have you ever thought about it like this?

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have you ever thought about it like this, government: has almost nothing to do with people (at least in the sense people involved in government normally seem to think) and everything to do with the flow of energy, though there is an aspect of this in politics but it goes far beyond that, government should change its way of presenting itself, government is natural, it has always been there, even before thought, in this way perhaps the actions of the people would be wiser, though there are tradition of these people broadcasting these messages, having large organized gatherings, in reality this isn't really the wisest to follow, so many times its just things theres no use in being concerned about or trying to control, we can pray even these people stop trying to control them, or just carry on in our lives, they think they have power, but i just live day to day. a person comes up to me, says the government has done this, that this... i look in my day to day life moment to moment, nothing has really changed maybe some small inconsequential thing, but life goes on, in the present, largely unchanged. largely the government is not doing anything, they are there for psychological effect.

i am more annoyed to be hearing what the government is doing, it obsesses these peoples minds and takes them away from relaxing and pursuring a life relevant to them in their circle of existence, it puts their energy into some faraway circle which can't even really be confirmed to be true, so i feel sad at that, yet i can't say they don't have a right to, maybe it does do some good sometimes, probably, but all in all i must live my life, i dont want to hear about it everyday, i don't care, i live my peaceful life. maybe one day something would happen, something great, cannabis is legal all over the world, i'd say wow, thanks government for doing something real, awesome, probably so many are happier and healthier! maybe one day something bad happens, i'll say, man that sucks, if its really horrible hurting many people or myself direction i would probably take action because in my perception thats when it goes beyond the realm of 'government' people talking about nothing and creating false boundaries for themselves in their own little world, and into the realm of something significant in my immediate reality, but i'de take action in my own way, in the immediate reality.. we all deal with what life gives us in our own way, none is particularly better or worse in the long run, but its not all about government, in the way i see the world, neither of those scenarios would have been caused by some artificial notion of an institutional 'government' they would be caused by forces taking action in my immediate physical (and/or spiritual) reality


there is so much more to life, its possible to not be involved or concerned with government, nor really be a 'rebel' or anarchist person, or a spiritual person in a traditional sense (though i believe all beings are spiritual even if athiest or something), and still have a great effect on life, the world, things that matter etc. government seems more just like the dharma, much of it seems to be, but in the end its just a group of people getting together to stress over many issues, day after day, stop trying to maintain society as it is, start over again, relax, let things do as they will, take the ego out of it, then real things happen, its hard to explain

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fuck you and your attacks confucist scum!


a band of beings with sharpened blades were descending upon a tree at

the edge of the wood where the amazing Lisa Rosdonen sat in deep

meditation, the commotion caught her attention and she looked up, just

as the man in front raised his acts she shouted from the brush, "DONT

CUT DOWN THAT TREE!" (a small voice followed from an unknown source

'plant hemp instead and use the versatile stalks as wood!') the man

put down the ax gently, and the band was enlightened.

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