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  1. Hi. It is a good idea. Hope this will help. QiGong Workshop will be cover standing QiGong, Movement, and other in dept for your personal cultivation. He really goes in depth. I been in his workshop before and he gave TCM and other info that make your QiGong experiences more meaningful. Warrior Camp: In this 2 day intensive course Sifu Ray will be sharing the hidden gems of his shamanic and artial training and guide you to the path of self mastery by learning advanced principles of striking, grappling, throwing, and joint locking. You will see how these principles lead to skillful healing, meditation, and life practices. MAP Seminar is "MANIFEST YOUR IDEAL LIFE" In this 1 day seminar Sifu Ray will be sharing how he used his shamanic and martial training to build a successful business, help other businesses and individuals achieve their goals, and live the life of his dreams. You will be given a process and formula that will enable you to make all your dreams and goals a reality! He will share his own use of life maps that he came up by himself to navigate through life many branches. I hope this give you a better idea of what to expect. Thanks for your sincere interests. Q..
  2. Sifu Chris Matsuo

    Sifu Ray changed to to pay what it is worth to you. Of course $200 is the ideal price, but he is trying to reach out and honestly share. We had sincere students that pay what they could at the time of class. Then save up to pay the rest later when they see him or send it to him. I am in Gilbert, AZ, where are you in Mesa? I am on gilbert west border, near mesa and chandler. Are you training at all and with whom?? Peace, Q..
  3. Kung Fu Mandalas

    This is Sifu Ray from Dragongate Sanctuary in Hawaii. He will be in Phoenix AZ for lecture and Martial art camp this month. Anyone interested? He was charging $200. Now he let you pay what you think it is worth. If you need more info, check out his website. Or ask me. www.dragongatesanctuary.com Peace..
  4. Sifu Chris Matsuo

    The headmaster of his school will be in Chandler, AZ for a workshop. Can anyone make it? The date is June 25&26 9am to 4pm. It will be awesome. Sifu Ray will be doing a lecture on "MANIFEST YOUR IDEAL LIFE". I meet and trained with both Sifu. Can't speak highly enough of them.
  5. Hi. I am connected to them. They are very busy. Sifu Ray is coming to Phoenix for a workshop very soon. PM me privately and I will get you the answer the best that I can. Thank you..
  6. The Last Airbender - Book 1

    My friend and I was hurting emotionally everytime they pronounce Aang (Ong). I don't get it. The animated clearly pronounced it correctly why did they mess that up in the movie? And when Katara asked Aang for his name, she already call him by it. That was totally funny. I think that they mispronounced Katara's brother name wrong too. Agree, some of the movement scenes were blurr. Camera work was bad. The story felt very rushed. Katara did the tai chi part really well. Aang is okay, but katara's actress did it pretty well. There were two kids that were 6 and 7 behind us. They were so excited, especially when the Basin show up. Then we did not hear from them anymore. They were asleep when the movie ended. I am not sure when they lost interest. We could felt the energy of the audiences was not impress at all. The new Twilight got better response.
  7. Life Application of Bagua Workshop

    Hi Stoner. I can't agree more. I visited several school when I can or on a trip, most people don't practice breathing with their movements. But they sure use it with the screaming punch..lol.. Peace, Q..
  8. Life Application of Bagua Workshop

    Hi Baguakid. I can see how you came to that conclusion now. From my experiences with them, that is not the case. On their website, there are statements and testimonies that will confirm that. But then anyone can write anything on their website and you don't know any of those people that commented there. You and I know that there will be lessor type students in all schools. Is it the teacher's fault? Sometime but sometime not. When I was there, they did not hold back any teaching and I am just a visitor who hops in whenever I am home to see my parents. They really helped me understand the intention and purpose of the lesson. Of course I do asked for some advices/questions that were beyond just the movement that they just showed that I don't understand yet. They answered it openly without hesitation. It definitely increase my understanding of what they were doing and how that applied to my own system too. My point is if you are open, sincere, and dare to ask with humbleness, they will do what they can to help. How much you learn and able to mimick your Sifu is due to your own hard work/kung fu. And your advice is very sound but it apply to all schools, not just closed door schools. I had seen schools like what you are talking about. Thank you for your input and feedback.
  9. Life Application of Bagua Workshop

    Hi Baguakid. What is your definition of closed door system? Closed door system can't realize its full potential due to lack of interaction with other schools or people? What if it is closed door school but does interact with other system masters or master level people only? Would you still have that view? Not that Hawaii Dragon Gate Sanctuary is like that.
  10. Life Application of Bagua with Dragon Gate Sanctuary of Honolulu Head Master, SIfu Ray Carbullido. Bagua is the study of change and subleties through the practice of circle walking. By reputation, Bagua is known as the highest expression of martial arts. When the mastery of vortexes is accomplished with the oldest traditional practice, it becomes a beautiful spiral dance that coils and uncoils with the Tao, originating from Wu Chi (Void/Emptiness). Dragon Gate Sanctuary of Honolulu Head Master, SIfu Ray Carbullido, will be sharing his knowledge and practice Bagua and the relevance it has to everyday life. Come and experience a life changing movement. Space is limited. Schedule: August 2,2010-August 8,2010. Practical Applications of Bagua - Ideal for martial artists Mon. 8/2 & Wed. 8/4, 6pm-9pm Bagua Energetics - Ideal for healers and energetic practitioners Tues. 8/3 & Thur 8/5, 6pm-9pm Bagua Meditations - Ideal for people seeking physical, mental, and emotional balance Fri. 8/6, Sat. 8/7, 9:30am-12:30pm Bagua Comprehensive - Exploring the "Root Knowledge" that give birth to everything Sun.8/8, 9:30am-12:30pm Location: Mesa Community College Rm. 450. Mesa, AZ Price: Price: Call for details and early bird special. Contact: Tim White 808-388-3334 [email protected] dragongatesanctuary.com
  11. Hi Chris. I asked him that question this Jan 2010. He told me that he videotape his form and put it on youtube or whereever he does it for private view only. He send the invitation to you and then only you or whoever paid for it to view only. Then after you view his video. You can email him question or clarity. Then when you ready or whenever you want to, you can do the same private view process for him to review and do visual feedback. I am interested in his burning palm myself. He told me that you can learn from the DVD to an extend but you need to see him to finish the learning process under closer supervision. Peace, Q..
  12. Loa Xie is Chinese word for Old Teacher or Wise Man. Loa = old. Xie = Teacher. It is the title of most Taoist masters like the one that wrote Tao Te Ching and several other Chinese Classic. I am not sure why he choose it over Sifu. I did not ask him but I guess it is more correct term than Sifu since he got many more students online that he can't guide closely everyday but he share as much as he can with them. I know that he does several seminars in the U.S mainland a year from invitation. They like him so much, he is a regular now. Most of his student just call him, Chris. He is not big in title with them, just honest respect is good enough for him.
  13. Hi. I got two of his first videos (silk reeling and iron shirt), where it was filmed at his mainland seminars long time ago. It was not great quality video but good enough. I also have his pushing hand video. I like that one alot. Some of his newer video are better quality but he is very playful so you must be relax enough to get his message. To me, his most important message is to chill out and have fun. Take it seriously and practice hard but don't be too hard in your own head. We must learn with a child mind. I found better made instruction video on Netflix and other stores but the materials are not worth my time. Hey Chris. He still teach online. You can contact him thru his website, which I assume you know. If not, let me know and I will PM you his email address. He will get back to you. Make sure to put online training as your subject. He got facebook acct that you can contact him through there also. He got other videos on his facebook acct that you might like. Some are bubblegum stuffs and other are martial art info. If you are ever in Hawaii, it is worth it to check him out. He welcome everyone with open arms. Peace, Q..
  14. Hi. I go to Honolulu once a year to visit my family. I see him whenever I can. He got madskill and really generous in sharing his knowledges. He is a great healer too. He gave me 3 DVDs but I look at it when I can. I got enough materials to work on but it is a great references and related to what I am doing. But I always learning something new whenever I see him. He answered my questions that was hard for my Sifu to answer due to the language barrier. He does online teaching if you prefer that. I think it is better than way to the DVDs or an added feedback to what you are learning from the DVDs He is very funny and down to earth. Peace, Q..