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  1. do you have a garden?

  2. Looking for a long term serious retreat

    shambhala center in colorado has long-term retreats also vipassana has retreats, if you can stand it some zen master in tucson does retreats at the desert renewal ctr, but it;s a bit catholicy
  3. tea

    I found a tea place in eau claire! It's called Ingenuitea.
  4. Avatar (the movie)

    I really enjoyed the movie.
  5. Ramana's 40 Verses on Reality

    40. If it is said, that Liberation is of three kinds, with form or without form or with and without form, then let me tell you that the extinction of three forms of Liberation is the only true Liberation.
  6. Ramana's 40 Verses on Reality

    We're so close to finishing; just waiting for people to comment on 39 before I post 40.
  7. Ramana's 40 Verses on Reality

    39. Only so long as one considers oneself bound, do thoughts of bondage and Liberation continue. When one enquires who is bound the Self is realized, eternally attained, and eternally free. When thought of bondage comes to an end, can thought of Liberation survive?
  8. Ken Cohen is the real deal

    This is almost three years old, but still pertinent. Check out an interview I did with Ken Cohen: http://www.dirttime.org/2006/09/18/the-tao...with-ken-cohen/
  9. The Secret, is it BS? (Law Of Attraction)

    yeah, what freeform said!
  10. The Secret, is it BS? (Law Of Attraction)

    here it is: http://www.spiritualityhealth.com/NMagazin...les.php?id=1760
  11. The Secret, is it BS? (Law Of Attraction)

    He's a Rabbi who writes Spiritual Advice for the Wayside Traveler or some column like that. I keep trying to google it but all I can find is an article that makes reference to his article. Let me know if you find it!
  12. The Secret, is it BS? (Law Of Attraction)

    yes it is bs rami shapiro wrote a thing on this, i'm trying to find it...
  13. Top Ten Taobums of All Time

    omg, i forgot ian! and freeform.