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Wanted to share some pictures, and some comments...shamanism

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I dont share the real meanings anywhere else, and I dont think I should share anything else with anyone except art so Im doing it now..



Here is one picture.


I call it


"I am a bear"


Here is more about the bear


I was feeling a little scared doing a little adventourous trip, relying on inuition and trusting its right.. So i connected with a bear and put red around my heart, and in circles and a rainbow aura, making a strong energetic effect, but it all happened intuitively like spontaneous movement.





This I call it "I am the bearst"


I didnt actually choose the name, It came as a message from a guide or spirit or higher self, I felt very uncomfortable and still do expressing pride, but I have lots of pride, and perhaps pride is beautiful sometimes, and repressing it is unnatural, I put eagle, tomatoes in the aura, which has different energetic effect eg the eagle represents rising above the illusion of limitation, and tomatoes represent family harmony, perhaps using symbolism as a form of healing is very precise. I put red around the heart, and played very rough gangster like music, I felt like protecting people while I made it, and wrote I will die for you, Defend with my life, my word, my honour, my life, and was silently praying for my family,, as I made the art I was crying, later I googled what does the bear represent and found that there was a strong mother energy.


Everything is Connected
I picked different symbols some for me, such as an elephant, eagle, butterfly, parrot, shamans, trees, ufo, sun, and put a futuristic homes in the middle, and at the end some collage of some things I wanted to manifest. I wanted to put the message of creating sustainable homes for the world into the minds of powerful shamans, and did it through art, later I was going to make a seperate picture with it, but then thought it was wrong to try to manipulate too much and take away other peoples chance for growth and learning as earth is a school, I cried while making this picture and painted gold without thinking and the arm of the man in the painting started to point to my foot while I was painting it.
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