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  1. Wandering Dharmabum says Amitofo :-)

    [ I'm a priest of the Chan Buddhist tradition, and have always been a great lover of what seems to loosely be termed "philosophical Daoism". I'm also a psychotherapist and am interested in applying meditation techniques in a Western therapeutic context. Welcome. The best blending of meditation and psychotherapy along with the body is what Phoenix Rising Therapy has been training people in. Personally I have found it very helpful and accessible.
  2. Hello and Some Dithering

    I'm trying to learn about Taoism and Zen and other Eastern ideas because I'm interested in it and because I am preparing to teach a class on the influence of Tao and Zen on literature (Emerson, especially), for the first time, to high school seniors next fall. At some point, I'll start a thread asking for ideas. Perhaps begin a meditation practice yourself, if you haven't already, as preparation. GO into the ALLness and meet the mind. I always thought a big part of those Transcendentalist guys was walking in nature. Look forward to the ideas when you ask for them...b
  3. I have noticed in my own practices I am being led down an unfamiliar path of what can only be described as self soothing. Perhaps strengthening my own earth element. I wonder how you self soothe? How do you really take care of yourself when under stress? I mean really....not draining through distraction but soothing you?
  4. The site says to just ask...I am...
  5. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "(Meditation) supports are often likened to a raft. You need the raft to cross the river, to get to the other side; when you get over there you leave the raft behind. That is an interesting image, but in experience its more like the raft gives out on you in the middle of the river and you never really get to solid ground." Pema Chodron
  6. Short Intro

    I am not certain how to approach. I feel a bit wary. I came here once a long while ago and it was particularly vicious. I approach this as with the Healing Tao Forum to learn through sharing. I am not interested in fighting with anyone over what is right or wrong. My time is too valuable and there is enough of this in the world- and my mind- to not let it take over. I am in a lot of personal external change stimulating a lot of internal change supported and more than likely ignited by my practices. I can use all the support and wish to support others honest enough to be vulnerable. barry