Trauma and Energetic Weakness healing with EFT Matrix Reimprinting, The healing codes, Yuen Method and other

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Chris, effort is weak for you at mental level. It's like trying too hard to get to the answers.


Now that I've been doing this for a while (YM), I've noticed the answers come to me quickly with no effort at all (most of the time). Also, your ancestors and your spiritual experiences of struggling and using effort to resolve life problems, deleted. There's a weakness coming from the collective human consciousness around effort and people thinking they have to struggle to get results, deleted.


Thanks for sharing this info on the healing codes.

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Some more thoughts


Watching films often brings out a little sadness that some people like me dont experience much of haha..anyways irrelevant point basically one looks or sees situations where there is disharmony and sadness, anger, fear etc.


For example I used to hate watching romantic comedys, because some of the films made me sad, eg the topics about heartbreak etc or the film I just watched now, I noticed some sadness when this guy seemed to be getting used for his wealth.


So anyways I set my intention to heal the energetic weaknesses or memories etc and can change whole life behaviour patterns EXTREMELY quickly, I am just shocked at how quickly strong patterns of behaviour can just dissolve.


Ive done a lot around abundance and money etc, and strongly feel very different about the subject, many things are popping up feel more balanced to live life in a way that pleases my heart better. Also around taking action, sometimes with the spontaneous movement practices or listening to ones intuition, it can get a bit over the top and ever adhere to logic or wordly goals free of intuition, I dont know how many people have this issue, but I find this can be a bit of a disharmony too, to only adhere to intuition...hmm Getting rid of feelings like only taking action when my feelings say so, or feeling good/wise enough to take action, certain memories eg coming from war or school. Also I go to a few of close ones memories and work on them at the same time, it affects me anyways and I find out different energetic weaknesses such as realising that I have a weakness around fearing to make someone jealous or feeling that my success/abundance will make someone hate me or it is bad to make others jealous when it could also be good.


Also I have lots of conversation with trees in particular.


They actually gave me certain topics to heal in particular.


But today when I wad doing a lot of memory work and I came back.


I got a strong message basically like "dont do that stuff, it makes your energy unnatural, you need to have a very natural energy to connect with us, and to have natural energy now, ask us to heal certain things if you need or want"


I do like this memory healing so it made me hesitant, I would not think of such an epiphany by myself so easily.


But later I felt like It might be a temporary thing said to get me to think more in terms of keeping my energy very natural, i.e bring me to balance, eg do some memory healing etc but definately pay a ton more attention to keeping your energy natural, dont over do that stuff, you can do that stuff through nature too. Sometimes teachings or words are good for one person at a specific time especially since they seemed to tell me specific topic to heal issues on.


So I just ask trees to heal specific issues "Trees please help me with this feeling I have of sadness relating to rich people getting used for money" and I notice the same energy in the heart, perhaps there is more connection to nature their.


Plants and Mushrooms, Psychadelics like Iboga, Peyote and Ayuashca, not so sure about some of these I have a strong preference personally definately heal energetic weaknesses and memories. When I took peyote once I completely stopped drinking alchohol pretty much, apart from a couple of times a month later, and sips occasionally, my body just rejected it. People report similar effects with Iboga the ability to have drug addictions cured instantly, People who have taken Iboga report having memories of past lifes flash etc etc. The same is true with trees, trees can help with ones energetic weaknesses, some trees are very wise, powerful and loving and when you share your energy with it and open yourself open, it cant help but heal your disharmonies.






Other ways to connect with nature- Imitating animals, walking barefoot, connecting with waterfalls, rocks, mountains, rivers...whatever resonates with one, most of the people reading this thread already know this so sorry for repeating aha

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