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    I think's-it's the Cabal!!!-RUN!.,-Tom.Berlin.Shrapnel.-U_A/.,-

    I'd hate to think you'd been HiJacked!-Tom.B
  3. Is it known in any teaching?! - Maybe Don't send me a message! GP.- Understanding - now.- Moreso- a "Master".- of Things Occult/Esoteric.-!!!!!!!! The theory would be this.- Master invents techniques.- across lifetime.-!s.- Does experiments.- Maybe has "2 or more" - (re)-incarnations at the same/two points at once.---> of time.- Exactly.- Maybe I was Jebia.-himself! From Tunisia.-Then EDGAR ALLAN POE in the distant future.- but someone else! at.-THE SAME TIME.-! From.a"Higher Place" perhaps.!This seems likely.- to put someone's mind at [email protected]# Maybe not everyone .- who THINKS IT's THE 2nd COMING IS CRAZY!!.-U_A.,
  4. The Diary of a novice Taoist (Open for everybody)

    True path of least resistance!? -Affirming.- daily.- as much as possible foR the Long run!.,- "I am free from ALL POTENTIALITIES for Undesired/-Wanted Resistances in All Areas of my Life,".- ! tailor to fit yourself.,UA.-T.b.s.!
  5. fear of women. and a recent dream.

    Integrate Black Moon Lilith;; - through meditatiOn.-/or AnGER-catharsis,as Peaceful Acceptance as possibleWHATEVER.- and,,don't fear a Woman ever again. Unseen_Abilities.
  6. Fake enlightened teachers

    The OP.-"This teacher is a multi millionaire, (just like how Rajneesh was in the 1960s in USA)."- doesn't seem like (although I am NOT A BUDDHIST.!.0)( buddhist forum and everything..) a valid argument for touting them as fake!!! A cultivated teacher/master of ANYTHING mystical/spiritual (with Siddhis/powers) would, to me, have, or be able to have any amount of dollars they like, without any egoic attachment to it whatsoever....a Master is a MASTER after all! I just don't think that is a valid argument!! Otherwise, get lucifer the false light out of the internet,malls,.temples.etc.Unseen_abilities.
  7. Me channeling static/white noise.(CHAOS MAGIC!/Clearing/Purge.).U_A/

    (please delete double post.or leave as is for ambience.)
  8. You couldn't be more wrong!. Here at "Different Reality to You.sorry..." it might seem that way at, forgive me - projections on to me from your own mind.though I'm still finishing up some big clearings! So the energy has been EXTREME.-projections this, anyway that..- how is it unreadable? A few sentences: It's hard to understand how there are so many problems in the world.but is it not THE Kali Yuga - Age of Destruction -right now too? The Lilith in Scorpio isn't Tao.but - at the start of my life - problems. Tao.-T.b.S/U_A.
  9. The injustices of the world...openly -I'll just make what I've wanted to make.,it's not 'Positive' or 'Negative'- just 'Better' than 'Satan'.-thrash metal is usually 'Evil' - lotta guys go into,Satanic Magic and Symbolism without really seeing a way out of it all if they want to go live, for example - I don't know how many even think about stuff.. /brUtAlz.!.The works are weird..neither 'X' or 'Y' in terms of Magic....depends if you're a devil Would the world be the same without Satan around, trying to screw everything up for everybody?! For real, no! Therefore..Dao.- t.b.s.-kill Satan..do they (problems of the World) have to continue? Is having a World without problems 'Right'???? Does it really make a difference today?Doing 'Raise Awareness'/Activist vibrations really isn't my top priority, but at the same time, does Mass Procrastination of "Fixing 'our' Problems" stop every one living in "Health, harmony and peace"? Here's the thing, is a Paradigm (archetype of sorts) of "Health, Harmony and Peace" good to everyone really? If we don't understand the "mechanics" of'World Peace'today en masse..is that really possible?? Any way you look at it.does World Peace REALLY just mean no one is Screwing Up everything with Baalam/Luceferic rites designed to make us all go to war and Shoot/Kill each other?? Kali Yuga,right? Are 'we' headed for Ultimate Cataclysm any way you look at it? Hail Immortality Tao.practise. Where's World Karma at these days?? Is a Black Metal guy...is a Lilith- in Scorpio about to Kill everybody for what's been done to them in life??Hopefully not in imo.but it would be pretty easy to get lost there Without a path of Some kind to take..Does 'Lilith in Scorpio' person 'Rogue Thrash', with 'Nothing Against You' but 'Don't take action against us' attitudes..act! Take us on! But don't really believe we had to 'Show Our Six Year Old Niece'!Good Rogue, don't show my ATASN demo to your niece I guess,but you could too probably, maybe not the 'Coy Diva' clip later.dao! (but hey, personally, this Lilith in Scorpiodude is estranged anyway,..I won't be near my brother or sister any more - nieces/nephews.etc? Nope..*shakes head*Tragedy.*wants back briefly..accepts.For Thrash! Roguue . However it is so..Tao wisdom wrong for this morning - kind of clearing Illuminati karma! Atrocious energies...beyond belief - ATROCIOUS!/.Thanks rainbowvein. Is going to 'War' - Spiritually.'Energetically' something you agree with? Tao? 'The Art of War' or 'Personal Peace' - all day long, even..Unseen_Abilities.
  10. The other hour I made a post in Nikolai1's thread 'The two types of seeker' - OF COURSE NOT!/re: Do we have to go REAL DEEP to 'be where we want to be'/as I put it? It's ambiguous.should we go real deep? Into what, as an explorer - where are the covert symbols in the minds of everyday people? The online project I'm doing..won't be trying to 'Control' the minds of people - I just do thrash.and movies of various 'ARTSY.m8' (Aus lingo 'round the streets where I live.,in,like.fairly regular Australia eycuz.!) sorts/will I talk about DEEP.SPIRITUAL THINGS, though? I want to, at some point or another, some points and others.!! I'm really just curious after making the post in Nikolai1's thread..do you think people DO have to go deep in their practises?s.Your thoughts on the common PERSON,.-Man, Women, Child, in these times?!?? To think people 'should' or 'must' enter very deep thinking/even contemplation of life, death, the satanic conspiracy ideas.is not something I really "agree" with..you should have the freedom to choose imo, but Would the World be BETTER IF everyone does a daily Qigong routine before getting ready for 'School', 'Job', 'Time Occupier X.Y.Z' etc. Should everyone go really deeply into everything? Unseen_Abilities.
  11. The two types of seeker

    Thinking back to when I would visit an/the odd group or three - really, probably.!/there are many many different kinds of people though...-there's likely never-ending disputes between people of all races, genders.sexual preferences.what have you? there's no black and white/! the endless blend of difference across all life - Esoteric/Mystical/Spiritual.and others! Why does my own 'Religion' of Art/Music allow THRASH Dao/Christ-like Energy."badass" take on life and reality.!. Where as a Gnostic Christian might like only White mAgic.! -making him, perhaps...closed.in a sense, to other people? Even though non-allownace (unconsciously, even.- do we ALL have to/seek.REAL DEEP EXPLORATION of our lives to be where we want to be? OF COURSE NOT! Taoists - are you A TONg LONg TAAOO!GINGShhhRAWWWW!! kind of guy or a mellow, peace-seeking Tai Chi Chuan practitioner? Abstract perhaps, but are your local Gung Fu Sifu's even 'Spiritual' most of the time?.Unseen_Abilities.
  12. A BEST Kyokushin Manual/Book - advice?

    U_A wrestled in the Jungles of Indonesia in the cult! Pencak Silat?!>?! How do i go those places these days!?Alchemy/!.T.b.S=/-U_A.thx Nungali for the wisdom!./t.b.s..Tom.berlin.Shrapnel.!!.
  13. A BEST Kyokushin Manual/Book - advice?

    N-byne.Foxtrot alpha.,nungers.code Word-conCubensa/.Concubine1,the Alpha is in!.Nungers.s.unseen_abilities.T.b.S..T.pyne.Re-wIn.T.pyne out.
  14. A BEST Kyokushin Manual/Book - advice?

    How does it look intuitively, Nungaliey?!?Typing intuitively will produce a different result than typing lOgically.! Try it!! U_A..dodgy-ryu1?!! Typing types out the devils! Type on,Nungers.T.b.S/-U-aa.,Tom,berlin.Shrapnel.,