Trauma and Energetic Weakness healing with EFT Matrix Reimprinting, The healing codes, Yuen Method and other

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**Disclaimer...This post is nearly two years old..



Heres two articles about Shame and how early memories and feelings from those memories affect our life..

So here's a technique that Ive been using called Emotional Freedom Techniques..which is like psychological acupuncture, it differs from normal Emotional Freedom Techniques because we think of the earliest memories associated with the painful ones and then tap on the child in that memory as if they are real..

Also I decided to put in Byron Katie's the work whilst interacting with the ECHO/Inner Child.

As well as using positive affirmation tapping after neutralising the emotion.

Once all emotions from the memory have been neutralised, you can change the memory and associate for example your best friend the feeling you may have from a best friend into the memory. You can also use the feeding your demons method of feeding your Inner child love and watching them change.

So you go to the memory you want to work on..which you choose either randomly or the earliest memory which is associated with a feeling for a particular challenge you want to overcome.

You go to the memory and talk to the Inner child, thank them for holding on to the pain, ask if you can tap on them, help them see things a little more clearly. When you get their permission, ask them what they feel, where they feel it, what kind of feeling it is, how strongly they would rate it out of 10 with 10 being the highest and what colour it is.

Then Use Byron Katie's- The work- Can I be absolutely sure this is true? What is silly about this belief/feeling? How do I react when I believe this to be true? Who would I be without this belief? Turnaround (opposite positive belief) and three examples to prove it is true (destroying the thoughts for the belief)

Then Ask to tap on the Inner Child/Echo whilst you tap on yourself- It might be easier to say- Even though "you have this feeling" whilst imagining tapping on the ECHO/INNER CHILD.

I dont know if I am doing this wrong but sometimes I spend half an hour just going through one emotion, I make sounds and I know feelings are being released, pain is coming out.

Once Ive tapped on all the points, I roll my eyes clockwise, anticlockwise, look left and down, Look right and down, count to five, sing a song, and count to five again..

I might then tap the positive affirmation twice on each of the points afterwards

I keep going on every feeling the child has even feelings like "I am only loveable if I am the most dominant, I am only loveable if I am successful or achieve, I am only loveable If I complete a challenge/pass a test"

Then we change the memory as before with the associating positive emotions to the new memory and feeding the inner child love whilst changing the memory..

Ive been doing this and noticed dramatic changes in my self expression, honesty, self worth, sense of power, sense of joy etc

However as sinfest mentioned in another thread I am feeling slightly dissilusioned by this because it feels like I must always be fixing my past, like I have a never ending amount of memories to heal, Im never good enough or healed enough, I must continue healing memories.. Edited by skydog
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Yeh I know about Eckhart Tolle it was the first thing I knew about all this stuff when I was 17 and Im 21 now, also Alan Watts/Osho etc etc


But the thing is there is a difference between "intellectually knowing" to be present and actually living in the present.


Theres certain things like spontaneous dancing/spontaneous art/walking etc which are cool.


Maybe your right..maybe I should go back to eckhart tolle...


So the essence of Eckhart Tolle is- Say Yes to the present moment, surrender to what is, being aware of your resistance to the present moment, concept of time etc


What I think though is that should I keep those pointers in mind like 1000 times a day?


Or be in a state of meditation...just being I guess its being aware of feelings, thoughts.


Also Ive heard strong arguments that Eckhart Tolle should have done a lot of healing on his own emotional traumas to be more of a human being..It seemed compelling at the

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Yes breath and breathing are intrinsically linked with meditation even for those who do not actively use the breath in their meditation practice.


As the breath slows, so does the experience of thinking. The number of thoughts experienced lessens.


Good luck and best wishes to you in your practice.

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A further updated version is to ask what feeling not anger, fear, shame, sadness, apathy, hate, powerlessness.


then tap on the feeling, and then ask what does the person feel now, and keep going a few times, then ask the child what they want to change, see what beliefs were believed, associate joy etc

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I wrote this a year ago but I feel that while I was a year younger this has a lot of wisdom, that might just be neglected for some reason.


Past memories definately affect current perceptions, emotions, belief systems. Changing and healing a few memories can irradicate diseases!


Now I do this sort of memory healing when a emotion comes up and I wonder where does it come from and I heal it as above but without tapping physically maybe on a mind level like virtual reality, kind of like yuen method except I know little about it. What matters is to change the memory in the matrix level as if the memory stays in the matrix level to some degree it will manifest as a weakness in the body. I also focus on good feelings and stay empty.


But of course you need to heal past shit in my opinion. No one sits in the corner of a room empty all their life, all their perceptions, beliefs, emotions influence their behaviour to either act like a rockstar or a powerless weak, person lacking in confidence full of past limiting beliefs and emotional baggage. If you have few emotions and negative baggage when someone attacks you, its not going to trigger that past baggage so one wont go all crazy.


To be honest I dont care how many qigong masters agree with me, or if I get paid, I know this works because I cry, laugh and my heart is healing as well as not remembering the memory anymore and viewing things with less baggage. Emotional healing can cause the brain to think a lot as it is probably rewiring but one can adapt to that and relax let go be empty or focus on good feelings. Also I find it is better to focus on good feelings and then be empty as this opens the heart, this is from my own experience, again I do not care how many people agree with me, but yet im sure until I develop communication skills or am perceived well not many people will agree with these words

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urge to delete

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So when one gets sensitive enough, learns to read energy, develops third eye one will realise their spiritual experiences.


One will develop very strong feelings that something in the past, future, parallel life or (other) happened in a certain way.


For example you may hear about someone's wife left them and this triggers some pain in your heart, upon further contemplation you feel that this happened to you, you ask when, and find out. You can change the memory and then change the beliefs that caused the event to manifest in the first place eg "I cant grow spiritually in a family" So that is rather interesting.


To test whether something is strong or weak, involves a level of sensitivity of ones heart or their emotions. If one thinks of something does it make you feel very emotional and like your heart clenches or is there no real emotion or heart clenching there. The first one usually means you are weak for something.


I was doing an energy drawing today (I will upload some later) and it was partly using animals and/or connecting to images that bring me joy. For example a ski resort, the idea of wealth. I noticed while I was drawing all kinds of beliefs and energetic weakness would pop up around financial abundance and struggle, for example "It is cool to struggle, people who struggle are more loved, if Im rich, I wont have any challenges and life will be a bore, If Im rich my kids will be spoilt" So what I do is I use the yuen method, or the healing codes to remove particular weaknesses. One can also allow the weakness to come up and shine their light on it to dissolve it. Some more beliefs may be around grounding..."oh I need to do so many hours of physical exercise a day to be grounded" This is a very ungrounding belief, and beliefs can have immense power.


So anyways back on the topic of past/future life memories one can use EFT Matrix Re-Imprinting, The healing codes, Yuen Method, Violet flame meditation. Whatever works so long as the image or memory does not make one weak anymore.


For example. I had a memory of being an old lady who's daughter (my mother) abandoned her at old age, this triggered a lot of trauma in my body, then I asked why did this happen, got an image of me doing something like (breaking her toys) at a young age, Then I asked why did that happen then it was because of anger towards my mother as a young girl in that lifetime, and sadness for a friend in that lifetime who stabbed me in the back. So sometimes when I remove the pain with EFT Matrix Re-Imprinting (very powerful but may require time to recover from) it is still there, because there are other memories associated with it. Now all of a sudden when I think of my mother or there is a situation those painful emotions just arent there, its almost like a shock, like where is that emotion. I find removing a whole memory to be very powerful because a weakness may come back if the memory is not deleted.r


Or perhaps I have some kind of memory/vision of being on a planet thats close to being destroyed, or falling down a cliff, or falling and about to die. During those experiences, one will go very severe trauma if one has certain beliefs about death, about the need for the world to contiue (typical hollywood style). It is quite interesting. One can try to remove fear of death on some logical level, but this seems a pretty powerful way to actualise it, because you reimprint yourself to have different beliefs at that time.


I use my intuition and play around with the matrix reimprinting, I may tap a positive affirmation, remove a destructive belief, or atral projection healing, perhaps using the healing codes on that particular memory.


So healing memories like this I did 9 past/future/parallel life memories on two days this week took me like 10 hours, , I think the brain and energy system totally rewire. SO this is normal.


The memory does not have to be 100% correct, if the image or idea of the memory makes one very weak emotionally, there must be similar memories. So by healing one memory one heals similar ones.


Doing this yourself can be difficult for some, but personally I find it very empowering to know I can deal with certain things, and face the pain in the eye, it also allows one to put oneself in the shoes of other people, and increase their compassion and understanding of their self and others.


It will take a while to feel natural again, so IMO one may decide to do this kind of thing once a month or two months, and spend time doing more natural kind of practices....Its kind of a go back to go forward possibly.


Also some people may have a spiritual addiction (for lack of better word) Their human body is so full of trauma but during meditation they are so light, so they ignore the world and concentrate on the light, but if one can also lighten up their physical body then they will get the best of both worlds, not needing to numb oneself with meditation and energy to avoid the pain, because there is nothing to numb.


Once one has removed the traumas from this life they are known to then start to work with spiritual experiences, past lifes, future, dreams, imagination etc. So one may have dealt with the trauma from childhood but constantly be connecting to war pain for example. If one is connecting to war pain, it seems like the world makes this manifest, because it is in the energy system, so this is karma in action. Also the law of attraction is much more powerful without negative memories and emotions.


Also past, future, parallel lifes are all happening now, and subject to change, when one changes the memory one could possibly change the past/future. But thinking of it in terms of "my future/past" can make the ego quite strong and dominant, perhaps one step back, two steps forward.


Obviously it can be quite an ego enhancer knowing your past/future lives etc but I view it as a gift that is given to me as a form of help (and yes Im sure certain abilities are almost given or taken from you as gifts). In an intuitive class once we had to do an exercise on sensing the gender of others we couldn't see, I didn't have a clue when it came to this, but when it came to predicting others futures etc, this came much easier because I had intended this to happen, so If one feels like they want to heal in a very powerful way it takes intent.

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So think of it like this.


Most people who are criminals, mentally ill or addicted to drugs, alchohol, work, sex, obese etc


Usually have extremely traumatic childhoods.


When one dissolves the memories which produce the pain, there is no pain there anymore.


One will cease to complain or even think about talking about how bad their life was, such thinking fuels a lot of ego pain, like its cool to have a bad life.


One simple, taps on the person in the memory/memories associated, perhaps remove beliefs, add new ones then changes the memory to something positive


I am very sensitive to energy, and the effect on my body is extremely strong.


Parents is always a good topic to start with, as it is said that childhood is where one learns most behaviours from.

One can do it for things like death, killing others, school, friendships, relationships, the opposite sex etc.


In my opinion, this lifes memories can be extremely powerful.


But what about healing past/future/parallel lifes.


Yes one may heal memories or imaginary memorys, a child may see something and interpret the event completely differently to what happened which caused faulty beliefs and lots of pain.


Same can happen in past lifes.


In fact, Ive been working with past lifes for parents, or at least the "role" of parents, only know a few memories with actual parents in.


And the effects are pretty huge.


Where there should be a giant ball of pain in my body that someone can push, has transformed to flowing, white light, there is no pain to trigger, its like 30-40% of pain related to certain issues has just vanished. Co-incidentally this actually transforms the world.


Tibetan Buddhists, and shamans, carlos castandea, journeying etc are known to work with these issues, Buddhism, Qigong, Hinduism, originated from shamanic roots in my opinion, words, labels, mean the same thing, it is not "new age crap"

SO the Dalai Lama was the Dalai Lama because of Past lives, the Buddha had great karma because of past lives, someone was an artist in many lives, now he finds art easy, someone was a murderer in many lives, and she suffers being murdered in this life.


I wonder if when people talk of spiritual potential, one can change their karma completely. I am an idealist, in a positive sense I like to think, (and negative too haha) I like to think ANYTHING is possible, I dwell on the side of anything is possible, rather than "realistic" which imposes limits in my opinion. I like to think any illness can be removed, anyone can be enlightened, so if one removes memories, and lives very virtously, which (can help one live more virtously) that is the difference between someonne who can gain enlightenment easily and one who cant.


A mentally ill person will not meditate easily, take way childhood traumas, there more normal, take away past life memories there very peaceful, Neutrality means there is just peace, stillness, calm, no thought and and when a strong energetic weakness or past pain comes it is so heavy it can often have the power to take one out of the neutrality.


I think when people assume meditation solves everything they are being idealistic, if ones family, friends died, tell them to meditate? Instant peace right, relationship over, meditation? (at least non contrived meditation would not work IMO)


Its like going to a party and all your friends are there, and you know everyone, and are having fun already, how easy is it to be "neutral there"? versus, you dont know anyone, youre alone, and you just had an argument.


Physical illnesses are emotions turned inwards. Rarely does a physical illness get healed super quickly by meditation alone, neither does a strong say (financial belief system) I find beliefs, memories, emotions, karma effect these things.


SO anyways past life stuff is powerful, but I dont know how to connect.


Here is a prayer from "the healing codes"

"I pray that all known and unknown negative images, beliefs and destructive cellular memories relating to me having knowledge in order to heal my past lifes and any trauma be found out opened up and healed by filling me with the love life and light of god, I also pray that the effectiveness of this healing be increased by 100x or more."


It is not neccessary one believes in "a special god" but it works, try for 5 minutes, 3-4x. If your third eye is relatively open you will receive memories, you may even find yourself channeling exact instructions and details of memories as I did haha.


Spirits kind of dont like this idea (at least some of them, some of the time), they suggested that like most shamanic rituals, I need to give something in return for this (kind of cheat) so I had to write down many kind things I would do in terms of extreme kindnes(and theres the part I sound crazy, Im channelling now hahahaha


So yeh, I do not claim to be guru, Im 22, with a lot of work to do, although I do attain what Indians call (samadhi frequently) I would not propose you align with my energy or some nonsense, although why not, but deleting and healing memories and beliefs ie extremely powerful.


So this can really help one to be more grounded too, as the lower chakras are related to trauma. Removing trauma helps one become very grounded, I feel very grounded after this...much more at least.


I offer anyone who wants to know more about this, a chance to now how to do this, or I can read your past life memories and heal them. Also as far as I know clarity and chris D have great ability and insight in such matters.




Oh yeh some links.


peace again

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WHat is being grounded


Being grounded is when the lower chakras are not blocked


The lower chakras relate to ones place in the world












desires and passions.




One can focus on these topics for a few days occasionally using the healing codes to do a mass healing and find the weaknesses then the yuen method and eft matrix reimprinting for specific memories.


Thats where the real groundedness comes from.

Start talking about how much one feels out of place with society = reinforcing beliefs/weaknesses about it. = feeling ungrounded all the energy goes away from the lower chakras and towards the upper ones.


Perhaps with sexuality/relationships one needs to figure out exactly what it is one desires, or the guilt around their desires, in order to feel more grounded.


I find desires to be an important part of life, that has very much to do with the heart.


Life is nothing without desire.


I am not fond of denying life or the heart but foolishly thinking or deluding oneself into thinking that nothing is real nothing exists.

One comes to that place when the energetic weaknesses or opposites are balanced so one doesnt believe either view.


The heart closes with certain thoughts, actions, feelings. words.


Without the heart open ones spirituality is limited


using writing or intuitive painting to know what one actually thinks or desires is helpful, or even seeing what makes them react, either as a projection in others or day to day.


The common urge is to indulge in it and close the heart but one can intend to keep it open and then work on the energetic weaknesses, one can gain insight and know an issue comes from there but the thought doesnt change anything, the emotions, memories, images are where the actual thing is from which changes the beliefs.

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Hi RV, glad to hear it had such an impact.


Yes perhaps you are right about the disclaimer.


I feel it would be wise for anyone considering delving into this kind of energy healing to start with the links, start small, perhaps get some tips here and there and further improve their ability to play this instrument.


I think it would be wise to suggest that one starts out with some knowledge and practice before delving into the heavy trauma stuff, although it is not 100% neccessary, I would just like to offer that

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Should write something here.


Or should I?


I like heart writing, writing in a poetic, musical way.


So yeh.



Did a lot of memory healing recently..


Like 50 memories, started out with making a painting or plan for a painting which I havent properly drawn until now, and it set the stage for doing lots of healing work for money.


I walk around trees and do spontaneous movements, communicating with the tree, receiving guidance, asking questions. One day I started spontaneously doing prayers all about money for about half an hour.


"I pray that all known and unknown negative images, beliefs and destructive cellular memories relating to xyz be found out opened up and healed by filling me with the love, life and light of god, I also pray that the effective of this healing be increased by 100x or more"


So I started the beggining of that prayer and found myself channeling or speaking without exact delibarate thought the perfect prayer for my weaknesses.


Beliefs that are bad for money- basically- Being poor is noble, virtous, kind, spiritual, Being rich means your greedy, corrupt, have no challenges, arragant, always stressed, hated, i cant make rich friends, money doesnt come to me easily, I hate money, money is the root of all evil, rich people are materialistic etc etc one can use their own intuition to come to their own conclusions.


If one has 30 beliefs about money which cause scarcity and these rate a scale of 9 out of 10 in intensity, if one reduces the intensity to a two and implants positive beliefs to stop the negative from forming, it is almost guaranteed to strongly affect behaviour, and actions and manifestations. Its not magic, its science Imo.


That morning like 2 hours later, my mum tells me that my nan left £1000 for me she passed away a while ago, and Ill get that soon, Im looking to go to mexico soon (very illogical urge) anyways, I also found very cheap flights, and came to realise I could use couchsurfing for a few weeks until Im sorted.


Anyways, I used the prayers to find out past life memories related to being cheated as clarity mentioned, or poverty and wrote them down on a piece of paper.


I go through them 1 by 1 and tap on them, sometimes this memory is related to 5 other ones, and those other ones are very connected to other weaknesses I have, I also gain immense wisdom and insight from this practice, imagine if there are extraterrestrials who live for 900 years, do you think it would be a big deal for them to spend a few years going over these kind of things to make them have immense wisdom and power.


I dont even want more power at the moment, I have enough I feel (possibly) wisdom is a greater aim, and compassion.


Also the more I tap on these memories the more insight I gain, Im pretty sure I realise some memories which are coming from extraterrestrial lifes, insectoids, reptilian, grey, tall grey, etc etc, also memories of being planets/gods, these are hazy, but still they come up, its what buddha said right? I havent really tapped on animal memories but occasionally interesting stuff comes up in dreams, had my first proper lucid dream after doing 6 hours of memory healing one day, where I could just watch tv programs of peoples lives, and change into goku etc was pretty amazing, I never even believed lucid dreaming was real. While I was going through these memories I did really come to my conclusions that life really is suffering, and enlightenment is really a noble goal, because even the god realm creates much karma, but I do not feel this way now, I wonder which of these ideas is more accurate.


Also I realised some stuff comes from ancestors, I specifically realised memories eg fear of being beaten, told what to do, coming from both lines of ancestors, and removed their memories for them.


So anyways, I ended up going to one entrepreneur meeting, after randomly adding a friends, friend on facebook my intuition told me to speak to, something I dont feel would happen so easy if I wasnt energetically stronger for money or abundance.


The next day I fasted for one day, made my energy more natural, and was about to paint a tree and receive guidance, but ended up getting a great idea, Im still planning how to use it, did some more memory healing.


I think removing blocks/weeds is great but also it can be good to be a little positive because dwelling on removing the negative is leaning towards the negative so for example watching a short visual video on abundance is quite nice.


Also when it comes to changing behaviour/memories, the feelings or intensity of the feelings drop, but ones habits, and reactions and mind may bring up the intensity of the feelings again, if one is not aware, so good to use the yuen method and be watchful of what happens during the change process, change is not linear, it goes up then stagnates, then down, then up, most of the time which is a slow process. But has to happen this way.


Went to a psychometry/remote viewing workshop my friend gave me as a birthday gift, and it was exciting to know that my accuracy of what was in the envelope of certain pictures was sometimes 60-80% correct. This was amazing to know whats in a piece of paper to such a plate with chopped oranges in the middle and salad, I guessed a big orange, and plants, or a golden mustang, I guessed, wolf, moon, sun, golden, thunder, or a cemetary, sleepy, pillow, calm, bed, etc etc. I dont think Im bragging/I try not to, although in some ways its natural and part of yin and yang cycles so shouldnt repress too much, but it kind of shows that these things Im talking about are not completely out of touch with reality, talking to trees, spirits, past lives etc etc


Anyways also I dont know still channeling, I kind of finished 155 days retention or my attempts at it.


I wouldnt call it semen retention since I had a fair amount of wet dreams, but I had a strong attempt at no porn/orgasm/masturbation.


I had a message, kept occuring about making a painting with naked sexy women in so I did this today, and this seemed to temporarily finish this particular challenge hahah how funny, also bad eating habits passed few days, anyways, I realised that the energy from retaining is what allowed me to delete weaknesses so easily. I dont even do Qigong anymore barely just walk in the park, and delete some weaknesses here and there, sure I may do some more qigong and plan to, but its interesting I used to do hours and hours a day, with retention it is the energy, one just becomes godlike (for lack of humble reference) and zaps away their weaknesses and beliefs, reducing the intensity of feelings.


But it can also be a little bit of a drug, since ones so pumped with energy, one doesnt see their weaknesses so much, but if ones not, one gets stressed a little easier (perhaps a belief there) but in a way it can be equally helpful to not retain.


Ive been doing healing about not struggling and work, and just like an argument, anything that causes me to go weak.




I would also say while I respect all people with very high intuition, I would never give away all my faculties to their intuition, I have had a few people predict things for me, that havent come true and were not pleasant predictions, or if they make a faulty prediction, they will tell me that it wasnt faulty because of xyz to justify themself and keep their ego in check, basically I am saying do not give away all your power or life plans (unless you really want to) someone having high intuition is great, but it does not make them a god, even spirits do not seem to know everything, just give their own suggestions based on who they seem to be.

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Another thing I realised with the extraterrestrial thing is that having a life where one can do whatever one wants and destroy everyone in their path creates a lot of bad karma that comes back to one, so while it seems good, it also leads to bad, which perhaps is why buddhists say that being a human is good luck.


Also if extraterrestrials thrive on certain species like humans thrive on meat, while this could be considered evil, from their shoes, its what they need to do to survive, so eating meat is not exactly super kind, but can also be considered normal like all animals do, one can feel ashamed of their own needs as a living being.

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Thanks, I have done so as to your suggestion.


I look forward to doing so.


Kind of reminds me of native american ceremonies for healing mother earth.

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If I understand the Healing code practice correctly from reading the book at, then I have a simpler version that also works:


1. Think about the issue that bothers you.

2. Imagine having fingers pointing at the locations stated in the book - at the same time - as if you had five sets of fingers.


You don't to physically point your fingers, imagining works just as well.


Now after some time you should be much stronger to this issue. Some issues go away quickly, others need more time.


It is very powerful.


What are the locations please?

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