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Itchy scrot from Iron Crotch

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Hi all,


Recently I performed some intense Iron Crotch training, and found that my Kundalini began exiting my Hui Yin, which then resulted in an Itchy Scrotum. I tried my best to ignore the Itchy sensations, as advised by my ebook/Sifu (the two are interchangeable), but in the end I gave in to temptation and began scratching my scrot vigorously.


That night I couldn't sleep as my Hui Yin was on fire and I realiesd what I had done. The next day my Sifu informed me that I could have seriously injured myself, and that, Scratching of the Scrot was in fact an advanced technique intended only for Iron Crotch Masters.


He advised that had I scratched just a little bit lower, my Hui-Yin would have been permanently damaged, and that I would the Gods must be smiling upon me.

Lesson learned.


I hope that if I train hard enough, one day, I too can benefit from the countless gifts that Scratching of the Scrot gives.


In the meantime, its back to bench-pressing light weights with my genitals.




Note: this article was a parody, and should be read with utter contempt and scorn.

Any resemblances to actual Scrot Scratching or Iron Crotch techniques are purely coincidental.

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