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  1. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Opening my heart always make me laugh ...at nearly anything! Hahaha
  2. Without reading past replies, I've been told that the greater the problem, the greater we need to apply compassion, wisdom, and kindness. Dealing with negative individuals and situations when you really don't want to is one o the toughing things. But for me, doing the above, realising that we are all human with our own quests (whether we realise it or not), helps deal with negative situiations. That, and having friends to share it with!
  3. Haiku Chain

    What me? What prize now? Where art thou, my brown eyed cow? Eating all my hay!
  4. Yin and Yang

    These are great questions and insights. I am not an expert but here are my views which are similar to GrandmasterP. As yhou probably are aware, yin and yang are relative terms. If one side of a mountain is shady, its because it also has a sunny side, and vice versa. This means the aim is really not determining which exercise is "yin", and which is "yang", but yin-yang harmony. I like the word harmony better than "perfect balance" because "perfect balance" implies a lot of stress to make things "perfect"...and stress does not lead to harmony! I think you are absolutely right with regards to meditation being more about yin-yang balance than being "yin". It is the danger of Western terms trying to describe an Eastern practice. i.e Western intellect trying to comprehend the Eastern heart! I think it is simply called yin to use it differentitate between the yang components, such as performing the chi kung exercises or having a chi flow. Similarly, you don't need to worry about whether you are "yin", yang or netural, but just whether you can relax and just enjoy your chi kung! The more you relax and enjoy, the more yin-yang harmony you will achieve, regardless of what you are doing. Again, owing to the fact that they are relative, and thus interconnected, another important thing to be aware is that, if you have enough of chi flow and/or energy from your training, an excess of yang will form yin, and vice versa. This means again that you don't need worryu about whether you are yin, or training is yang enough to balance your yin, or which part of your training is acdtually yang, but you can just relax and enjoy!!
  5. nourishing living environment?

    You are the life in the environment! So if anything, its you that nourishes the living environment! Sonds like you are doing a lot already. Every template is unique to the person. Some people will be allergic to all natural products! Even if you are allergic to something, the treatmetn will ultimately be the same... and if you apply a different treatment, it might still work...so all good (I.ie, there is no magic formula!). Go by feeling...try not thinking about the issue but seeing how it feels... Best thing is to, one-by-one dtgermine which thing suits you best and which doesn't, it might be not-so-nice and take longer, but you will know for sure...and then in future you can know what to look for and what not to look for, and have your own template. (YOur template may even change with time).
  6. chi kung insight watned

    Thanks for your generous replies. Looks like the common themes here are reexamining my bedroom environment more thoroughly, working on my liver and internal heat, and using common-sense approaches to possible issues. The good news is, once ihave tried these approaches and methods, I feel I will not have to worry anymore. If somehow I still have difficulties, then its time to build a yurt/ buy a caravan / move out with the help of my old nemeiss - "Mr Master Card" (yeah,I've got my eye on you, buddy). Questions answered below. Good quetion. Probably not as good as yours Humidity could be an issue. 1. High-level Chi Kung is just that, chi kung which only needs 20mins but leaves me energised and fresh for the whole day, as well as feeling of internal force. 2. I remember clearly in one of Chunyi Lin's talks or articles he mentions how someone with a strong chi flow can transform the chi of whatever environment he spends regular time in. that's as much as I understand. I sleep in brushed cotton sheets on a futon mattress and only use enviro- laundry liquids. Unfortunately, not now in Australia here in the cold part. Good thoughtsw, unfortunately, no friends near where I live - I've moved away from them into the rurarl area aboiut 20mins out of town. I did not know about wooden flooriung, thanks. -No -Yes, I had them serviced recently -Really stuffy nose in the morning, but that's it, and that's usual when I sleep indoors most places. Pillowcases are cotton and cleaned regularly. Temperature might be another thing to remind myself of . I noticed that, sometimes I overestimate how much warmth I actually need, i.e, blanket versus sleeping bag. So, the most important thnig fopr me is to try these things in a relaxed way, otherwise I will become obsessive, and waste my time worrying over unnecessary details. Best wishes, Ls
  7. chi kung insight watned

    Hi zoose, Absolutely, thje good news is I am fully energised throughout the day from chi kung, and then some. IO'm not sure why you mention doing chi kung in a willy nilly fashion. Nor am I sure what yoiu mean by "if it were that simple everyone would be a master". What does practicing high levle chi kung have to do with being a master? How will having dry eeyes conflict with what you suggest? Thanks for your kind offer of help. Best, ls
  8. chi kung insight watned

    Hi everyone, I tend to wake up with irritated eyes, and am unsure exactly why. Basically, I am practicing high-level chi kung, and living a good, healthy, balanced lifestyel, so feel confident my daily life is not detrimental, but supportive. So for me, this narrows itd own to somehting in my bedroom environment. I have done the following to improve it: -thoroughly cleaned with a damp cloth, all walls and ceiling, then painted the walls. -Removed all carpet and replaced it with a wooden floor made of pine. -Repositioned all the furniture differently to before but still in line with feng shui priniciples -Introduced more air-filtering plants (about 6 now) -Burnt white sage and smudge sticks ...But I still might wake up with sore dry eyes as though thjey are irritated to something. I am pretty sure its not an allergy to any of the furniture, or plants. That means the only thing left, is that I have a possible allergy or low tolerance to the concrete walls or paint. But allergy testing is extremely expensive, and mor eimportantly, I can't remove the walls! (But might be able to strip the paint). In any case if its an allergy, or any weakness, shouldn't my strong chi flow eventually overcome it? They sayt hat your chi can eventually transform a living environment. The only alternative left is to slelep with an industrial gas mask on, with eye goggleson my face. So, any other approaches or insight would be appreciated. Beast, ls
  9. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Lol at Kikkoman And argument clinic (brings back a vague memory..)
  10. Haiku Chain

    Long live the soap bar! The place is cleaned out fridays I don't want no scrubs
  11. koans are fun with lions?

    I don't know. Brilliant.
  12. Haiku Chain

    Panic when he does Go manic and when the gloves Fly off a lemon
  13. Need Help and Advice

    HI timelessness, YOu sound like a kind-hearted intelligent person. If you focus on your own positive aspects, you may naturally attract the type of person that is right for you at this moment. I would like to share my views. It may be important to differernetiate between sex and lovemaking. Sex is a term for the physical process of intercourse. Love making means making love. Love making should be natural, spontaneous, when it is between two people who genuinely appreciate each other. I know it probably sounds cliched but its true. I believe you are also making love when you stare at a beautiful tree and appreciate it for a moment (with your pants on haha). The are also other ways to experience love, and for me, being in a relationshiop is not the "be-all and end-all". So it might be important to shift your focus in several ways. Also you need to forgive yourself for the past. And let it go. It may not be necessary to worry about when and how you mastrubate or who or how you have sex. If you want to improve your sexual performance, it might be a good idea to avoid consciously ooking at pron or obviously arousing images, unless you fee it is healthy. I hope what I am saying makes sense for you. Best wishes. ls
  14. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Hahaha nice food pyramid hat turtle shell. Made up a story with my son, he loved it. Granted, his contributions were basiclaly that the animal heroes "farted", but seeing him laugh aty his own imaginative input was enough for me hahah. South Park making fun of Rob Scneider always cracks me up,l hahahahahaaaaaaa. "Rob Schneider is a stapler" "Derp de derrpp da tiddllyy tum" are classic.s
  15. Haiku Chain

    music to my ears, nothing tao appears, except, A quiet lemon.