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  1. those who show it outwardly tend to not show it inwardly confucius is not authentically looking for help, he represents the oppressive, trickster government trying to mess up offshoots, and stop people from freeing themselves to any alternatives
  2. This is all about equanimity, though all this happens does it matter? its just happening do i need to be 'respected'? no, i don't i don't really want respect, because everything just is. im just neutral, its all the universe, its all divine love, im not happy about all of it but somehow that doesn't matter disrespect is good in the taoist tradition, respect is more of underhanded way to attack people usually respect is confucius confucius would come to taoists and be like yes i have much respect for you thus i have followed you here and taoists are just like, man, dont follow me, your messing up by groove ,im not guiding you, im not a teacher, eff off this is kind of a wierd really symettrical organized setup its organized to be very dualistic and thats strange to me but but idunno i'de rather have disrespect than have respect turn me into a facist or something disrespect or more so just neutrality,equanimity, not holding one thing high or something else low no heirarchies at all
  3. Universal Love

    color of the day is orange
  4. Meditating On Symbols

    i never really feel at peace until i destroy all the symbols i guess thats why i like wild nature so much... and cannabis, meditation and psychedelics and shrooms which you could say stand for the pure creation coming from the decomposing destruction
  5. i know im still hypnotized

    want to go back to normal,my normal true self, in my way of being, not ways others think i should be, not perfect, but just me, not astral, somehow it doesnt seem right, to create so much, for it to be that easy, though in a way its true, and you have to use it, but still, its not my plan, its the universal process, not mine im not saying no imagination, far from it, but it just doesnt come into the world in a controllable way... somehow theres a deeper wisdom to that either my brain is disintegrating or it really is hypnosis, lately everything just seems fake, in these wierd way, like its real, but its coming out of ur mind... its a strange feeling... the first time i really felt it i was at a church... it could even be real, but i just know its not, its not the place where my spirit naturally rests, where i usually naturally go to its just like everything buzzing kind of, but in a computery way feels like everything is a drug, but not in a good way, in like a zoloft commercial way then i look at the mountain and i realize its not that they are my mind its just they are so beautifully real its hard to believe and i think about how the land value apparent went up and now they are raising taxes and its what ive been hearing about it and it annoys me to hear land being spoken of in this way of value and money, and constantly talking about money i want it to stop but we've gotta stop listening to politics so much and really sing just play and love... and not worry about it this is our universe, its not based on that anything here is magic and wholesome even if it comes from there because it was brought here land can't be owned by anyone, its the classic anarchist dharma of peaceful existence, even without the set roles, we can find our place, even without trying to be polite, but just being kind, i wanna be like a river, i want to be like i took ecstasy all the time... it seems more like a shamanic traditional folk song, a song so deep it becomes life, i play a role, we all play our roles, its so traditional, its not really me, im not really a tradition, so looking closer theres no one to play that role either, its just this guy whose come, and they like me, and i think they are cool and kind but just.. its wierd.. its something deeper..its beyond the words, and beyond the outward manifestations of communication... something that like because they are more than the traditions too, thats just the archetypes living in us, thats the past, but we are different than that, from any of those conceptions, what does it mean to be a rainbow, i really can't quite explain... but its different... im learning about a dharma.. its buddhist.. its like a buddhist meditation retreat best not to worry and just live, i get glimpses of it, the whole thing, just living... just living, i just live here, simple, farm person kind of.. or something.. at home coziness, unconditional love no great goals, just peace... no more of the past, i am not that, i am a new me, i am not from the past, i am just in the moment and theres other consciousnesses and its all alive, the consciousnesses commune and go alone and thats the truth, these are the fairy cities, these are the rainbow, this is the underground, this is the spirit world... these are real shamans of that theres no doubt its a crazy place, i've never lived where that was possible, but this is amazing its so good, its just hard to believe its there, its different getting used to it, and really getting the most of it, but i'll learn so many shamans together so much good possible, we cast a spell against the bullshit land thing last night... it was good.. nature is strong.. SULOS!! heres to prosperity for the enemies of the idea and existence of selfish hurtful corporation in all their myriad ninja rainbow forms of sacred magic we have faith wounded healer sometimes the magic is there and sometimes its just like.. like a beat up car or something, but thats part of it i guess, its wabi sabi its hard to bring it back meaningful n coherent from the chaos dissollution abyss but sometimes it does happen and that must be good, though its good to just to ramble of and be misunderstood in spirit though, its the same.. not just looking clean or blah blah blah blah blah my shamanism is rejected on forums and generally not presentable, and im glad.. this is the only low down enough tao place that would take me yet our shamanism is the healing of WORLDS!! WORLDS!! WORLDS! peace and love i am NOT i repeat am **NOT** the grateful dead nor am i new age kitaro, nuff respect, but thats just not my style still like some songs though, just for the sounds of it
  6. taoist ways of turning stress into vitality smoking herb, growing herbs rollercoasters living in a state of wanton abandon clear the mind of symbols think of the universal love and oneness taking time slowing down savoring detail empathizing cultivating animistic kindness and perception to see all as alive is to live forever, is the most heavenly and equanimous, it is the seeing of spirit itself kamis of wanti poets and the true jewish mystics, (and all of it in turn, freely coming together and apart, in simple benevolence) angels upon seas of rocks becoming trees speaking and growing, the fabric of earth and the universe Mother, you are everywhere guiding, you are old yet young you are within me, as I care for nature, and in the moon and sun as they call me, through the world they are woven, with their rays, their love, and brought together by their gathering, this festival, the stars, we dance and see and dance and see, divining on the walls like the lights of the water on the cave walls, we had painted the sky there, and so it truly appeared things were so true then, we had really made them, by the magic of tricksters the seamsters, of the universe, just a humor, a nothingness, a change of the angle, for that eternal wave which is ness, coming our language is the grooves, it has left, like a volcano long ago yet still shifting, everything is growing like the plants in this garden of oatenlia, the wood town where we rest our heads adventurers upon our steady treading stead, elves taking home in the trees, alora the witch and her broom of good tidings, we fly long in peace, ever living, in ways hard to understand, fading away, and coming back vibrations, all of it, of an eternal truth, i've seen it reveal itself like the face of God, so much emptiness, like the buddha and so much compassion and living like the Goddess all in one everywhere, always, yet we dance along the labyrinth calling in so many ways, finally the truth arises like a koan of truth, in so many simple and merely part of the grand mystery of life beforehand, something we perhaps were not meant to know, but nay, for it swirls together now, the soul, riding purely as the wholeness, like a mist scattering across an emptiness, full of the nourishing dream of life in its true real form, of the dancing energies of the dakinis among the myriad fractal infinite patterns which the river of life dances in its journey, it is a single sprout flowering in all these ways, all of us put together, it has woven and expanded, and continued and gone on, it is the tree of life, Adawapayo, sprouting from the land of Wanti, and verily, it is all things!
  7. Does entering wuji = nonduality

    if you can rip off the government in some way shape or form because they know everything is infinite they just try to mess with people, its a think for yourself campaign, even though they should just be open to begin with and save us all the trouble and stress.. now at least someone's admitted it question everything, then laugh at the ridiculousness of your conclusions and know nothing they just want to test you to see if you are CONSCIOUS, like living in an enlightened way, then they return the same vibe refuse to work and only sleep and meditate be truly still and look at things your think are beautiful becoming one with nature which you always are and see what happens the incredible peacekeeping power of now
  8. Does entering wuji = nonduality

    relax, if, in your heart, you really must try, dont try so hard
  9. *appears on the horizon*

    "what is tao you ask? study the rainbow family on the tree of life, dryad folk and you will find that what is tao the shaman medicine which healed the rift that caused the sad to wander sweat lodge thursday many respects, Emotion! not cultivating a recognizable form wanting distinction just there not making sense, praise is death! DEATH!" a raving zen artifact of our insane culture many empty silent fading samskaras to you, woman! bogha-frois!
  10. Excellent alias.

  11. im tired of accepting christians

    really im just tired of being followed by secret organizations and i think it also has to do with all of this.. and also the fighting i just dont think the books are really all that good, i mean theres some good stuff.. about 2 percent is relevant and thats being generous because even that 2 percent isnt original to those faiths specifically then theres the stuff which is not good which undoes the stuff which is good in my opinion idunno why people defend it just because it says some stuff many others have said in many other contexts before and after that point it mentions it briefly along with a bunch about sacrificing cows seperating black and white, supporting slavery, war for basically no reason, and treating women unequally it seems anyone who really agreed with the good things in it, upon reading the rest of it would stay away from christianity...
  12. i dont accept them anymore anything in that tradition, its all stupid (that tradition being judaism christianity islam, the ones causing wars in the world right now) i dont have respect for it anymore they may do a few good things but mostly its very wrong... even in the bible so much wrong stop going to totally natural places with totally innocent and preparing them to be desecrated have roads paved through and become part of the system, and destroying nature... how evil is that? and they say we are evil? get the fuck out of the place we do our rituals and maybe itll seem less evil because someone practicing something ahs impure as that trying to meld into a magical ritual with intent against it of course is going to cause it to be crappier.. stop doing missionary stuff, thats actually extremely harmful
  13. non'masonic' whatever the eff that is, non confucian

    BEWARE CONFUCIUS!! AND FOLLOWERS OF THIS HARMFUL STALKER PHILOSOPHY confucius is the 'evil'/lame spirit in popular unorganized animistic practice, thought to represent false, hypocritical government, and varying degrees of fascism, racism, sexism, dysfunction, artificial conflict, rampant delusion, extreme manipulation, reccurence of tramautic past, and most of all slavery or extreme injustice, brainwashing, unnattractiveness and infertility, confucius and confucian philosophy it (the true magic) comes from within you and not even your family but you specifically, its between you and the universe, moreso the universe is your family and guide than your genetic family or those who look like you of course nothing is completely black and white, but the more the universe begins to resemble you in the sense of a follower, the more you have fallen, the more you have lost, but it can be returned, for the entire universe to follow you is death but there is life to death and a life after death, everything is infinite, there is always an endless amount to gain or to lose, and boundless peace coming from neutrality, and ascending and ascending ever complexifying dualities, true flight comes from finding the place where duality is immediately made whole
  14. we don't like these groups who act so stiffly, rosicrucian mason, etc... though no doubt there is some great wisdom somewhere within these groups, they hold no attraction for us, and yet their sigils have become more and more prominent... InI wonders why? they cloud the mind and cause a bad reaction it seems like its just showing off, whereas where is the good in the world? where are the heroes, which is the round table, where is the virtue? same is so with the kabbalah in our opinion, which is equally chaotic and unfathomable at the core, and yet seems to hold a more approachable vibration, and cohesiveness with an unmarked and neutral life, perhaps for the sake of its androgyny, and that i grew up around many jewish people hehe but yeah in our opinion take your symbols and signs further from public view and actually start doing something... if someone wishes to seek that out, let them seek but putting it into everyones face just seems to have yielded much confusion i guess everyone was into chaos magic and dischordianism... the influence is still there, maybe theres some wisdom to it, but intuitively, it feels wrong.. haven't you noticed? can we not just be simple, do we have to walk around parading our status to everyone all the time, because we are interested in some deep things? isn't everyone in this age? its beyond the secret symbols now, everyone has their own don't they? perhaps its the last cry of a dying paradigm, or something... finally collectively people are ready to create a new face for the more organized celestial practices, one that doesn't seem so lame... maybe all that stuff is slipping away to another dimension where perhaps it can do some true good, but here is not that place, it seems here is to hoping and of course sometimes its fun to look all cool, but i mean anyone can dress up cool, which is well and good, but that just shows the outter appearance is never what you can judge by... who knows who really knows anything.. we just prayer for better feng shui in this universe thanks hippies! and yea.. oats fuck nationalism - DA PREISTEZZ UV WANTI i'm not a rasta (or maybe i am honestly i have no idea) but InI is true, much more important than sellasie... InI is every consciousness InI is the true name of all not´╗┐ sellasie, that represents colonialism, the same thing which causes all this division end confucianism, change the traditions... have you heard that non violence is the most powerful weapon, and ego death is the true nurturer of all truly meaningful life, ego death is what removes us from this illusion that we can talk about anything that is not happening right now´╗┐ never put another person on such a high pedestal for so long, we all have that in us, even in rastafari this happens, haile sellasie is not that great, that same spirit is in all of us, we are all within eachother, because we are not divided by the outlines of our bodies if you look closely there are no outlines at all anywhere´╗┐ lets face the facts, this whole´╗┐ discussion isn't about black or white history at all, what its about is confucianism, no one likes it, any conscious person knows the truth is in the present the world is constantly created now, we can't always go back to MLK JR without really understand MLK was not so much a person, but a quality that lives inside of ourselves all of us, and is always alive, not a seperate person but a spirit a spirit of peace of all relations
  15. have you ever thought about it like this?

    fuck you and your attacks confucist scum! a band of beings with sharpened blades were descending upon a tree at the edge of the wood where the amazing Lisa Rosdonen sat in deep meditation, the commotion caught her attention and she looked up, just as the man in front raised his acts she shouted from the brush, "DONT CUT DOWN THAT TREE!" (a small voice followed from an unknown source 'plant hemp instead and use the versatile stalks as wood!') the man put down the ax gently, and the band was enlightened.