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I am not certain how to approach. I feel a bit wary. I came here once a long while ago and it was particularly vicious.


I approach this as with the Healing Tao Forum to learn through sharing. I am not interested in fighting with anyone over what is right or wrong. My time is too valuable and there is enough of this in the world- and my mind- to not let it take over.


I am in a lot of personal external change stimulating a lot of internal change supported and more than likely ignited by my practices.


I can use all the support and wish to support others honest enough to be vulnerable. barry

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Hi Barry.













Laozi: "Dao De Jing": 81st chapter

Honest people use no rhetoric;

Rhetoric is not honesty.

Enlightened people are not cultured;

Culture is not enlightenment.

Content people are not wealthy;

Wealth is not contentment.


So the sage does not serve himself;

The more he does for others, the more he is satisfied;

The more he gives, the more he receives.

Nature flourishes at the expense of no one;

So the sage benefits all men and contends with none.


Don't let it get to you, don't fight back. People get tired of bellowing into a vacuum.


BTW. I haven't been here long enough to give an official welcome. But I understand your sentiment. :D

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