Ma Nithya Sudevi

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This lady has lots of good points, and also some that I don't buy into... to me enlightenment is not exactly a gift given since it is always already there, thus one does not exactly take it or accept it without also both working and surrendering (and finding key help to do so) everything that is also there blocking or covering it... and in that is a very high price to be paid, namely all our karmic debt and mental and emotional stuff that does not just float off into la-la land, thus we have debts which stick to and are passed along to every "version" of ourselves until such is paid off one way or another which includes an un-measureable measure of grace to help when we have also done our part - then the potential and true self is freed-up to manifest in the universe.


The blog is very long and it looks like there is some good info in it.

Then again if she is an Oshso-ite I'd run not walk away.

Good fortune to you T.S.

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I found this youtube video about how to decalcify the pineal gland from "Ma Nithya Sudevi".


She thinks the pineal gland is located between the eyebrows!



She is calling the pineal gland the anja chakra..





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