New Neigong Teacher/Book/DVD/Resource Alert Thread.

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If news of neigong teachers , their books and dvds, etc. interest you, then subscribe to this thread and contribute to it if you can. :)


Please don't post updates of newage teachers talking to grasshopper demon aliens through crystals and whatnot, I intend this thread to be for discussion of serious teachers and resources.











My main goal for being here on thetaobums is to try and keep an eye on news of new neigong resources.


To be honest I don't really want to stick around here more than I absolutely have to, as the nonstop arguments really ruin any hope of enjoyment this place could possibly offer.


I'll be subscribing to this thread and I'll try to bump it every month or so.









If you want to argue I ask kindly you start a new thread as you'll be spamming everyone who has subscribed to this one.

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What a spiffing idea! Information only and no desultry exchange of opinions. :)



Tom Bisio





Bagua Circle Walking Neigong: The Meridan Opening Palms of Ba Qua Zhang


Nei Gong:The Authentic Classic: A Translation of the Nei Gong Zhen Chuan



Bagua Concepts Vols 1-3

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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful

This is not a How-to Book


By Mike Weller on July 19, 2012

Format: Paperback Amazon Verified Purchase


This book has lots of anecdotes about "incredible powers" one may achieve with neigong. If anecdotes about past masters are what you are looking for, this is your book. If on the other hand you are trying to advance your internal energy beyond basic qigong exercises I would advise you look elsewhere.


Yes, many neigong terms were used throughout the book, and no, I didn't see any description of how to achieve the various techniques (e.g. microcosmic orbit).


I wanted a how-to book, I'll be looking elsewhere.




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