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  1. Facebook as a spiritual tool

    also have it. user name Two Trees, of course =D
  2. What are the right questions?

    This very process is exactly how I've arrived at this 'place'.
  3. MSG

    - ditto !!
  4. You never had a choice.

    At first glance of the early posts here, some memories surfaced. I will say that from experience in places of confinement, that concepts such as 'freedom' or 'free will' comes closest to Sean O's main focus here. What situations of confinement do I speak of here? Jail and forced relationships. Being forced to remain in a room with bars and an extremely controlled environment (even the activity of using the toilet becomes a big deal all-around) had this insidious and delusory effect on my entire constitution. It came from constantly showing the 3 C's ('calm', 'composed', and 'compliant') when most times I just wanted to lose all reason, perplex things with resounding pugnacity. Yet in a room mostly lit with flickering brightness, I found myself just closing my eyes and entering into a world of my own in quiet meditation. Because of the way that I carried myself and the respect I'd given other inmates around me, I was not bothered (definitely a good thing). I can definitely say with full understanding "I know why the caged bird sings". It is a liberation that cannot be touched by the forces that work against individual freedoms, the restrictive authorities that amass the entire universe. There is something inside every one of us that allows this space so that each may roam about in complete amenity, regardless of unpleasantness or restraint in the nature of our surroundings. It's just a matter of locating and tapping into it, forbearing to any interception of such. Even though I must also say that I cannot feel "freedom is empty", I can understand how some may believe so. When I was released and came back out into the sunshine, the air, and society, immediate relief rushed through me like downpouring rain. This (however limited) sense of freedom that was given at that moment was suspended in time, I could only smile from the deepest part of my being and send it out in infinite appreciation. To do as I wished again, without audience, restraint (handcuffs or guard), and humility; had to be the best thing I'd felt in regaining from absence in my life thus far. This regained freedom, which immensely amplified my appreciation as it should always be, regardless of privation; gives me its recognition with firm resolve. There's a few more posts on this thread I'd like to reply to, which will be done in good time. Fantastic topic, as always ... makes me think too much ... -Michelle THTT
  5. Hello Friends

    Welcome! Oddly enough ... these words you've expressed reminded me almost impeccably of the infamous SheepishLord of Chaos (Plato). Have these events you speak of perhaps brought you closer to the same mindframe? That'd be most intruiging, indeedy. Hmmmm ... things that make a continual appearance and never ceases to amaze me how much it changes one. A life of service ... this offers a most fantastic peek through the veil.
  6. i will be gone for awhile, perhaps forever

    But we're the sort who let the dust of ourselves decorate the canopy of forests in shadowy patterns. and what comes to mind this moment - the diversity of living. In company, or alone, there is a strength in all beings. I see the side-by-side trees leaning on each other, and feel more drawn to those who stand alone, holding fast amongst the storm. (and now for a serenade via Snodgrass & myself) : In the perspective of the heart, those loved by all, when they depart, take so much of us when they go, that, like nothing else known they grow. Larger when fleeing from the eye, till they invest the vacant sky, with their dear presence - an existence, lost in exponential distance: forever, and never are the same, however, Let soul, withdrawn, fill up the whole gap, role gone, goal gone, and regain control. Take care of yourself. Mayhap another day we'll cross paths along the journey ... -Michelle THTT
  7. New Here

    Begruben Sie, und hoffen Sie, dass Sie sich zuhause hier fuhlen sollen!
  8. Got Milk?

    Milk = disgusting. *gags* If I truly have to, I go with soy. And I have read all the warnings about soy, but do not try to be concerned with it much. I do not really consume enough of it, really. And it has to be a thousand times better than that junk. If you have ever been on farms where they are being pumped for milk, and bottle it up, the smell alone will deter you from it for life. It has a hint of fecal scent to it, mixed with many things that come to mind that I myself would never think about putting in my face ...
  9. Big mistake

    My, my ... what a mess. How fortunate we are that you dedicate yourself to working on this kind of thing! I was thinking as some of the new members were piling up, and I noticed some of the screen names they were using ... all I could do was scratch my head and laugh ... But there was a time a while back when I browsed through the extensive pages of members (I think is nearing 20 pages, what used to be 5-7 in the middle of last year, heheheh) and saw that more than half of them had never made a post at all (and some of them were members for quite a while in certain cases). So here is a suggestion of a person who is web-tweaking challenged: Perhaps you could send out a standard PM to all the members who have not yet made a post to see what their intentions are, even if they are just wanting to read, they could post an introduction, so that you can better gauge them for a genuine person who is interested in the Tao and not the ones who are just geared to proposing their enlarging products or various sneek-a-peek sites and the like. Give them an amount of time to answer, and if none, just delete. Would that be constructive, at all? Or just too much of a pain in the arse?
  10. Serious Offer

    Awesome. Now that makes total sense ... ripping through a basket of berries, how delightful! Perhaps you will post an updated photo in the Gallery section for us?
  11. Serious Offer

    It's stuff like this that is one of the main reasons why I do not get along with very many women. That, and oh yea - the ridiculous forays of competition that take place to stay dead-center as far as the limelight goes. Then again, from its start I saw where it was going ... lol ... not so opaque in nature, really. But I pretty much knew what P & M was going to say, and prompted because I was hoping the responses would be hilarious in contrast. I didn't think M's response would turn it around that quickly and "bring the fuzz to the forefront". At any rate ... stirring things up are the jam of life when things get stuck in too much seriousness. The thing is, a bit of humiliation had ensued from such, and that, my dear Watson, I'm not such a big fan of causing on my own accord. *sigh*. Teachings come from all over the universe, however ... gotta take it in stride and grow from it. Harry, your timing could not be better for this. From the first time I saw that avatar I thought to myself, "wow, that is pretty disturbing, right there." But then the thought came to me that if I said it, I'd feel bad because it could be a photo of darebak's child and therefore be offensive. Let's hope that's not the case. After a bit of time, I got used to it, and if it ever got changed, I wouldn't recognize ya anymore, darebak!
  12. All About Me

    I belive year 2012 will be interesting indeedy.
  13. post deleted

    Pietro! Not you, too! LMAO
  14. Happy Birthday Sean!

    Ha ha, Sean, I was thinking of doing the exact same thing 5 days ago for mine. But instead decided to climb out on that limb and go on a date for the first time in a couple years and watch the "300" movie. Wow, whatta great piece of work that was! Anyway, I hope its not too late to say that I wish for you many good happy warm things for your hatch day. -Michelle THTT
  15. post deleted

    Hmmmmm ... you also deleted your current avatar. *suspicious look*