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deci belle

Nameless State

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Nameless state

Causeless trouble

So near to heart.

Yet the learned, sensing ungraspability

Don't notice the familiar breeze

Because intellect can have no part in causelessness

As losing is relative to the tactile sense.

Unable to conceive of reality conceptually

Sense/intellect only has recourse to "loss"; grasping's pair.


Reality is ungraspability naturally so.

If you're lost here

What could you change

To make it look just like your habitual state?

Isn't it already so?

Do you "study" tao?

Who knows this?

Matching tao to your mentality is error.

What matches potential is not thinking function.

Simply do not choose;

Stillness and clarity

Arriving of itself

Is the root of spontaneity

Which is selflessness evolving

Without beginning even in everyday ordinary situations.


This is also the basic discovery in terms of absolute realization and entry into your own mystery of selfless nonoriginated ever-enlightening being.


When you are lost, stop.

If you go on changing places with things

Just because you know where you don't want (it) to be

Where will you end up in the end?

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This thread is a response to thelerner's painful concerns over the state of the Articles section that he titled in the moderation section as "I fought the poets and the poets won". His concern was articulated with honesty and sincerity and an utter lack of self-reflection. Nice title though! So, how old were you in 1966, thelerner? hahahaa!!❤ Who had that AM hit "I Fought the Law and the Law Won"?!! It is a clean-toned surf/texas-pop inspired song. I like it a lot!!


Serene Blue saw fit to bump some old anglo-egyptian threads to bury the trash going down here lately… but I also haven't ever seen any work from SB that stands on its own in the articles section, hmmmmmm.


What troubles me about thelerner's dis-ease is that it seems he wants to be entertained in a certain way and doesn't like it when an "article" is expressed in terms coined as "poetic license". As if Chuantzi used anything less to express the unspeakable. Really, mr lerner— your pain seems pretty cheap to me, seeing that you haven't gone to the effort to write a "proper" article in some time (if ever) yourself. Also, you didn't bother to see how I was doing… is this about you, dear?


It's ok, though, I had a good laugh at that thread in the moderation section and evidently that hosed your idea to (once again) suite the articles section to your liking. That was pretty shitty of you old boy.


I describe enlightening being in terms of the classics of taoism and buddhism in the most part, but I have a vocabulary rooted in the schools of Hermeticism and Gnostic teachings as well as shamanic wizardry. I see the classics' source— I don't see the classics as the source. This being at odds with the utter conceit of Chi Dragon's signature …"Study the true meanings of the Tao Te Ching by doing its translation into English." In academic circles the correct response to this is "balderdash and poppycock".



For those of you who are new to this forum, thelerner did this exact same thing to another poet. Remember that, dear? There was once a contributor to the articles section by the name of blissmusic who wrote beautiful works based on meditative states habituated to the purpose of comfort.


Blissmusic also sold CDs… perhaps some bums resented this. I'm sure others know more about it than I do.


Even though blissmusic's poetry was lovely, his fabrication of meditative states for the purpose of comfort was utterly escapist and habitually turned an effective but temporary expedient into a pastime amounting to recreational inebriation.


It's not a baaad thing, but this type of "practice" is simply not up to the rigors of everyday ordinary life— therefore it is ineffective and a waste of time. In the end it helps no one. It showed in real life inasmuch as when the moderators put all of blissmusic's work in one thread, his presence utterly ceased. That's what I call not being up to the rigors of everyday ordinary life.


Another thing about blissmusic's schtic was that he never had anything to do with anybody; never made comments; never varied his posts; rarely ever responded to comments, except to ask those interested to PM him to obtain the CDs he recorded of his music. That's ok too, but perhaps others know more about that than I do.


In closing I'd like to re-iterate a disclaimer I made after Marblehead derailed my first try to write the song with commentary of "End Game". My second attempt to write the "End Game" thread was subsequently pissed on thoroughly by et. That disclaimer asked those with the wherewithal to post relevant commentary to do so, otherwise desist.


Sinfest's post above is the lowest of the low. This kind of sarcastic post-pissing is pathologically passive-aggressive and so cheap— dang you lazy bastard! ahhahahhahahhahaaaa!!!❤

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...entry into your own mystery of selfless nonoriginated ever-enlightening being. :wub:



Dang if i said that?!!❤❤ I love it!! haha!!❤ But the wonder of it all is that it is true …so true my eyes turn bleu— thank you sso much for finding that gem, stimpy!




ed note: do quote thing less like an amateur.

Edited by deci belle

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