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  1. What is the Average Age of a Tao Bum

    I have shared very little, but find some many thoughtful people here. I am mostly quite here but always reading. Long time practitioner of Chi-Gong and Taoist forms of meditation. Inspired from Mantak Chia back in the early 90's but have more recently gone to Michael Winn's retreats in North Carolina. Also very much like Damo Mitchell's vibe and would love train with him someday. 44 times around the Sun as of Oct 2012
  2. Suggestions for Music to Meditate to.

    I always meditate in silence but I do love music and have a very large collection and the first musician that comes to mind if I was to listen would probably be any of Brian Eno's ambient music like: Ambient 1: Music for Airports, or Ambient 3: Day of Radiance, the B side simply titled Meditation 1 and 2 are beautiful tracks. Also Thursday Afternoon is one track that is 61 minutes long. Ambient 1 Ambient 3 Thursday Afternoon 3 Classics by Eno Best, Damon
  3. Sex and Karma

    I know that I have different levels of emotional echos or residue from past lovers/girlfriends. Some still strong others I hardly remember. I do think that at least for myself certain lovers are more "karmic" in nature therefore the lesson to learn was different. But I don't believe all sexual relationships are karmically bonding. Maybe it has to do with soul chemistry and initial intention for engaging in sexual actives with these different woman. D
  4. Short Intro

    Hi Barry, I feel very parallel to what you said. Welcome!
  5. I am Cameron and I am a Taoaholic..

    I like to think of a balance between dedication to a practice (or spiritual system) and no expectations of results (faith) would be a big key to really moving along that path. It's so easy it seems over time to lose perspective as to why you originally started these practices. I feel it about really staying in the moment and accepting what comes. And of course our purpose can change over time as to why or what we are trying to get out of these practices. I am personally going to be heading out to NC for Michael Winn's classes in June. I really do like the detail of Winn's style I see him as a great innovator of these internal alchemy formulas. He has done a lot of traveling and studying from many different teachers and has really gathered all of this and has sort of made his own sub-system out of it. Understanding the creative process in these practices is very important, not being too rigid with a system but at the same time respecting the system and following it's course. I am just getting back into it after 20 years of not practicing. I do feel a much deeper sense of connection with all of this now that I am a bit older. I think all of these systems (Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist ) are good. But I really do like the whole earth/heaven balance concept in these Taoist systems. And the way that sexual cultivation is a nature part of this system. I know other systems incorporate these practices but they seem more complex and or obscure in the essence of what they are teaching. Perhaps they too will evolve into more simple systems as time moves on.
  6. Sexy Beijing

    Quite fun.
  7. Introduction

    Thank You !