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  1. good day bums

    Today September the Eleventh at 12:20 PM EST Paul Stephen Kren passed away. He was in his home, surrounded by all five of his sons and three very close friends with his favorite set of music playing in the background at the time. He died peacefully and, according to his wishes, the body has been taken for cremation. He will be missed greatly as I'm sure the members of this website will agree. R.I.P. Paul "fatherpaul" Kren
  2. good day bums

  3. good day bums

    Greetings everyone, this is Paul's son, Kevin. He wanted me to inform everyone that for about the last week he has been bedridden. His situation doesn't seem to be getting better and he is unable to post anymore on these forums. He also wanted me to tell everyone that you can still leave him messages and one of my brothers or I will be able to print them out for him to read. He'll have us keep you updated on his condition as things change.
  4. good day bums

    Ian, thank you for this movement, it is being used daily. peace to you, may you discover that which has always been your true nature. paul
  5. if only i could rain

    Rain! soak my soul like the grasses, feed me divine drenching, thirst quenching, life giving rain. saturate my being relieve this arid desert heart i bid you now tomorrow is too late, annoint me with your heavenly dew cleanse me through and through Rain! to be one with you! if only i could rain.
  6. Isha

    she seems quite sincere but she still has an"I" she even circles it so you cant miss it. peace, paul
  7. Where are the real teachers?

    : )
  8. Where are the real teachers?

    if i were to give a shit i would but i dont take shit nor give it what of you pero?
  9. opiate like being

    it is good to be employed and function in the world, as you know, wayfarer, all work can be a "way" in the opiate of this myasmic world, is is good to keep ones feet on the ground, peace, paul
  10. good day bums

    rain, you are just a micron away from yourself as you are, take a deep breath and plunge in. peace paul
  11. opiate like being

    same thing happened to my brrain
  12. Where are the real teachers?

    i hearby knight thee, Ian the steadfast! you are priceless peace and happy crumpets, paul no slur intended, i do respect you man.
  13. Where are the real teachers?

    sir, with all due respect you are your own best teacher and student its free and total freedom is what it is. peace and happy pancakes, paul
  14. tony parsons

  15. good day bums

    just an update the belly and legs are swollen to capacity due to the water retention the liver seems about 75% shut down i have exausted my "medicine cabinet" herbal, mind and spirit. now i wait to die perhaps weeks now instead of months peace to you all ( i just wish icould take one more good piss! HAHAHAHAHAHA!) love is all there is (even the beatles knew that)