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Stonehenge, anyone ?

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I was there... I actually prefer Avebury. It's less crowded and you're actually allowed access, as opposed to the Henge which is kinda blocked off...

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Stonehenge . . . home of the Druids. No one knows where they came from . . . or what they were doing.



Where the Druids dwell!

Where the Banshees live--

and they do live well!


Sorry, I'm too much of a Spinal Tap fan to resist! : P


Actually, there are lots of amazing pre-Roman ruins (Celtic and otherwise) here in Galicia and in northern Portugal. So far hordes of hippies haven't overrun any sites and forced the gov't to rope them off.


Here's one of my favorite places, known as the "forest of altars" on Mount Facho:


It's actually Roman-Galician (i.e. an assimiliation of Roman religion with the indigenous one), but the place has an amazing, primeval power for me, if only for the natural setting, with a view over the cliffs of the Atlantic Ocean and various islands on one side, and green hills on the other. Just don't think of the original _Wicker Man_ while you're taking it all in.



Really, who needs Stonehenge when you can experience the great Amuhrican innovation of FOAMHENGE ?

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just goes to show you how truly tapped in to the natural power of things that ancient western religions truly could be. Could christianity have had anything to do with the dissapearance of these religions? I think so but then I follow the one actually responsible for the creation of Stone Hinge as well as many other undiscovered or destroyed religious sites and gateways. The Celts were truly the Taoist of the ancient west.


Morrigans Blessing on all of you

And may nature welcome you back as she let you walk free

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Hello tao bums ~


I wrote up a little piece about a spirit adventure I took to Ireland a few years back. I was called there specifically to work with five stone circle sites in the deep SW of the country. I thought you might enjoy hearing about what happened on the journey! The stone circles most definitely serve a purpose . . . in the grand scheme.




Last March I was guided to take a journey to Ireland, one of my ancestral homes, and to connect with five different stone circle sites in the far SW of the country. My guidance was to find these sites and enter into sacred ceremony with each which involved crystals, sound (didjeridu and toning), and meditation. Before going, I had not received clear information about why I was to do this or what would happen, just that it needed to be done.

So I took off on my own to Ireland after a family visit to Paris and Brugge. I had hand drawn maps of how to reach these circles, which I had copied off of a site which lists all known megaliths in the UK and Ireland.


I traveled in my rental car down to the Beara peninsula in the far SW corner of Ireland and began my search. I won't bore you with too many details of this journey, because I just want to get into words here my reflection of what happened through this work. Basically, I took a group of 20 Tibetan quartz crystals to each of the stone circles I visited and placed the crystals upon each of the stones in the circle in different patterns and combinations. Then, holding the request and intention to awaken and activate the stones, I played the Didjeridu through the crystals and into the stones ~ I literally felt the ancient stones begin to stir and awaken as this intentful energy touched them and moved through them.


I was receiving the message that part of my life agreement during this time was to activate these portals which had been lying dormant and mostly forgotten for the past several thousand years. I could ~feel~ that these stones are living beings, and are here for a very specific purpose. They are awakening now for a very specific purpose.


A part of my work on the planet at this time has to do with re-connecting the human realm with the realm of the Sidhe (Shee), the faery and elven beings. This reconnection represents a healing in the rift of humanity with nature ~ the faeries are very real and dwell in a realm which is vibrating just a bit faster than ours, which is why they are largely invisible. They can choose to lower their vibratory rate in order to interact with us, but this is not very comfortable or easy for them and they would rather we raise our vibrations to meet them at least halfway in this connection. These beings are our cousins, sisters and brothers on this planet and it is time for us to remember and return to our communion with them. Remember that they are extremely telepathic and sensitive beings. If you approach them with a clear mind, humility, a cohesive energy field of unconditional love, and a quiet heart, then it is likely that they will connect and communicate with you in some way. The chaotic human mentality which jumps around endlessly makes them quite dizzy and they avoid it at all costs. It is so important to become aware of our inner state at all times and to use the tools that so many masters have given us to return our spiritual energies to harmony and peace.


Breathing in, I calm my body and mind

Breathing out, I smile

Dwelling in this present moment

I know this is a wonderful moment


What the stones told me as they awakened was that they were put here by an advanced race in our pre-history and were programmed to awaken at this time of shift on the planet. Their purpose is multi-dimensional in nature, somewhat acting as Earth acupuncture needles. The stones receive the very high vibration of galactic energy which is beaming down on the Earth right now and transmute this energy into a form which can be integrated deep into the Earth's consciousness. They transmit this stepped-down energy into the core of the planet, where it mixes with the sacred Earth Qi and then rises back up into the stones. The circle then broadcasts this new frequency of galactic/earth energy out across the planet in all directions.


The circles also are representations to us today of the sacred group meditation circle. WE are as the stones, able to gather in circles and do this crucial work of transmuting energy for the Earth and out to all beings through our hearts. This is a responsibility for those of us who are here now, awake to the greater shifting taking place.


As these stones and meditation circles and celestial families broadcast this energy across the planet, the overall vibration is increasing. The stone circles are very closely related to the realm of faery as they are vibrational portals to their realm, as well as one of the means to raise humanities vibration to a higher dimensional reality. What I have noticed recently is a general increase in the awareness and reality of the realm of Sidhe. I see many people awakening to their elf and faerie natures, as many elementals are now walking the planet in human disguise. They are now awakening and remembering who they are, where they came from, and most importantly, why they are here. The message is that the time for hiding is over, and that now is the time for awakened humans to connect with the realms which surround them through the vehicles of sound, rhythm, laughter and love. Discover your trance and work within it. The portal lies within this ONE moment. This is the fulcrum point. Now is the time for the elementals, the elves and faeries wearing human bodies, and the starseeds who work so closely with the elemental realm to awaken within their bodies and open the inner door to the natural magic which is their birthright. The children know this already . . . they are trying to remind us, to teach us that we are connected to such a greater reality than we can conceive. Imagination opens the initial door, and Great Spirit does the rest.


So this has been my experience of this lineage work . . . I suggest to you all that you meditate upon your own Sacred Lineage. What are you connected with in your DNA, what lives have you lived and what worlds have you danced within? Call these aspects of yourself home, into THIS body, and welcome the wisdom and power of your multi-dimensional nature into your present moment life. Here it is. Here we are. What are we going to do with it?


And if you feel an inner pull to travel to one of your ancestral homelands, to place a crystal on a stone or to tone into a cathedral, then please follow that call. The activations are needed planet wide, and we are the only ones who are going to bring them through.


Blessings to you all, and any of your feedback is always welcome ~


La'naia A'ho,

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