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The Tao of Blindness

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"Look before you leap"



The world is so dangerous, it's scary. Some people have this idea that life is just preparation for when you finally die. It is so important to live the right way and survive until you too old to go on or you die the right way.


We are born and are already being pushed around. You learn the language, how to behave, how to eat and how to live. You make plans for the future, but all your child life you were a part of someone else's plan. No idea what to do, why are you here anyway.


So new at life, let's master it. Seems easy, here's the school you need to get to, here's your perfect job, don't die and you're set. Easy.


Feeling cold and lonely, you're not the only one. You were never living your life, it never had any passion. Your life is already over since it never began. Can't follow a simple plan, we both would have been happy if you made me happy.



The plan never had a chance, grabbing on to invisible beacons of normality in a sea of blind people just like you. The path has never been clear, you never see these other people coming. So many of them are after the same thing as you. That's like a thousand people trying to eat one small cake, no one will be full. But you already know that. It's so obvious, it's sick.


I'm saying we're blind. Does that mean there's a light to see or are our eyes fine and this is natural? Moles are blind, we see the light and they don't even know if it exists. We think we are so bright because we see what's right in front of us. An unpredictable disaster to us is like to the moles, someone sees it but they sure don't.


Some guy went to a good college and got a good job and was happy with it. That was the light for him, you never seen it but you still follow where his finger is pointing. Oh no, look out. Billions and millions of people are also following it, too. I wonder if there will be something left for us.


So cramped in here with all these people. No place left to go but backwards. Sometimes that's exactly what moves you forwards in the first place.





Moving so fast is hard to notice that the world is also moving, don't try to outrun it. It will be in a perfect position soon if allowed to.

We're tired of waiting for the perfect moment, make it happen now. Loose all expectations, that's what ruins you.

Expectations are what ruin all your plans, you make it too easy, with a plan like that, there is also some room left for failure.

Read the first line

How can you always succeed and win if your plan is not as eternal and indestructible as TAO.

So much stuff gets done with inaction, you can even feel the weight of the world on you.


So much power gathers around. Do you know the secret of the ultimate power? Spoiler: it's not love or anything weird like that. Literally nothing can beat it. It's so perfect for everything that you can win in any fight, get everything you ever wanted and do some more stuff. Wanna know what it is? It's a secret. No seriously, it's a secret. Literally word "secret".


Crouching tiger is the most scary when you don't know where it's hiding before attacking you. You know it's a giant killing machine that thinks you're delicious but it's even scarier when you don't see it. Dragon is a legendary monster with awesome powers, it's so good at hiding thing that it doesn't exist. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, get it? No one is scared or worried because of what you did and they will even forget that something even happened over time. Things can be forgotten in half a second, with a help of something heavy on the head. There is infinite time of thinking about what you might do and wondering what you already have with you. Dragon never shows its true power because a giant lizard monster will instantly loose it when it's seen. Read the first line

Being humble means being powerful, gather that power


You might be wondering why do you need all that power. That power is what makes you see. The only path that is made just for you. It's not made by someone else because you asked but you worked for it so hard that it's the only thing you can see. When you follow it, you feel so much energy that you don't want to sleep eat or anything like that. You just follow your calling. That's where passion is, and your way out.


The End. :lol:


Let's see, I covered like 4 chakras, turning chi into shen, it's kinda a reply to that one thread, and it's an article


I want you guys to read it so I'm posting it in this section :wub:

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