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Ambassadors of the Causeless

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Ambassadors of the Causeless



Since reality is neither absolute nor relative, not one, other, or both together


Conceptual awareness has no capacity for recognizing the inconceivable,


Only for wielding tyrannical doubt and relativistic machinations invincibly.


Sense and essence are naturally and mutually responsive


But it takes mystical union to restore uncreate potential within oneself


Where one finds awakening within nonbeing.


Returning, bliss fills the empty room


So what naturally forms a pair


Always has the potential for unity.


Effortlessly, before and after take their place


As mind rests on the breath of selfless evolution


Never failing to encompass endless changes.


Hovering in stillness, the celestial design coalesces a point in cosmic space.


Having always been aglow


The capacity for its changes


Lie in the the realm of the Changeless.


Those who know this do not sink


As they match the inexorable cycles of yin and yang;


Though they go along with creation


They are not subject to its changes:


Because they know the pivot of creation,


Therefore the immovable ride the ages of arising and subsuming conditions


As ambassadors of the Causeless.





ed. note: subtle changes toward a more alchemic presentation

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