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Dragon Gate Sanctuary of Hawai'i 2012 tour

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Hi. It is a good idea. Hope this will help.


QiGong Workshop will be cover standing QiGong, Movement, and other in dept for your personal cultivation. He really goes in depth. I been in his workshop before and he gave TCM and other info that make your QiGong experiences more meaningful.


Warrior Camp: In this 2 day intensive course Sifu Ray will be sharing the hidden gems of his shamanic and artial training and guide you to the path of self mastery by learning advanced principles of striking,

grappling, throwing, and joint locking. You will see how these principles lead to skillful healing,

meditation, and life practices.



In this 1 day seminar Sifu Ray will be sharing how he used his shamanic and martial training to build a successful business, help other businesses and individuals achieve their goals, and live the life of his dreams. You will be given a process and formula that will enable you to make all your dreams and goals a reality! He will share his own use of life maps that he came up by himself to navigate through life many branches.


I hope this give you a better idea of what to expect.


Thanks for your sincere interests.


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