I need Book/Website Recommendations for Diets

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I need Book/Website Recommendations for Diets.

I am reading Taoist Yoga by Lu K'UAN YU. I do not see a chapter on Diet.



Thank you all!


Daniel Reid The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity


oh yeaaah

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If you have the appetite for a chewy book or two which will teach you about food:

Paul Pitchford - Healing with whole foods


Nourishing traditions - Sally Fallon


good places to start the journey.


bon appetit, all.



( and what anamatva said.)

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my diet is like:

wheat free

dairy free

super low sugar

aimed at >%50 raw foods

as local and seasonal as possible


yesterday i consumed:

breakfast: granola sweetened w honey (mostly oats and nuts) - 2 bananas - 1 cup black (pu'erh) tea - 1 cup herbal tonic (ginseng, he shou wu, eleuthero, reishi, astragalus, angelica, dong quai, rhemannia, various kidney herbs)

lunch: a Kevita probiotic coconut drink sweetened w stevia

2nd lunch: some thai red curry w whitefish, brocolli & brussel sprouts over brown rice - 1 cup pu'erh - 1 cup herbal tonic

dinner: a freaking huge salad (as big as 3 salads) with greens, sprouts and onions


over the course of the day i drank 5 or 6 cups of tea, and 6 or 7 cups of water (carbon and UV filtered)


thats a pretty typical day i am very happy to say

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I suggest you start by reading a book called China Study, it basically tells you just why you should take on a vegetarian approach and has very solid data to back it up.


My personal opinion is that you should not be satisfied with just any vegetarian food but instead try to keep it as raw and fresh as possible. So my personal advice is go for a raw vegetarian diet and you're body will blossom :P Dont have any books for raw foodism tho.


After many years of testing with my own body I have come to be a fruit-based vegetarian. I get my energy from fruits and on top of that I eat a range of all kinds of vegetables etc. All of my food is raw and fresh. This diet suits me the best in terms of how good I feel and how much I have energy. Sometimes I also eat steamed vegetables. I'm not sure whether this kind of diet is for everyone but it suits me best :P


My basic day:


Start with 5 bananas in the morning


A salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and seaweed,

after that some bananas and a pineapple


The same salad as above but without the seaweed and with mashed root vegetables coupled with himalayan salt


Oranges, apples, bananas etc in the evening


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