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I can relate a little bit. Went from obsessed weightlifter to Qigong. Now you need money. I recomend learning the sedona method or release technique. For me personally if I just concentrate on Qigong - I become to stuck in my head and the rest of my life becomes unbalanced. Sedona Method releasing allows me to be the "observer". With "releasing" I find it opens up ways for the universe to bring money to me.

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big laugh makes us happy, right? welcome, DNB ... : )



Bride's special stage for her wedding. (bride & her sister)

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I am an Aspie [Asperger], coupled with Tourette's and OCD.


Childhood was fun...


I got beat up a lot by other kids [& my drunk dad]


So I worked part time when I was 9 years old, to buy books on weight training and martial arts. [and super hero comic books- I was to morph into the Hulk, someday :)]


I stayed in my basement and trained for 7 years.


Then no one bothered me, anymore :)


Fast forward - years later...


Herniated 3 discs in my lumbar - many medical tests revealed spinal deterioration, etc.,


Down the road, herniated more discs, in my cervical and thoracic.


News Flash:

I imagine, my overzealous and uninformed, haphazard 'training regimen' - aggravated said conditions.

...An unsupervised 9 year old, heavy machinery, duffel bag filled with dirt, Bruce Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger... what could possibly go wrong `heh


Back to my injuries...Went the usual lab rat medical experimental route... MRIs, Medicine, etc... The more doctors probed, the more stuff I found out - Arthritis, Stenosis, etc.,


Most of that time period is a blur to me, now




One day, as I was meditating - Full Blown Kundalini Awakening.


Either the spinal damage triggered it, or It Was Supposed To Happen

[i agree with the latter]


So, of course- everything changes...


I am doing various stretches, that 'come to me, in my mind' - to help my spine.


Later on, I find out I invented Yoga lol


Then, I am manipulating energy, with various stances - and find out, again, later on --I also invented Qi Gong [another lol]


I discovered, when I gave Shaktipat to others - My energy would flow stronger through my body [conduit], and I, personally, would heal more rapidly.


So everyone benefits :)


Along side my Qi explorations, I studied everything Occult and Metaphysical.


Magick, especially- as I was always a loner- so now I had 'invisible' adult friends.


...And, 'they' taught me, even more.


I 'invented' a lot of weird, unorthodox practices, & amazingly- they work very well [maybe I also invented The Dao?] :)


As a lonely child, I always had invisible friends, and I am certain- 'they' paved the way to help ease my struggles.



I was 4 years old and an old lady would appear in my mother's cabinet mirror and instruct me- she called me 'Thunder Boy'


Of course, years later- I found out I had also invented Scrying ;)


A few years ago, I wrote about 15 books on Magick Ritual- and released them online - for free, and I uploaded them to all the torrent sites. [many thousand downloads, later]


Altruism, my comrade :)


I always enjoy learning - but money and transportation is a tough one for me.


Going to seminars, and purchasing DVDs, and costly books- is always impossible. Having Qi instructors 'tweak me' at retreats- can not happen for me


[i always gave for free, and managed to learn, the basics - for free]


I sometimes become disheartened, when I realize, for most- their enlightenment comes in waves that are synchronized along with their budget.


Some DVDs are quite expensive. I know teachers have to get paid- but some are real pricey [like celebrities and pro athletes lol]



Anyway, I just wanted to briefly share, that we are all born with the toolbox and tools to fix anything.


Which is important, because when problems come along- and the only tool you own is a hammer- every problem,... starts to look a lot like a nail... :)


Thank you everyone for having me,


Namaste :)


P.S. [lol] If you spent the day with me, you would never know I was 'disabled'... Though some remark, my aura can have 'weird effects' on them ;)




I'd say that 8 out of 10 born yogis and 'holy men/women' are high-functioning autistics.


I'd say that 100% of these people are both with an active Kundalni from birth.


Those autistic genes are the ones which Gopi Krishna wrote about. I have collaborated with several

of the Gopi Krishna foundations on this, although this info hasn't been seen much daylight yet.


High Functioning Autism and Kundalini are joined at the hip. More and more autistics coming into this word;

more and more cases of spontaneous awakening in the world..


Of course kundalini awakenings are a possibility for many people autistic or not, once you know the

mechanics of it.


You my friend are in the golden kundalini phase; you are drunk on it.


But if you are happy there is nothing wrong with that. It can be a wonderful part of the process.


Others choose the silver phase.


Others take it even further.


I'm happy for you my fellow autistic brother.



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