yang harmony play." But he has too much shame about being male to show much compassion for men. He is one the many new-age feminist guys who are ashamed to be male. like the guys in this forum that posture about how they down with the "yin." If they really cared about women they would not bring that negative energy to women but instead own their masculine sexuality and give it to them good! Hsi Lai is best when he quotes Madame Lin in her critique of feminism. I give him great credit for presenting this and getting past American feminism biases that he, nevertheless, seems to still partly share. Lin said that men suffer as much as women and that women are their own worst enemies. Her statements are backed by many books thoroughly refuting the theory of patriarchy, most notable Warren Farrell's, The Myth of Male Power, which shows that by most things we can measure men are actually worse off than women (like the suicide rates being 4x as high for men in the US.) Most of my fellow liberals refuse to open their minds to these facts. So i would still defend the white tigresses but object to some of Hsi Lai's writing and question how faithfully he has represented the tigress. Coyote
  12. healing

    Great insight, GoldisHeavy. This rings true for my life. I will pursue this. I would like to hear from anyone about processes for changing intent to change life. Coyote
  13. What's wrong, not that everything is wrong, with the new age movement: Taking ideas out of context: specializing, particularizing, universalizing, rather than seeing the web of connections as a system of practices. Following a logic of separation instead of a logic of connection. The Dao, and yin and yang is about connection. Good and evil is about separation. Competitive and self-righteous attitude Ego attachment to ideas Living in one's head while ignoring applications and feedback from the body and other people. Vegetarianism and other food ideologies that ignore results and alternatives Feminism: ignoring the facts and other points of view, while cultivating hatred toward men--that is no hyperbole. And one more thing: if you disagree, just remember that my lineage is longer than your lineage, there for i'm right.
  14. Skin Care

    I'd like to hear what people recommend for skin care, especially the face. I am only interested in natural or hypoallergenic things: creams, supplements, foods, massages, etc. My skin type is dry. I'm a man, if it makes any difference, but would like to hear what is good for women, too, since i help people all the time.
  15. tooth regeneration

    "Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition," 2009, by Ramiel Nagel. This book explains how teeth can be repaired through nutrients delivered to the teeth through the saliva. The calcium to phosphorus ration is important, with the latter being just as important. In addition, vitamins A, D, E, and K are necessary. He uses examples of foods from native diets. He did not mention silica. I recommend BioSil which can be bought in stores.