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  1. omphaloskepsis (om-fuh-lo-SKEP-sis) noun

    Quite interesting I didnt even know that there are people to would conduct such actions enough to develope a means to desribe it. I will have to commit this to memory so I am not in the dark if I ever hear it agian, thank you
  2. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "Sta Ac Es Judica" Stand and be judged, this is a self quote but it is also a philosophy I hope you may find something in it as I did
  3. Anybody up for a full-moon fast?

    You may have given up your Celtic quest but it sounds like you havent totally given up the beliefs. As is tradition with the rebirth inheirnt in spring I too will kill part of my self only to have it reborn by fasting over the period of the full moon when Morrigans power comes strongest. I will be fasting for 3-4 days or until the full moon is gone and I will conduct multiple rituals such as reaffirmation of my quest and a rededication of my soul to Morrigan. So I will be joining you for the first part of your trial. I wish you luck in your fast and hope that you feel reborn at its end.
  4. Stonehenge, anyone ?

    just goes to show you how truly tapped in to the natural power of things that ancient western religions truly could be. Could christianity have had anything to do with the dissapearance of these religions? I think so but then I follow the one actually responsible for the creation of Stone Hinge as well as many other undiscovered or destroyed religious sites and gateways. The Celts were truly the Taoist of the ancient west. Morrigans Blessing on all of you And may nature welcome you back as she let you walk free
  5. What do you do with the pieces of a broken heart?

    It says so much on so many levels, what else is there to say but WOW
  6. What is the Most Important Thing?

    I have found myself asking this very question recently, if only I had know this topic was already here I never would have had to post mine as the initial paragraph of this post has answered me. I have found my answer and as a student of philosophy I can not believe that I didnt come to this conclusion sooner and with out reading it first. I thank you for your help and the answer... that the question is the important part not the answer
  7. The other day I started to watch a cartoon series on a well know website called Naruto. For those who are not firmiliar with the series, it is about a young boy who is going through training to become a ninja and all of the obstacles and quests he is confronted with along the way. But my question is this, while watching a particularly good fight sequence I found a couple of the characters tugging at something inside me, one was a younger female who had more or less given control of her life in every sense of the word over to a "rouge ninja", this girl viewed herself as having no meaning in life other than as a tool/weapon for her "master". At the end of the fight she gives her life to save him. The other character that tugged at me was the "master", he had spent years around this woman and when she died was confronted with the fact that he never showed any emotional attachment to her, but in the end he gives his life in a very valiant way to destroy a true evil and his only last wish is that he be laid next to her before he passes so he may see her one last time. Now I feel like he almost found a truly selfless act in the end and attempted to reconcile his sins, but did he die a hero or still a villian? And how do you feel about the situation the woman was in with her view? Do you side with her or agianst her? Finally my true question is am I silly for finding this tugging at my heart strings and almost illiciting tears as it is only a cartoon or have I truly found a representation for how a true hero can be and am justified in my feelings? For those of you who would like to see what I am talking about here is the link to the episode I was talking about. I am in no way advicating this website or the series I am discussing I just wish to provide better information about what I am discussing
  8. What is most important...

    Please dont take my restatement as an attack I just wished to better explain myself and possibly make a freind in this process. I also thank you for your warning and I will take heed and look for it. Once again I hope you can forgive me if you feel that I came off as aggressive. May Morrigan's light shine on your every endeavor Yours in peace
  9. What is most important...

    "How to find the things that you need to improve on yourself before you can help others attain Enlightenment? I have no idea, really, but I would check my motives first if I were you. Just the idea that you want to help people do something like that indicates, to me, based on extremly little information about you, that you should check your motives." - Soaring Crane My motives are simply a want to better the world through bettering myself and helping those around me to do the same. Perhaps I misstated, let me try it this way; I would like to be able to know that I am the best I can be before I feel comfortable enough to even be able to give others my help/opinions on their own path. I want to be able to spread knowledge not force a way of thinking. The Order I wish to found is nothing more than a grouping of minds with a goal of philosophical thought and bettering the world through bettering ourselves. Myself I find a certain code of honor that is a mix between Bushido and Chivalry appeals to me, as well as my Irish heritage ( my family came to the States 2 generations ago) bringing me a calling to Celtic believes. So please dont think I have some unspoken motive, I just wish to be able to spread knowledge where it is requested and apply it to myself more than anything. I thank you for your reply and I hope you can veiw me in a more positive light after this explanation
  10. The Anger within Leidee(s)

    When I was younger I was a little too closely connected to my anger, I got in fights at school, was a handful for my mother, even took a swing at my dad. I was sent to a shrink in the hopes he would help me figure out why I was angry an maybe a way to control my anger. Needless to say he didnt help much, I was diagnosed as someone with Uncontrollable agression and nearly commited to a local hospital. Thankfully I discovered sports, football, wrestling, lifting ect. After a couple of years I found myself thinking back on what it was that caused my anger and I realized, it wasnt so much that I was angry so much as I didnt have an output for my agressive energy. Since then I have noticed this aggresive energy in everyone but it is only those who dont have an outlet such as Triathalons or Football that have anger problems. The thing is we all have this aggresive energy and different things cause us to build up this force wether it be parents, childern or that idiot in the car ahead of us. No matter how we build it up we have to find a way to let a little out every now and then or it will build up to the point of explosion. So my advice is no matter what causes you to be angry just realize it is a different type of energy that we have to find a way to burn or it will become toxic. In doing this we connect to our anger and accept it instead of making into something that is and evil force lying deep within us that is not a normal part of ourselves. It is the Yang to our Yin of happieness ( please forgive the poor analogy). Take this advice and see if it works for you as well as it did for me, just remember that I was almost committed LOL
  11. Taboos

    I have only one Taboo wich I have come face to face with as I have served in the military. This being that I harm no living creature unless my life or the lives of others is being threatened. I have never been in said situation but it was a constant thought when you have a weapon at your hand constantly. I often had to ask myself if I were put in a combat situation if I could pull the trigger as it is usually shoot first or be shot. I still wrestle with this thought to this day and have yet to come to a conclussion as you would never know if your life is truly in danger if the other person never has a chance to do so.
  12. What is most important...

    I have come to realize I need to acheive much in the way of self improvement before I ever can begin truly considering founding the Order. The question I pose to you is what is the most important point to improve of ones self ? Is it the spiritual, the mental, emotional, physical, philosophical ect ? Please help me as I would love to be able to improve myself so as to be able to help others to find thier way to thier own enlightenment.
  13. What is it that you pursue?

    I can only speak on this subject in the lightest of terms as I myself am not Taoist I feel that what I have learned of Tao is that it is much like Philosophy as a whole, it is not the answer or conclusion that is important it is the journey. We must take what we have gone through and what others have gone through and learn from it and apply that knowledge to the world as a whole. There are no true right or wrong answers only different points of view based on personal experience. As far as your other commitments, especially the sports, you should look deeper into them and realize what it is you are really taking from them and giving into them. They should be part of your journey not something that gets in the way. But as I have said I have less right to speak on this subject than most so please take my humble opinions with a grain of salt.
  14. The meaning

  15. The meaning

    I am not a Taoist but I do appreciate the veiws and values, I am Celtic I define what I believe I am as a Shamanistis Druid. I chose the handle as I have come to see the symbol of the black rose as a symbol of something that can never be found but still is worth searching for, much like the end of a philosophical question. I have dreams of one day founding a society devoted to the pursuit of Chivalry and Philosophy and calling it the Knights of the Black Rose but until then I will be content to peddle my humble opinion on hear and learn from others